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Did TI Fixed His Windows XML Error….I Hope So ! ! November 16, 2007

Posted by Fast Follower in Windows error, xml error.

TI, remember your post on July 22? You know the one about the Windows XML error you were getting? C’mon. You remember. You even asked PTIers for help solving this error.

The post is here.

Are you still getting that error? I’m just checking with you a few months later ’cause I’m concerned. I just want to make sure you got some help with your Windows problem.

Remember when you tried to blame it on iTunes initially? But PTIer, Shane, busted you on that one. I really thought you were going to blame Apple’s advertising next. But I never heard about that issue again. So I’m assuming it must be fixed. If not, just remember what Marvin said (at least I’m sure he meant to say this):

Whoa, Mercy Mercy Me,

Windows Ain’t What it Used to Be

XML Document Must have top level element ??? July 22, 2007

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Uncategorized, xml document, xml document must have top level element, xml error, xml script error.


I know that this post is unusually technical for this forum, but I had no where else to turn.  Just recently, after leaving my computer on overnight,  I return the next day with several dialog boxes that say, “Error: XML document must have a top level element”.   It seems to have no adverse impact on the operation of my computer, but it is starting to annoy me.   The other day, I looked at my son’s desktop, and he is getting the same thing!   I have scanned both machines for a virus or spyware attack, but both machines appear to be clean.

Is there a PTIer that can tell me what is going on and how to get rid of this annoyance before it starts to cause trouble?

I know that this is not characteristic of the type of stuff we like to talk about, but I have full confidence in the PTI community.