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The Addictive Blackberry March 26, 2007

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Like this guy, it’s happening to me too.

HD Directv with DVR for TI? March 25, 2007

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I heard a little rumor that TI has finally moved into HD Directv with DVR world – like me.  And they call me, Fast Follower ! !

XBox 360 Freezing Problem… How do we fix this??? March 21, 2007

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Need your help PTIers.  My son’s XBox 360 freezes all of the time after about an hour of playing.  First, we thought that there were scratches on the game, so we really cleaned all of the games following some scratch removal procedures.  Didn’t work.  Next we thought that the unit was getting hot over time, but cooling the unit didn’t work either.  After a few Google searches, we discovered that this is becoming a big problem, and we are not the only ones with the issue.  Though there is a lot of inforamation about the problem, I have not seen or heard of any solutions.  Is Microsoft working on this?  My son has his unit boxed up and ready to send somewhere, but we can’t quite figure it out.  Before trying to send it back and go through the Microsoft process, I thought I would see if any PTIers have had the same problem, and if there are any solutions to this outside of trying to get Microsoft to take the #$^$% thing back!  Help us out!

Unbox March 18, 2007

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What do you think about this Tivo/Amazon Unbox service?  PVRblog it putting through its paces here.

Blackberry 8700c on Cingular March 12, 2007

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It’s been about 1 week now.  Quietly and without much fanfare, I’ve been using the Blackberry 8700c on the Cingular network.  Since I changed employers recently, this is the standard mobile equipment for employees like me.  I have to tell you…..For email, calendar, text messages, and phone, this device is second to none.  Yes, it’s a better phone than what I recall from my days using the Treo 600 Palm. 

 What don’t I like:  Accessing the web isn’t as convenient (or fast on the EDGE network vs Sprint’s network). I’m not “mobile Slinging” anymore.  And I’m kind of missing my ebooks (although I’m hoping there’s a Blackberry version for reading books).

I Got the Directv HD DVR March 4, 2007

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Well, I’ve gone and done it now. On Friday the Directv installation guy came out to the house and installed the new HD dish (much bigger than my old round Directv dish). He also set me up with the Directv HD DVR receiver (not Tivo by the way). For $200, I got the new dish, the receiver, and installation – not bad for a long time premium Directv customer. My only complaint about the whole installation process was the wait to get it done (2 weeks), and the installation time (almost 4 hours….for a dish that’s at ground level and a house already wired).

So far, I’m extremely impressed. I’ve got about 18 HD channels (ESPN, HBO, Showtime, Fox Sports Net, etc) including the HD network channels that I get without need of an external HD antenna in my area (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox). On my Pioneer Elite Pro-530HD rear projection TV, the HD picture quality is outstanding (yes, an old tech but high quality 1080i rear projection…not new tech plasma, lcd, dlp). I’m using the DVI video connection to the tv (the Pioneer doesn’t have HDMI). I found a cable from radio shack that has HDMI on one end (to connect to the receiver) and DVI on the other end (to connect to the TV). I believe the only difference between the newer HDMI and DVI is that HDMI carries both video and audio signals. DVI only carries video. Thus with DVI, I still need an audio connection, which I split between digital audio to my Harmon Kardon AVR-320 receiver and analogue audio to the tv.

As I previously mentioned, this isn’t Tivo. It’s Directv’s DVR. It’s not as user friendly as Tivo, but it isn’t bad. I’ve already set up my favorite programming to record and I’ve already watched some of the these scheduled shows. Tivo is elegant. This DVR is functional.  In other words, you get used to it. So don’t fight it.

To me, movies broadcast in HD are great (I watched HD Gladiator and Tombstone yesterday). But where HD really shines is with sports. I’ve watched some PGA golf, some NHL hockey, some college hoops, and NBA hoops in HD. HD sports is phenomenal.

So if you’re considering making the switch to Directv HD DVR, my early experience with it gives it “a thumbs up.”