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Why Somebody Hates the iPhone April 14, 2008

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Not me. I don’t even own one. This guy Peter over on O’Reilly Digital Media writes about why he hates it. I CAN tell you this, however. If the iPhone keyboard functions anything like the iTouch keyboard that I DO own, an iPhone will never be a replacement for my Blackberry.

iTouch Usage March 18, 2008

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Do I use my iTouch more than I ever used my iPod because it’s new and expensive? Or do I use it more because it has better and more things for me to use? I have to tell ‘ya… I rarely carried my iPod around with me. My iTouch is with me all of the time. Wifi is a big deal. Whenever I’m in a wifi environment, I turn on the iTouch (including at home). I check Gmail through the email interface. I check stocks through the stock market interface. I check Pardon the Interaction using Safari (and my other blog, SpotMeterSports). I watched a full length movie while traveling the other day (Michael Clayton, rented from iTunes). And it’s still a great music player. And it’s got a cool YouTube interface. And I use it to show off my sports photography as well.

iTouch March 2, 2008

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There’s a review of the new 32 gig iTouch over on MacWorld.  The reviewer claims it’s much better than the previous lower memory iTouch devices for a number of reasons.  He also claims that the 32 gig iTouch now gets closer to iPhone functionality.  Some of the people commenting take him to task for comparing the iTouch to the iPhone.  They believe comparing the iTouch to other mp3 players is a better indication of its usefulness and superiority.  I agree with the people commenting by the way.  How would I know?  I purchased the 32 gig iTouch last week.  When I told TI about my purchase, my description to him was that I’ve purchased the best iPod ever made.  This thing is a music playing, video watching, youtube enjoying, internet connecting, iTunes communicating piece of wonderful hardware.  It’s also beautiful, intuitive, and very cool.  Did I also mention it’s a little expensive as well?  Again, this is the best iPod ever made.

Apple and AT&T are Extending Their Relevance February 12, 2008

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Do any of you use wifi access at the local coffee shop – like at a Starbucks?  I usually don’t.  But every time I enter a Starbucks I see people on their laptops presumably using the web as well.  According to Silicon Alley, it seems like AT&T has convinced Starbucks to kick out T-Mobile as their wifi provider.  What may seem like a “so what” announcement really begins to extend Apple’s iPhone, iTouch, and Macbook appeal as well as cement AT&T as the wireless provider of choice.  Check out the reasoning in this Silicon Alley post.

Typing on the iPhone Sucks November 16, 2007

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TI, you may have called this one some time ago.  There’s a study out there  that shows iPhone typing is way worse than typing on a real keyboard.  Check out this post about it on Tech Observer.

I have to admit, the more I play with iPhone and iTouch in the Apple store, the more I decide that I wouldn’t get much use out of those devices.

iPod Touch…falls just short??? September 6, 2007

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Apple, iTouch.


Recalling my old high school football days. The one thing I remember from the endless hours of practice was the coach continuously telling us to “finish the play” or to “run through the whistle”, and most of all “leave everything on the field”!!!!

Is it me or does Apple seem to always carry the ball almost the full length of the field only to just fall short of the mark? As I mentioned in the iPhone post I loved the design of the iPhone music functions. Though, I was not sold on the functionality of the iPhone, I did state that I would purchase an iPod version of the device. After weeks of waiting, the iPod Touch is finally released and it ONLY HAS 16 GIG OF STORAGE!!!! That’s it.. maxed out…… What in the heck are they thinking. They must really like screwing with me. Now we know that there must have been some type of strategic reason for this, but to my bewilderment, I can’t think of what it is!!! And to really make matters worse, Apple announces the next generation iPod with 160 gig of storage…. So let me get this straight you fall short on storage on the cool iPod Touch, and then you go overboard with 160 gig (ridiculous) on the older design!!

Reminds me of the old Prince tune…. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad????

Well, I am sure Fast Follower will have plenty to say about this and the interesting Apple marketing approach. So Fast Follower, have at it!!!

Apple has a few more opportunities to disappoint me!! Just Tellin it Like it Is!!!!