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Who Are We

Tell it like it TI is and Fast Follower are two friends who, for years, have always debated the merits of the electronic gadgets we buy and use. We seem to always disagree.

TI is the guy that can gage technology and the trends, FF is the guy that buys the first thing that falls off of the boat. Then he spends years complaining and upgrading.

“Gage technology and trends!”  TI is the the guy who bought the first ultra-expensive $600 Windows-based Toshiba PDA only to be wowed by FF’s Treo 300.  AS FF recalls it, the next time FF saw TI at the golf course the following week, TI had a Treo 300.

TI is the guy that introduced FF to the whole concept of PDAs, AOL, electronic banking, etc.  I remember a time when I had to travel to his home to install software on his brand new first PC?  Trust me….Fast Follower has been following me since he was a technology infant, teething on his first software pacifier!


1. LOL_Bidoof - October 17, 2007


2. Merlin22 - October 23, 2009

Call it my plan to help out the economy. ,

3. JeptauBonhomm - December 3, 2012

Also how long

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