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Cellphone Replacement Insurance… Benefit or Scam?? December 17, 2007

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in cellphone damage, cellphone replacement insurance, refurbished replacement, replacement cellphone, sprint insurance.

Well PTIers it was bound to happen!  I was getting undressed, and my PPC 6700 fell off my belt clip and went crashing to the floor!  Disaster, right?  Well, not exactly.   Since I got the phone last year, I have been paying $7/month for replacement/loss insurance.  So I called the replacement center for Sprint, told them what happened and they were more than happy to take my $50 deductible and tell me that I would be receiving a brand new “refurbished” PPC 6700.   She even said that she would express ship it to me for an additioanl $15 bucks!  Now that’s service…right??  If it is such a great plan, why do I feel so wierd about it?

After hanging up the phone, I started thinking about this.   I got the phone last year September.  I have been paying $7 per month for insurance.   My math tells me that amounts to $98 bucks. Add on the $50 deductible and the $15 shipping cost, and I am out of pocket $163 bucks!   So I am paying $163 bucks for a refurbished phone that is not even in production anymore.  I guess one could say that I am ahead of the game, cause I could have been out a whole lot more if I had to buy the new HTC Mogul for more than $163 dollars… right?

Just wanted to see how PTIers feel about cellphone insurance.  How long do you pay before it becomes a bad deal?  Are there any strategies (i.e. maybe purchase insurance for the first 12 months for a new phone and then cancel after some break point)?   

 Not sure why I am feeling strange about this, but I am just telling it like it is!!!!  Sorta like the old tune from New Edition…. 

If it isn’t love, why do I feel this way? 

By the way, while I am waiting for my refurbished PPC 6700, I got Sprint to activate my first Treo!!!  Check it out, it actually is bringing back a lot of memories and it works great!!!

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