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Quicken or Mint November 14, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Financial software, Mint, Quicken.

You might me be asking, What’s Mint?  Well, before I tell you, I’ve been a Quicken user for more years that I can count.  For all of these years, something in the back of my mind has always asked why I buy the updated version of Quicken every year.  Also, I always wondered how I could use Quicken easily while not at the computer that contains the software. 

 Aren’t we in the age of the internet?  Isn’t there a web based, secure, financial app that I could use that might replace Quicken?  Well, last night I started testing one to hopefully make a clean break from Quicken.  It’s called Mint.  I initially read about it in the Wall Street Journal.  As I get a little more familiar with it, I’ll give you PTIers an update.

I think TI is a Quicken user too.  But of course he’s a “hard-headed, never try anything new until it’s obviously better than what I’m used to using” kind of guy.  So if Mint is something that’s a good alternative to Quicken, it’ll be years before he knows.