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Break Cellular Contracts Legally??? November 18, 2007

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PTIers  I received my November Digital Spin newsletter and I saw an interesting write up about being able to legally get out of your cellular contract with no termination or cancellation fee.   As PTIers know, I have always been intrigued with the perceived “ironcladness” of contracts that you really never physically sign!  I have tried to share most of my experiences with Sprint with the PTI community with hopes that we could figure out how to demand better service or get out from under the contractual “rock” so that we could explore other options.  I have to admit I never  thought about “perfectly legal” ways to end contracts, but the newsletter mentions two interesting sites.

The first is www.cellswapper.com and the other is celltradeusa.com .  Both of these sites seem to let you place your contract in an auction pool allowing others to view them and take them over.  The assumption is that this leaves you fee free!   I am looking for ANY PTIer that has experience with either one of these services as I have not tested or tried either one.

I couple of things that I would like to know is how easy the carriers are making it to transfer contracts, and why a contract that others are getting out of would have appeal to someone else? 

PTIers, I would love to hear how this works in detail and what your personal experiences (good and bad) are.

You know what to do… TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!!

Interesting ways to avoid Sprint early termination fees!! August 28, 2007

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Let’s have some fun!!  Let’s explore and try some of these techniques out!!  As we have done a lot of posts about Sprint and their devious ways, there are some folks out there with some outlandish ideas pertaining to avoiding Sprint early termination fees!  Let’s hear from you.   I will add a couple of the methods that I have heard of and want you to share yours.   Try these at your own risk, but if you do try any of these methods…..TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!!