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The iPhone 3G July 16, 2008

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I’ve got it.  I’ve only had it since Saturday, July13.  And I’m here to tell you without any doubt.  The 3G iPhone is the best mobile device ever made – and it’s not even a close race.

You already know most of the story from the previous gen iPhone.  What puts this new device way over the top, is the app store.  Now there are many 3rd party apps (and growing) that make the iPhone so much more useful.  As I write this post, I’m listening to an AOL Radio station on the iPhone (using 3G, not wifi) that’s actually a local smooth jazz station in my area.  I just downloaded the new iPhone eReader app.  Now I can read my books like I used to do on my old Palm device.  Except with the iPhone, I downloaded some of the books to the device using 3G, not with a hard connection to my PC.  Earlier today I was using the Truveo app to watch a video replay from yesterday on an MSNBC news program that I missed at home (no commercials by the way…and using 3G, not wifi).  If you’re a Facebook user, there’s an app for you.  If you’re a MySpace user, there’s an app for you.  Heck, I’m a SmugMug photo user, and there’s even an app for me.  Hopefully Mobile Slingbox won’t be far behind by the way.

By the way PTIers, I have a feeling that TI still won’t understand.

Why Somebody Hates the iPhone April 14, 2008

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Not me. I don’t even own one. This guy Peter over on O’Reilly Digital Media writes about why he hates it. I CAN tell you this, however. If the iPhone keyboard functions anything like the iTouch keyboard that I DO own, an iPhone will never be a replacement for my Blackberry.

The Instinct from Sprint and Samsung April 3, 2008

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Will this be the first phone to give the iPhone a run for it’s money?  We’ll see, ’cause it’s coming later this year.  Check it out.

iTouch March 2, 2008

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There’s a review of the new 32 gig iTouch over on MacWorld.  The reviewer claims it’s much better than the previous lower memory iTouch devices for a number of reasons.  He also claims that the 32 gig iTouch now gets closer to iPhone functionality.  Some of the people commenting take him to task for comparing the iTouch to the iPhone.  They believe comparing the iTouch to other mp3 players is a better indication of its usefulness and superiority.  I agree with the people commenting by the way.  How would I know?  I purchased the 32 gig iTouch last week.  When I told TI about my purchase, my description to him was that I’ve purchased the best iPod ever made.  This thing is a music playing, video watching, youtube enjoying, internet connecting, iTunes communicating piece of wonderful hardware.  It’s also beautiful, intuitive, and very cool.  Did I also mention it’s a little expensive as well?  Again, this is the best iPod ever made.

Apple and AT&T are Extending Their Relevance February 12, 2008

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Do any of you use wifi access at the local coffee shop – like at a Starbucks?  I usually don’t.  But every time I enter a Starbucks I see people on their laptops presumably using the web as well.  According to Silicon Alley, it seems like AT&T has convinced Starbucks to kick out T-Mobile as their wifi provider.  What may seem like a “so what” announcement really begins to extend Apple’s iPhone, iTouch, and Macbook appeal as well as cement AT&T as the wireless provider of choice.  Check out the reasoning in this Silicon Alley post.

How Do You Explain This…? February 10, 2008

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A headline from Info World:

“Apple beats Microsoft, Motorola in Q4 phone sales

Research in Motion had the largest share of the converged-device market in the United States in Q4, followed by the iPhone and Windows Mobile devices”

Fear, Hope, and Love with Electronic Gadgets and the Companies who Make Them February 5, 2008

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I wish I could take credit for this theory about why we as consumers engage with companies and their products. But I can’t. This comes from Seth Godin on his blog. It makes me think about many of the posts and comments on PTI about the electronic gadgets and services we all use. After reading Godin’s post, how many of the devices and the device makers fall into the Fear, Hope, and Love categories for PTIers?

What about Apple? Or iPod? Or iMac? Or iPhone? What about PPC-6700? What about Microsoft? Or Windows? Or Office? What about Sprint? What about Verizon?  What about Playstation? What about XBox? What about Slingbox? What about Blackberry? What about Directv? What about Quicken?  What about Dell?

Is there something missing from the 3 categories (fear, hope, love)? Interestingly, many of our posts are about complaints concerning the gadgets or services we use. Might there be another category called “Necessity” for why we buy and use certain gadgets (or continue to use certain gadgets and services while we face constant problems)?

Is This the iPhone Killer? January 31, 2008

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Probably not.  But check it out on Silicon Alley Insider.  It’s from Garmin (the navigation equipment company) and it has some things the iPhone does not.  Garmin calls it the Nuvifone.  And it supposedly will be available later this year.

I’ve yet to step up to an iPhone.  I use a company purchased Blackberry.  I just can’t see myself using two devices.  However, when the iPhone switches to the high speed AT&T network and I’m able to do things like mobile slingbox with it to catch programming on my DVR (or Apple TV if I decide to get it), I just might be persuaded to go with an iPhone some day.

Should You Wait on the Blackberry iPhone? November 24, 2007

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Well…not really a Blackberry iPhone.  But there are reports that RIM (the maker of Blackberry) is developing a device for 2008 to compete with the iPhone.  Read about it here.

TI, it might make you pause before you jump on that Mogul 6800 device

Typing on the iPhone Sucks November 16, 2007

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TI, you may have called this one some time ago.  There’s a study out there  that shows iPhone typing is way worse than typing on a real keyboard.  Check out this post about it on Tech Observer.

I have to admit, the more I play with iPhone and iTouch in the Apple store, the more I decide that I wouldn’t get much use out of those devices.

13,500 iPhones Per Day September 11, 2007

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Ok Mr. “Apple People are just Swayed by the Advertising,” otherwise known as Tell It Like It TI Is.  Business Week reports that 13,500 people per day are purchasing the iPhone.  Apple predicted they would sell 1 million by the end of September.  By September 10, they had already sold 1 million.  Are 13,500 people per day all swayed by Apple advertising? Face it.  The iPhone is one cool device to a lot of people.  It may not be cool, or perfect for you.  But maybe you are in the minority.  In fact, maybe you’re just plain wrong different, or weird.

Here’s what I believe at this moment.  Apple is the best consumer electronic company in the world.  In fact, they could be described as not just a consumer electronic company.  They’ve become a fashion company.  Their hardware products have now become fashion statements – fashion in the home, fashion while computing in your local Starbucks or airport, and fashion when you’re walking down the street with those white ear buds showing.

TI versus Walt Mossberg Concerning the iPhone August 5, 2007

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We all know what TI thinks about the iPhone. Essentially, he doesn’t like it. In fact he’s kind of anti-Apple (except for his iPod that he uses, but insists it isn’t really that great of a device). I found this video review of the iPhone by Walt Mossberg from the Wall St. Journal. In his opinion the iPhone isn’t perfect (mostly because of the singular carrier). But he really likes it. Pay special attention to his review of the virtual keyboard.

iPhone first impressions…Life after the hype!!! July 9, 2007

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Well, if you recall, I attended the CES last January and heard about the iPhone announcement in California.  There was an awful lot of hype and anticipation.  We are well into the launch and I would like to resurrect the dialogue to see if Apple’s product development keeps pace with the marketing department.  In other words, does the product live up to the hype???  PTIers let’s here from you.   Fast Follower???  Where are you??  Nothing to say about the iPhone?  I find this very hard to believe!!!!