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Does Google Chrome have the BLING???? Chrome vs. Explorer vs. Firefox September 7, 2008

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I have to admit, my philosophy has always been, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.  This has especially been my opinion about web browsers. PTIers have helped me make a lot of decisions in my tech life, so I thought I would ask you all if it is time to change browsers.  Instead of searching features and such, I thought I would ask you all what you think of the comparison.  Is it time to take advise from the Man in the Mirror and make that change? Is it too early to tell.  Let me hear from the PTIers to see what you think.  Share some of the hidden features and advantages that you see, and let’s see if Chrome really has the bling. 

I will admit upfront that I am not an easy sell when it comes to change. 

Tell it Like it Is!!!!