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Netflix or Blockbuster Online…Let me hear from you PTIers!! June 5, 2008

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Now that I have my own home theatre, I found myself renting more movies.  I quickly learned the meaning of “late fee”.  Just seemed I couldn’t get the discs back in time.   So, I started looking into these no late fee mail services.  I was trying to determine (from personal PTIer experiences) which is better and why.  What are the catches?  What are the unwritten pros and cons of each service?  Let me hear from you PTIers.  I will tell you, I think I would like the online download that Netflix offers!  Isn’t this the advantage?

Tell it like it is, PTIers.


1. Jason - July 31, 2008

I like Blockbuster online because I have the unlimited instore exchanges. So, I can take the mailed discs in and exchange for instore copies…then they mail them in for me. This gives me more movies since I don’t have to wait for the movies to be shipped back and then new ones shipped out. Blockbuster is going to be offering the download of movies as well…not sure if pricing changes or not. I do like NetFlix download interaction that will be coming for the XBox 360 though.

2. Tell it like it TI is! - August 6, 2008

So far so good with Netflix. I am amazed at how fast the movies are received and shipped. I wish the USPS would send my deliver my normal mail as fast. Seems like two different methods. I am also impressed with Netflix suggestions.. the more I rate the movies I like, the closer they get to my taste in movies.

Does Blockbuster include games in their program? This would almost make me consider trying the service!

Just telling it like it is…

3. Tell it like it TI is! - September 7, 2008

I gotta tell you, after a few months with Netflix, I am sold. I love the service and continue to be impressed with the return and shipping times! I sometimes want to put my letters in a Netflix envelope cause they obviously know something that I don’t or get some type of preferential treatment from the USPS!

I am now wondering if any PTIers have experience with the new $99 box that will allow me to watch the online movies on my television. Is this worth it? Are there any other solutions that will allow me to watch the Netflix “watch now” movies on my TV?

Chime in PTIers, and tell it like it is!!!!

4. Tell it like it TI is! - November 14, 2008

I am now 83 movies into my Netflix account and I am loving it! I am now REALLY considering getting the Roku Netflix Player. I see that there is now an HDMI output. For 99 bucks, I am not sure how I could go wrong. Does any PTIer have any advise that might deter me from making my decision??

5. numm - December 23, 2008

I joined netflix for a while, but had an unlucky streak of scathed DVD’s. I later canceled my supscription

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