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Directv On Demand February 7, 2008

Posted by Fast Follower in Apple TV, beta, Directv, Directv On Demand, DirectvOnDemand, dtv, hr20, video on demand, VideoOnDemand, vod.

I just connected my HD Directv DRV to my home network using a powerline adapter.  The reason I did this was to try out the beta version of Directv On Demand.   If given a choice, I would rather download the latest DVD release of American Gangster directly on my DVR as opposed to going to Blockbuster to get it or ordering it from Netflix – again, if given an equal choice.  Presently, there’s decent content to download from On Demand (including movies like the newest Bourne Supremacy movie or content like 3 minute to 9 minute golf tips which are free).  I realize Apple TV is re-launching their new service.  This On Demand product could give it a run for it’s money for Directv users (at least those with the HD DVR during this beta period)