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You’ve Got to Be Kidding…. Sprint raises texting charges to 20 Cents!!!! August 28, 2007

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OK PTIers,

As soon as you think you’ve seen it all from Sprint, YOU AIN’T SEEN NUTHIN!!!!  Sprint has announced that they will be raising their text messaging rate five cents on Oct. 1 to 20 cents per message!  Wasn’t it about this time last year that they raised it to 15 cents from a dime??? 

But it even gets better.  Remember last year when we talked about being able to get out of your contract because of the term change with no termination fee??  Well, apparently when you agreed to 15 cents you also bought in to the new terms of a new agreement that now allows terms of service to change!!!! 

So what does this mean?? This means that if you want to change your plan or cancel, you have to pay a fee or at least honor the contract (which you were scammed into in the first place), but now Sprint can flip the script any time it chooses with no problem!!  I can’t believe this!!!

Is there any PTIer out there that can confirm this or give us any advise.  Show me the door and I will break it down to get out of my agreement!!!

Sprint.. I can’t get no SATISFACTION. Another Sprint Episode! August 25, 2007

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Alright PTIers… yet another Sprint fiasco.  Remember last December when I bought my daughter one of those cool LG Fusion phones?  Well, about 3 months after I bought it, the screen developed a big white, blank square right in the middle of the display.  No problem, right? I have a one year warranty and it was only three months.  WRONG!  The way it works for the first year is the customer has a choice, you can send the phone back to LG and be without a phone for two weeks minimum, or you can pay Sprint $55 bucks to repair it on the spot!  Which one would you choose?

 Well, guess what?  About 4 months after the repair, the screen began fading away again!  I took my daughter to the Sprint store (an authorized repair facility, no doubt) and they gave me the same choice again!  Send the phone away for 2 weeks, or pay another $55 bucks for the repair!  And, BTW…. the technician told me today that this is a known problem with the Fusion phone!  So here I am facing $110 of repair costs, for a phone that is less than a year old and under warranty!!!  Heck, the phone only cost me $179!!!!  Sprint…. YOU SUCK!!!!  I hope you lose every customer you ever signed up!!  I really mean it.  Please call me and let me be one of the folks that you let out of their contract.  I dare you!!!

Can you imagine buying a vehicle and then taking it to the dealership and they tell you to send it to Detroit for a warranty repair (at your cost), and wait a month to have it returned, of pay the dealer 20% of the cost of the vehicle cost?? 

Is any other PTIer having this issue with the LG Fusion???  How long am I suppposed to pay $55 bucks for this issue.  Are there any resolution tatics that were successful for you? Please let me know.  Thanks.