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The Most Visited Topic March 7, 2008

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It’s very interesting that the most visited post on this blog ever is the Microsoft Xbox Freezing problem.  This was originally posted about 1 year ago.  Not only is it the most popular topic, but there still seems to be no Microsoft fix for the problem.

How Do You Explain This…? February 10, 2008

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A headline from Info World:

“Apple beats Microsoft, Motorola in Q4 phone sales

Research in Motion had the largest share of the converged-device market in the United States in Q4, followed by the iPhone and Windows Mobile devices”

Fear, Hope, and Love with Electronic Gadgets and the Companies who Make Them February 5, 2008

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I wish I could take credit for this theory about why we as consumers engage with companies and their products. But I can’t. This comes from Seth Godin on his blog. It makes me think about many of the posts and comments on PTI about the electronic gadgets and services we all use. After reading Godin’s post, how many of the devices and the device makers fall into the Fear, Hope, and Love categories for PTIers?

What about Apple? Or iPod? Or iMac? Or iPhone? What about PPC-6700? What about Microsoft? Or Windows? Or Office? What about Sprint? What about Verizon?  What about Playstation? What about XBox? What about Slingbox? What about Blackberry? What about Directv? What about Quicken?  What about Dell?

Is there something missing from the 3 categories (fear, hope, love)? Interestingly, many of our posts are about complaints concerning the gadgets or services we use. Might there be another category called “Necessity” for why we buy and use certain gadgets (or continue to use certain gadgets and services while we face constant problems)?

New Zunes? November 13, 2007

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Do you know of anybody that owns a Zune? I don’t. I guess Microsoft just launched new Zunes according to Tech Observer. Even they ask, “Does anybody care?”

I’m sure since TI is such an MS fan, he probably owns a Zune.  Don’t you TI?  By the way, how’s that XBox 360 working out for your son?

Apple, Dell, and Microsoft October 9, 2007

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Y’all know that I’m now a certified Mac lover (although I do have a problem with how slow Aperture runs on my Macbook Pro.  So everything isn’t perfect).  Of course TI is…well….stubborn.  He’s anti-Mac without ever even trying one.  Remember, Mac people are all brainwashed by the Apple’s advertising according to TI.

What does all of the above preamble lead to?  Nothing relative to the subject.  I just like reminding our readers how illogical TI can be some times.

I did, however, find an interesting article with entertaining commentary over on CNN Money about Apple vs. Dell 10 years later.  Ten years ago when Michael Dell was asked at a conference what he would do if he were CEO of Apple, he replied,  “Shut it [Apple] down and give the money back to the shareholders.”

XBox 360 Freezing Problem… How do we fix this??? March 21, 2007

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Microsoft, XBox, Xbox Freezing, Xbox Tips.

Need your help PTIers.  My son’s XBox 360 freezes all of the time after about an hour of playing.  First, we thought that there were scratches on the game, so we really cleaned all of the games following some scratch removal procedures.  Didn’t work.  Next we thought that the unit was getting hot over time, but cooling the unit didn’t work either.  After a few Google searches, we discovered that this is becoming a big problem, and we are not the only ones with the issue.  Though there is a lot of inforamation about the problem, I have not seen or heard of any solutions.  Is Microsoft working on this?  My son has his unit boxed up and ready to send somewhere, but we can’t quite figure it out.  Before trying to send it back and go through the Microsoft process, I thought I would see if any PTIers have had the same problem, and if there are any solutions to this outside of trying to get Microsoft to take the #$^$% thing back!  Help us out!