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Apple and AT&T are Extending Their Relevance February 12, 2008

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Do any of you use wifi access at the local coffee shop – like at a Starbucks?  I usually don’t.  But every time I enter a Starbucks I see people on their laptops presumably using the web as well.  According to Silicon Alley, it seems like AT&T has convinced Starbucks to kick out T-Mobile as their wifi provider.  What may seem like a “so what” announcement really begins to extend Apple’s iPhone, iTouch, and Macbook appeal as well as cement AT&T as the wireless provider of choice.  Check out the reasoning in this Silicon Alley post.

AT&T Trying to Keep $10 Internet a Secret!! Get in while the Gettin is Good! July 8, 2007

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AT&T has quietly begun offering DSL service for $10 per month for new customers. Offered as part of the concessions the telecom made to the Federal Communications Commission in order to gain approval for its merger with BellSouth.

Now you know PTIers, there is no such thing as a secret around these parts.  I heard about this on a radio talk show, and have not been able to find out many more details.  So, please share your thoughts, comments, and discoveries with the rest of the PTIers.  This is what we are all about!!!!