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PTIers, Time for a new Smartphone …. Mogul or 800w? I need your help!!! September 10, 2008

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OK, PTIers, before you go asking why I am down to these two options, and not looking outside of Sprint, I have too many phones on my family plan and the cancellation and reactivation fees would almost render me homeless!!!  We have several posts about this unethical situation.

The fact of the matter is that my PPC 6800 has and is still delivering on every aspect of functionality that I expected no complaints.  However, its time.   Its time for a new smartphone.   I like physical keyboards, so any “touch” version is out. I need bluetooth, I want GPS enabled this time, I want a touch screen, and its got to be wifi.  

With these requirements, I am left with two choices from Sprint.  The HTC Mogul which is the successor to my PPC 6700, and the Treo 800w. 

Come on PTIers share some of the unwritten pros and cons with me.   You long term PTIers remember my issues with the 700w that pointed me to the PPC 6800, in the first place.  Should I go with the next version of what I have? or should I try the new 800w and jump on the Treo bandwagon again?  Tell it like it is and tell me what you think.