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The iPhone 3G July 16, 2008

Posted by Fast Follower in iPhone.
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I’ve got it.  I’ve only had it since Saturday, July13.  And I’m here to tell you without any doubt.  The 3G iPhone is the best mobile device ever made – and it’s not even a close race.

You already know most of the story from the previous gen iPhone.  What puts this new device way over the top, is the app store.  Now there are many 3rd party apps (and growing) that make the iPhone so much more useful.  As I write this post, I’m listening to an AOL Radio station on the iPhone (using 3G, not wifi) that’s actually a local smooth jazz station in my area.  I just downloaded the new iPhone eReader app.  Now I can read my books like I used to do on my old Palm device.  Except with the iPhone, I downloaded some of the books to the device using 3G, not with a hard connection to my PC.  Earlier today I was using the Truveo app to watch a video replay from yesterday on an MSNBC news program that I missed at home (no commercials by the way…and using 3G, not wifi).  If you’re a Facebook user, there’s an app for you.  If you’re a MySpace user, there’s an app for you.  Heck, I’m a SmugMug photo user, and there’s even an app for me.  Hopefully Mobile Slingbox won’t be far behind by the way.

By the way PTIers, I have a feeling that TI still won’t understand.


1. Fast Follower - September 9, 2008

Here are some of the additional iPhone apps I’ve added along the way: SmugShot photo sharing app that links to my professional online SmugMug site; Pandora radio; eBay; Bloomberg; AIM; WordPress; Mobile News; Truveo videos; NetNewsWire; SportsTap; TapTap (my son downloaded this one to play with); YouNote (a cool note taking app); DialZero (an app for the customer service phone number at hundreds of companies); Calculator (a reverse Polish calculator like the famous HP 12C)

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