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Universal Remote Control MX-3000…. How do you update this thing??? I Don’t have a programming degree!!!! May 31, 2008

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It has been a while since I have personally had a tech challenge, but I have one that really has me stumped.  I just moved into a new home with a really cool home theatre.  The previous owner left most of his equipment as part of the sale.   Things were going good until I chanaged a component in the setup.  I have a really cool RF remote control.  This thing has a color touch screen, tabs, and lighted buttons.  The model is MX-3000 and I think the company name is Universal Remote Control (not sure though).

The remote worked flawlessly with the old TIVO box, but when I changed to a Directv HD DVR the remote no longer works…wouldn’t expect it to.   Now I have to use two remotes, one for the dvr and one for everything else.   Not sure who to call, but there seems to be a way to download information on this thing.

Is anyone familiar with what I am going through.  Is there a PTIer out there that can explain to me what I have to do???  PTIers to the rescue…HELP!!!!!!