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HTC Touch Pro… So far so good. Could there finally be competition for the iPhone??? November 14, 2008

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If you are familiar with PTI, you know that Fast Follower and I started this with an intense smartphone debate.  Both of us have been chasing the perfect smartphone since we both purchased our Treo 300s!  If you read my recent post (https://pardontheinteraction.wordpress.com/2008/09/10/ptiers-time-for-a-new-smartphone-mogul-or-800w-i-need-your-help/, I was struggling with a decision between the new Treo 800w and the HTC Mogul.  iPhone was never an option.  Just wasn’t convinced that the touchscreen keyboard would fulfill my high business use demand.  I tried and tried, but my fingers must be too big.

During my investigation, I stumbled across information about the new HTC Touch PRO.  PRO is the objective word here. The HTC Touch PRO not only features a great touch screen experience for casual/recreational use, it also packs a slide out keyboard (just like my old HTC 6700) for times when I have to grind out accurate quick text.   This thing packs everything… wifi, touch screen, keyboard, gps, camera, and a lot of other cool features.  Also, Windows Mobile 6.1 seems to be a LOT more stable than previous versions. After two weeks of use, I don’t recall any lockups or mysterious reboots which were so prevalent in prevous versions.

A simple search will result in several debates that tout the Touch Pro as a legit iPhone competitor.  I happen to agree. I would like to hear what you fellow PTIers think.  Chime in and let the debate begin!!!