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TI Needs Slingbox Assistance… August 25, 2007

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in 0x8007274c, Slingbox.

PTIers, Not sure what happened. After what seemed to be a great pnp experience with Slingbox, and Slingbox Mobile (on the PPC 6700, of course), I can no longer get the thing to work on a consistent basis.  Not sure what happened??  Same router, same settings on the router, same phone, same software, all of a sudden I can’t seem to connect consistently, and recently I am not getting a connection at all!  The only thing that I can thing of is some issue with the Vonage adapter, but can’t quite figure this out.  

I am not even able to connect with computers on my home network! I keep getting the following message, “The connection attempt failed. Make sure the slingbox you are trying to watch is on, set up for remote viewing, and not blocked by firewall/NAT settings.   Error 0x8007274c”.   Do any of the PTIers know of some router settings that I might have overlooked?  Are there any adjustments that I have to make due to the Vonage connection?  Help me out.  I need my Slingbox!  It worked almost flawlessly for so long and I can’t think of what may have caused it to stop working!