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Slingbox Broadcast on PSP… Come on PTIers, I know you have the solution! November 16, 2006

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Slingbox, Sony PSP.

OK, folks. After my long saga with the 700wx, I finally got rid of it and I now have the Sprint PPC 6700. I have to admit, although the look takes a little getting used to, it WORKS. Yesterday, I finally got to hook up my slingbox. I installed the mobile slingplayer, and I am watching my Satellite TV, and TIVO recordings on my phone!! I will tell you the PPC 6700’s larger screen does come in handy.

Now that I have resolved that, l have another issue that I would like to conquer. How do I get my Slingbox to work with my son’s PSP? The PSP is Wifi, but there does not seem to be any mobile software developed for the PSP. This would save me (and my son 12 year old son) a lot of cheese! If he can get the slingbox to work with the PSP, I would be the “Father of the Year”!

I was also trying to understand if the LocationFree device would work with the WM5 Smartphone. Although, the LocationFree device would have to be pretty simple to beat the Slingbox installation. I gotta tell you all, I was expecting a lot of issues. Everything worked right out of the box….Slingbox wins the “Right Out of the Box” award for me!

Let me hear from you PTIers…