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iTouch Usage March 18, 2008

Posted by Fast Follower in iPod, iTouch, itunes, Safari, YouTube.

Do I use my iTouch more than I ever used my iPod because it’s new and expensive? Or do I use it more because it has better and more things for me to use? I have to tell ‘ya… I rarely carried my iPod around with me. My iTouch is with me all of the time. Wifi is a big deal. Whenever I’m in a wifi environment, I turn on the iTouch (including at home). I check Gmail through the email interface. I check stocks through the stock market interface. I check Pardon the Interaction using Safari (and my other blog, SpotMeterSports). I watched a full length movie while traveling the other day (Michael Clayton, rented from iTunes). And it’s still a great music player. And it’s got a cool YouTube interface. And I use it to show off my sports photography as well.

Need iPod Help…Wrong Album Art on my iPod July 15, 2007

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in album art, iPod, ipod update, itune upgrade, itunes, wrong album art.


I recently updated my ipod firmware, and I am now experiencing a wierd problem. After I synced my ipod, some of my songs are displaying the wrong artwork for the album cover.  The wierd thing about it is that the correct picture still shows up in my iTunes library!  What’s up with that???  Can someone help me fix this?  Although the songs still play, it is very annoying looking at the wrong album cover!  Help!