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XBox 360 Freezing Problem… How do we fix this??? March 21, 2007

Posted by Tell it like it TI is! in Microsoft, XBox, Xbox Freezing, Xbox Tips.

Need your help PTIers.  My son’s XBox 360 freezes all of the time after about an hour of playing.  First, we thought that there were scratches on the game, so we really cleaned all of the games following some scratch removal procedures.  Didn’t work.  Next we thought that the unit was getting hot over time, but cooling the unit didn’t work either.  After a few Google searches, we discovered that this is becoming a big problem, and we are not the only ones with the issue.  Though there is a lot of inforamation about the problem, I have not seen or heard of any solutions.  Is Microsoft working on this?  My son has his unit boxed up and ready to send somewhere, but we can’t quite figure it out.  Before trying to send it back and go through the Microsoft process, I thought I would see if any PTIers have had the same problem, and if there are any solutions to this outside of trying to get Microsoft to take the #$^$% thing back!  Help us out!


1. Fast Follower - March 25, 2007

My son hasn’t complained about this one

xbox - October 10, 2009

i had problems with my xbox freezes as well. I moved apartments and slowed down my internet speed and have not had any problems with it freezes. Sometimes the internet speed is the problem.

luke - November 25, 2011

how do you slow down the internet?

madman - February 23, 2010

my xbox 360 crashes with out internet

2. Fast Follower - March 25, 2007

Sorry for my latest comment. After checking with my son his Xbox 360 freezes as well. He said this happens after about 2 hours of play. His fix is to just turn it off for a while. Absolutely unacceptable ! !

3. Tell it like it TI is! - March 25, 2007

This is absolutely unacceptable. What do we do now??? PTIers we need suggestions, fixes, ANYTHING! My son, literally, has his Xbox 360 in the box and ready to ship somewhere. I simply can’t believe there is no download, patch or something that can be installed to resolve the problem. Things have been hectic and I simply do not have the time to call, go through phone prompts, get transferred two or three times to be told that there is nothing that can be done.

Let’s put the pressure on to get something done.

Tell It Like It Is….

douglas - November 22, 2009

well there is a disk to fix it you see my dad got it off conputer and you see mine youst to freez all time and played disk and it worked good as new but my dad died 2 years ago and the freezing problems are back so the disk works for about 5 years then you need a new one.

rottenbark96 - April 23, 2011

where did he get the disc
plz my xbox is being a pain in the butt

4. kristin - March 28, 2007

call them up and send it in, they extended the warantee another year & etc so it shouldnt cost anything. I’ve sent mine in twice and gotten a spankin’ new 360 in it’s place.

the “turn it off for a while” fix seems to be an overheating problem to me. Make sure the power supply isn’t covered up by anything and there is airflow around it.

5. Tell it like it TI is! - March 28, 2007

Thanks. This will be the first thing on the list when I get home from Europe. It literally makes me sick to my stomach seeing that thing boxed up… although, I must say, seeing my son not playing video games as much and seeing him involved in some other activities brings joy to my heart! I will call them, and ship the thing this weekend. BTW, you mention that you sent yours in twice??? Was it for the same issue? Was it for the freezing problem?

I am somewhat technical, and it sounded like an overheating problem to me, as well. However, I have been searching articles, and it appears that the problem is deeper than that. I hope we can get this resolved. My son is driving me crazy!

6. kristin - March 28, 2007

The first time it was a freezing problem, the second time the cd/dvd drive was about to go out. Every time I put a disk in it would make funny noises.

We’re pretty strict on our kids about the xbox. if it goes overboard.. it’s immediately unplugged and put up. It’s the only way I can assure they’re not playing it when I’m not home.

You can also… take those handy cordless controllers with you when you leave the house 🙂

I’ve been known to tuck the remote control for the sattelite dish into my purse also.

Evil mommy I am!!

In the time we’ve had our 360, its mostly played the roll of a big fancy glorified DVD player.

Nate - August 2, 2010

You’re just a freak, and you didn’t answer his question idiot mommy.

up your butt - May 14, 2011

your kids probaly hate u so much. But thier dad makes them shut up. i’m a kid i understand them. Let them play a little more jerk.

Spartan-118 - May 26, 2012

yea…i mean…who the fuck takes the remote control and puts it in their purse? thats kinda strange…and i bet if you keep doing shit like that…your kid is going to grow up weird….its a videogame console….give your kids some space lady…i would hate to be them

wolfy - February 8, 2013

Parents like you are the reason kids turn to a life of crime/theft.
Seriously… re-think your parenting skills lady. That is pathetic.

jim - February 6, 2014

sorry to inform you, but the reason kids turn to a life of crime/theft is they are to fucking lazy to go out and work

7. Tell it like it TI is! - March 29, 2007

Great advice. A friend of mine takes the remotes to the Sat Dish sometimes too. Funny, how his kids haven’t figureed out that it is possible to control things by getting up and going to the box! Funny. Different generation, I guess.

However, my 12 year old is going to get a lesson on how to deal with Customer Service when we get home. I would feel much better boxing up and hiding the controllers to a properly functioning Xbox 360 than the “anchor” that we have now. I will let you know how the whole return process goes. You make it sound simple, but for some reason I always seem to have problems with this sort of stuff. We’ll see.

8. kp - April 2, 2007

my xbox developed this problem about 5 months after i bought it, sent it in 3 weeks ago still waiting, i called them and they said they have fixed it and are sending it back, it was a “hardware problem”. what is that supposed to mean? i asked. the assistant didnt know. obviously its a “hardware problem” i could’ve told them that from the get go. very disappointed as i do like the xbox very much and do not want to end up buying a ps3.

9. Tell it like it TI is! - April 3, 2007

3 weeks!!! Wow. I guess I thought that Microsoft would give a little more priority to the matter… As I think about it, why would I think that. I will share my experiences, as well, as soon as I start the process. Fast Follower, are you sending yours in too???

10. Fast Follower - April 4, 2007

Haven’t sent mine in yet because my son doesn’t complain about it much. Sounds like your son is complaining….like father like son 🙂

11. Tell it like it TI is! - April 4, 2007

No, in fact he hasn’t really said a word since he boxed it up. Keep in mind this is a $400 game…toy! I am not going to teach my son to stand by an get jipped! This will go in the category of “life lesson” for him. Get what is due, and don’t just sit back and let folks take your (mine) hard earned cash!

Tell IT Like IT IS!!!!

12. Assassin R - April 29, 2007

um same for me , i got problem with mines this week

13. Tell it like it TI is! - April 30, 2007

Been really busy for the last couple of weeks. My son and I are going to get the process going and we are sending the unit back this weekend. I will post all of the details next week.

This is ridiculous. I bought this thing in December, and it has been boxed up for weeks.



14. Dennis - May 15, 2007

There is a fix, run your games in 720p, not 1080i. Many of the freezes are due to games utilizing 720p rather then 1080i. The sweet spot tends to be 720p wether you play Xbox or PS3

15. marty - May 16, 2007

whats 720p and 1080i mean?

kjughjfxgjk - February 26, 2012

that’s the resolution of video

16. Tell it like it TI is! - May 16, 2007

Yeah, Dennis. I don’t get it. Do you change a setting on the Xbox? How do you do this? I didn’t know that there was a setting. My son is using the television in his room which is an older 480 unit, I suppose.

If you can guide us through this one….YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!

Let us know and Tell it Like it IS!!!

17. paul - July 1, 2007

My 360 also started to freeze awhile ago. I took it back to the shop where i bought it (London) and they gave me a brand new one no questions asked. To my surpise the new one also froze after 30 minutes of use. I read all the xbox trouble shouting possibilities for it . I found out that if you place the current adapter ( the big power brick) on a carpet and don`t give it enough ventilation, that thing over-heats and makes the 360 freeze. Also the electrical connecting cables should not be pressed against the wall or floor, otherwise the 360 over-heats and freezes. I now have the power supply unit on top of a piece of thick plastic and the cables have nothing putting pressure on them. Since i made these changes i never had another freezing problem. Lets hope it stays this way because i really like my 360.

eldonwan360 - June 15, 2009

thx for that mate i have been through 5 xboxs but i reckon your tip might do the trick.

18. Tell it like it TI is! - July 2, 2007

Thanks, Paul. I will pass this along to my son to see if it works for him. If this is actually the solution, you should offer it to Microsoft for a small fortune! Think of all the cost they would have saved on shipping and new units! We will give it a try. On behalf of the PTIers, we thank you. Always, Tell IT Like IT Is!

19. not just overheating - July 10, 2007

15 years old here but theres more then over heating the screen will freeze all the lights remain normal nothing responds but ejecting and the Power button…. If you eject it the screen still shows the game where it froze still. Ms won’t seem to tell us what it is they do to fix it when you do send it n. ( I have not sent it in ) its good for about half a day. Then for just 2 hours then shorter… Fine for
another 12 hours… Its not overheating tho fpr
me.. Ide like to know where the prob is and what they do to fix it when u send it in… If u know plz reply 🙂

20. Joshua 2414 - July 17, 2007

next time huy yours at best buy with the product replacement plan. It cost 60 bucks but all you have to do is return it to them. The plan last a couple of years after the Microsoft warenty ends. I have taken mine back twice for freezing.

21. Joshua 2414 - July 17, 2007

buy not huy Sorry

22. Tell it like it TI is! - July 18, 2007

Yeah, I guess you are right, Joshua 2414. $60 bucks may have saved me a lot of grief on this thing. However, is there anyone out there that feels that Microsoft should stand behind the product without a third party insurance policy. What ever happened to “do the right thing”, “take care of the customer and the customer will take care of you”?

I guess my expectations were just a little higher for them. I guess I am the stupid one for trusting.

Fast Follower and are personal aquaintances of the VP for Gaming Marketing at Microsoft. Wonder if we should contact him for personal assistance? Though, I understand that everyone can’t do this!

I guess I will just keep Telling it Like it Is!

23. Chris - July 21, 2007

To set your Xbox to 720p mode you have to go into the main console mode (the menus which come up with no game inserted) and scroll all the way to the page on the right. There you select ‘Console Settings’, then ‘Display’ and then ‘HDTV Settings’. This is where you can change the resolution from 1080i to 720p.
Note that 720p isn’t quite as crisp of an image as 1080i, but apparently the 360 can’t keep up with the demands at the higher resolution and overheats.
Also, none of this will apply if your Xbox is hooked up using the composite (yellow) video plug and not the component (blue, green and red), or if the video cord is switched to ‘TV’ rather than ‘HDTV’ on the end that goes into the Xbox.

24. jimmy - July 24, 2007

my xbox sucks

25. jimmy - July 24, 2007

my xbox 360!!!!!!!!!!!! i buy it 4mnt ago now my xbox is dead how happy is billllllllssssssss$$$$$$$$$ gate

26. Tell it like it TI is! - July 25, 2007

I wouldn’t go that far, cause the Xbox is nice… at least, for the two hours of playtime that you get!!!!

27. Tell it like it TI is! - July 25, 2007

Hey, no real progress on this, but I found the blog below, this issue is getting huge… check it out!


28. Tell it like it TI is! - July 25, 2007

Here is a recent statment from Microsoft that I found. They really don’t officially recognize the problem…

““The vast majority of Xbox 360 owners are having an outstanding experience with their systems. The overall return rate is well within with the consumer electronics industry average. Each incident is unique and all customer inquiries are handled on a case-by-case basis. We encourage consumers that are having any issues with their console to call Xbox Support (1-800-4-MY-XBOX) so we can address and resolve their issues immediately.”

Why won’t Microsoft tell it like it is!!!!

29. Fast Follower - July 25, 2007

“…Well within the industry average.” You can tell an attorney wrote that. It’s a shame that very few companies surprise and delight customers anymore. They treat us like we’re all average.

30. Tell it like it TI is! - July 26, 2007

Going to call tonight and get the average guy’s process going. I will let all the PTIers know how it turns out!

31. Matt - August 2, 2007

This problem has been recognized by Microsoft and they also have provided you with mutliple troubleshooting tips to fix this problem without sending it in. Sending it in over this should only happen if you can not fix the problem you are having with the freezing.

Here is the url:

Good Luck

32. Tell it like it TI is! - August 2, 2007

Thanks, Matt. I will take a closer look at the MS suggestions and pass them on to my son. Just wondering why I never stumbled across this page. This is exactly what PTI is all about…helping others with issues and understanding!

Keep Telling it Like it Is!!!

33. David - August 15, 2007

I have had my xbox since christmas and i have had a few times its froze while im playing xbox live but no big deal its just works as soon as i turn it out off wait a while turn it back on it works fine but last week my screen froze then i turned it off let it cool of turn it on again it freezes i tried a few hours later it works for like 5 mintuies frezzes again i try the next day works for like 10 mintuies and frezes again and sometimes my screen changes a different color when it frezzes i dont think this could be a over heating problem no probelms for 8 months and now it keeps frezzing is it possible to fix this

34. Tell it like it TI is! - August 16, 2007

We have been talking about this issue for quite some time and I really see no real solution other than send the doggone thing back to Microsoft. This is ridiculous. According to Matt, #32, it appears that they are aware of this and we’ve heard no real public statement about it. What is happening to American businesses??? Is it really coming to this?

Just telling it like it is….

35. suggestion - August 17, 2007

try changeing the date and time to be right i did this and i didnt try for hours but i was able to play for more than the 10 mins wich is alot longer than it used to take for my box to freeze

36. Rico Red - August 18, 2007

Just downloaded the latest console update, then the preview forstranglehold , and guess what? a light show!

Best guess is that like in March, the console update turned off the fans.
followed by a graphic intense preview = Instant brick!

Anybody else?

37. Losman - August 21, 2007

I bought my first xbox 360 last summer in the june to july time frame at CostCo. For those that are not familiar with CostCo., they have a full satisfaction guarantee or your full refund return policy regardless of when you bought the product. Glad that is the case because 2 days into using the first unit, the rom-drive made a horrible noise and ate the disc. When we were finally able to open the drive door, the disc looked like someone had taken a grinder to it. Took the unit back to CostCo. and they gave us another.

Everything was fine since then until we started getting what seemed like overheat freezing for several weeks. No error messages or lights. Until yesterday when the drive made some noises that only a blender crushing ice should make. Called CostCo. and they said bring it back and we will fully refund your money. CostCo. is not stocking the units in their stores anymore but are still selling them at their online store. We are now going for the Elite version but wonder how long that one will last. BTW- the game that was ruined by the last units crash is wasted. I feel that Microsoft should replace it but I know better than calling in to make this suggestion. I’d rather not get frustrated anymore than I already have with this unreliable product. Problem is that it is lots of fun while it is working. Good luck all!

38. Flip - August 26, 2007

David 33, the same EXACt thing happened to me. Ive had my xbox since christmas, for 8 months, and its been fine. it’s frozen on my xbox live messages screen a few times, but i’ve turned it off and waited 30 seconds and turned it on and it would be fine. 2 days ago i got bioshock and guitar hero 2. it was fine for the first few hours a played the games, but then the screen froze on gh2 the image was on the screen, no red light, no nothing. turned it off and tried again, it worked for an hour and then shut off. over the past few days it has happened with both games a few minutes in. I’m going to try the power supply air mehtod, but if that dosent work, i have no idea what to do. i really don’t want to send it to microsoft…..

39. rtb - August 28, 2007

just started experiencing the same freezing on our 8month old unit. we’ve been running triple cooling fans so over heating can’t be the freezing issue with this one. it started last week with randon game freeze and now won’t even load the initial console. i’m calling MS tomorrow.

40. Tell it like it TI is! - August 28, 2007

RTB, let us know how the call goes for you and the responses that you get from MS. Thanks, and keep telling it like it is!!!!

41. console repair - August 31, 2007

tell me about it my mate got a 360 bought night fight round 3 $50 created a profile 2 player froze turned it off on again got a e74 message this means disk drive is not working so we emailed microsoft and said we bought a 360 played a game and got e74 message they said have you had a firmware update but we had’nt
so they said they can’t do anything and the console was only 2 days old at the time we took it back to the shop and said we want a refund it dont work they took it gave us a new one my mate rang me later and said the console is freezing the power brick is red led so i went round un-pluged it pluged it back in got a e74 message so i turned it off powered it on by the eject button and it works now for about 5 hours and then freezes for about 20 seconds and works again

42. Tell it like it TI is! - August 31, 2007

RTB, did you call MS? What instructions did they give you. Let us know cause it seems like they are about to get several calls.

Davros - July 30, 2012

Normally a heat sink problem. I’m a mechanic so generally I’m technically minded, but no computer whizz, and found taking the XBOX apart, modifying the heat sinks and putting all back together was really very simple. Some good tutorials on YouTube. All together with all screws washers and thermal paste it cost me under £8. Gotta love maplins 😉

43. Mike - September 7, 2007

More fuel for the fire! I am about to send my 3rd one back for fixing. I lost my first 2 to the RRoD and my current one freezes about 2 minutes into any game like clockwork. Supposedly, MS has a new version coming out soon that has smaller, more heat resistant components. Also – another bad thing – my first 2 were shipped out and returned in a little over a weeks time. On the phone, this time, they estimated 3-4 weeks; everyone is returning their systems with the new warrenty extension. Looks like I could be out for a month!

44. ROCK SOLID OWNS - September 14, 2007

My xbox 360 has had so many little problems, like disk unreadables left and right, then stuff like getting my messages all at once; I wont have a message for like hours then all of a sudden I would have like 7 unread messages. Just recently my xbox got the last straw and freezes after 5 mins of play. Turning it off and waiting does not help me either.

I have read a couple of responses and my guess is to turn it in to get fixed. This sucks because I recently started going to college and dont have much time to play and therefore dont have time to send it in. I am so pissed off that the 360 is so much more fragile than the original and ovewrheats so easily. To topit off, you can’t even move the system or else the disk drive jams or something. The original was a tank.

45. Tell it like it TI is! - September 16, 2007

Yeah, now that school has started (less video game up time for my son), we will go ahead and box it up and send it in for a replacement or repair. Is it me, or has Microsoft never really admitted that they have a problem?? Is anyone else surprised at Microsofts concern for our issues?? Not like I found out about the extended warranty from them!!! Just wondering if I am the only one feeling a little screwed here.

Just Telling it Like it Is.

46. Belly - September 18, 2007

Im glad to see im not the only 1 😦

I’ve had my xbox 360 for well over a year now and sometimes its in use for up to 8hours a day and i’ve never had 1 problem with it until 2 days ago… it freezes within 2 mins off online play and within an hour or so of offline play, if it starts!!!! Sometimes it’s OK with just a reboot and other times I have to remove the hard drive, turn it on and then perform maintanance on it then turn it off and refit the hard drive. Other times it just won’t load up at all and i’m faced with 3 red lights.

It also freezes up after game updates etc.. and often prompts me to install them every time i reboot it and try to replay the game … that shouldn’t be happening unless microsoft are updating shadowrun every 10 mins ,lol.

Its definately not a case of the console over heating as my power block has a wooden block under each corner keeping it 6 inches off the ground and my console has 2 fans constantly blowing on it!

I’m calling Microshite 2moz to get it shipped away, i hope they solve the problem soon as i’d hate to have to buy a PS3 because of this.

47. Belly - September 18, 2007

When I posted it removed all of my bracets so here is how you perform a maintanance update on your console as this removed the reading disc errors i was recieving. On the main console screen go to the system blade, select memory, select storage device and enter the following: X X LB RB XX this will bring up the maintanance prompt, select yes and then reboot.

48. Tell it like it TI is! - September 18, 2007

I will ask my son if he has tried this. I will let the PTIers know if this resolves any of his issues. This is really a shame. He hasn’t played with the doggone thing for quite some time!

Gotta tell it like it is!!!!

49. Belly - September 19, 2007

I called the support line shortly after I posted and straight after i described what was happening they emailed me a free postage notice and told me to send it away ASAP.

Is it only XBOX live users who are getting this problem recently as mine has been working fine for over a year!? I’m sure they have fitted some machines with incompatable components that aren’t working properly with the console updates!

Tell it like it is I hope your son gets his xbox working but I would bite the bullet and send it away

50. walker - September 22, 2007

myn has just starting frezing about a couple weeks ago it will work fine then frezes and turns into the ring of fire wtf do i do

51. walker - September 22, 2007

i havent played xbox live on my xbox but it still frezes from about an hour of play i think they screwed up when making them soi think we should get something in return for all our trubles

52. pappa - September 27, 2007

just got a brand new xbox 360 like 2 days old and whenever i play it after an hour or 2 hours tops it freezes. it seems to be a overheating problem because if i turn it of and leave it for a while it seems to last longer and if i turn it off and on again it only last for a couple minutes. ive put it infront of a fan and made sure everythings cool including the power box made sure the cords are clear and still it freezes no red lights no nuthin only way to get it started again is by turnin it on and off. what should i do? is this covered by warranty

53. Tell it like it TI is! - September 27, 2007

Hey, here is an interesting site. Apparently, there are lawyers that are on standby to assist with getting MS to standup and be accountable for this issue! Check it out. http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/case/defective_xbox_360?ref=article

Please, share all experiences with PTIers!

Keep telling it like it is……

54. XBOX 360 IS A PIECE OF DOODOO... - September 30, 2007

Hey all:

I came across this site searching for the freezing issue, this is my second xbox 360 console now.

The first console, had the dreaded red ring of death, hardware failure. I called the 1-800-4-MY-XBOX number, talked to a rep, they sent a empty box, I sent it off, recieved a, I guess refurbished xbox 360 by looking at it, no hard drive grate on top, unfinished cd/dvd disc holder (it was pretty flimsy). It took 3 weeks in total to get it back, here in Canada.

I didnt complain about the state of the machine, as I was just glad they did anything, NOW, after 4 weeks of recieving this so called new xbox 360, the thing. starts to freeze, only on games, and really po’d now…..Can’t play anything for more then 4 mins without freezing, but it will play DVD movies,..So anyway tried the fan thing, power cord thing, pressing A at disc startup to clear cache, harddrive cache clearing, turning it horizontal, etc., NOTHING, I was just thinking of giving it a good ol KICK, lol, maybe pour some ice on it….anyway, this time, it’s the better business bureau here in Canada that will be getting the call, at least this time it will be logged legally…instead of Microsoft…Consumer Rights !!! It’s really a quality assurance issue, Testing, nothing else, and after seeing some of these, they should be held legally accountable for their actions….

55. XBOX 360 IS A PIECE OF DOODOO - October 1, 2007
56. Tell it like it TI is! - October 2, 2007

Petition signed!!!

Just telling it like it is!!

57. DAVID - October 3, 2007


58. Tell it like it TI is! - October 3, 2007

See comment #54. There is a number, and it appears that all instructions wil be given upon contacting it.

Let us know if this is the proper procedure and share your experience. This post is receiving views like CRAZY! I am sure folks are anxious to hear from you.

Keep telling it like it is.

59. annoyed gamer.. - October 6, 2007

well mine has just started with the dreaded freezing problem too….no red lights of death..no warning, no error message..it just freezes up. constantly..most the time the screen goes funny, and pixelated, others it just freezes up. and others the screen goes blank.. its not an overheating issue.
do i have to send it to MS.. its over its warranty. ive had it for 1 and a half years. is this problem covered with MS’s extended warranty. or is that only when the red rings of death happen..
answers would be appreciated.

60. Tell it like it TI is! - October 7, 2007

My son’s unit is getting worse. Each time we get ready to call the unit seems to get a little better, but we are certainly going to call within the next few days.

My understanding, annoyed gamer, is that a warranty covers a product and not a sympton. Therefore, I would think that the extended warrantyt applies to your unit.

Give the number a call (see #54) and let us know what they tell you.

Come back and tell us like it is!!!

61. Robert - October 10, 2007

My 360 is out warranty so when I called support I was told I’d have to pay $99 to repair it. The problem I had was ANY game or DVD would frreeze a couple o’ minutes after startup. No red light meant that I could not get the additional 2 year support level. I enquired as to why, just because some people’s hardware failure got the red-light, that my hardware failure was not supported? No real answer – just that the red-light problem was the only thing given the 2 year additional warranty. So I told the guy – look, I’m sure I can make the red light come on. It’s not that hard.. I was joking really, as though I’d go outside and piss on the thing… So as I was trying to fix the thing on my own, sure enough the red-light came on! I was thrilled. That precious, yet devilish redlight saved me a hundred bucks. As I called Msoft I explained how stupid I found it that I had to get the red-light to come on to get support for a hardware failure. That is – It should not matter weather the red-light comes on. A hardware failure is a hardware failure. While it’s great they did extend the warranty using the “Red-light” as a barometer as to what gets fixed seems rather ludacris to me. Especially when you consider I had the “red-light” problem, WITH NO RED LIGHT.

So, to those of you with no red lights.. Keep powering it on and off. Try to start a game, let it freeze and reboot. Do this a couple o’ times till you get the red-light and then you get that extra 2 years of support. Also, with the refurbish piece of shit – you do get a full 1 year warranty again and the additonal 2 years again for the red-light b.s. You can call xbox at -1-800-469-9269.

62. Jason Gastrow - October 13, 2007

I shiped my broken 360 out with their extended warranty. I got it back a MONTH later and it was another broken 360.

63. Tell it like it TI is! - October 13, 2007

Say it ain’t true Jason!!! My son just received the mailing instructions and the box for us to return his. I this resovles the issue for us. Although, I am beginning to lose confidence!!!

Tell it Like it Is….

64. Lee - October 16, 2007

I have had my 360 now for about 6 months, just recently it has started freezing on me whilst playing my games – mainly FN3. I have not moved the 360 or done anything in the setup except change it to 1080i as I’ve had a new tv. I’m thinking of taking it back tonight to get exhanged for a new one, but may upgrade to an elite at the same time.

65. Lee - October 17, 2007

Well got home from work, switched it on crashed FN3, Darkness then wouldn’t even load COD3, turned if off switched back on and got the RRoD, hopefully getting it exchanged today. only had it since may

66. Ryan - October 17, 2007

I bought a Xbox a year ago and I’m now on my 4th! repaired console. My latest one just arrived on 10/15/07 from the repair center, we hooked it up and it froze on the green welcome to xbox screen immediately. Everytime it has taken 3-4 weeks to be repaired. I have done every type of trouble shooting I could find.I have tried being polite, being angry, contacted the BBB, insisted on a refund, but nothing has worked.I think I’m just out $400 plus other hardware and game expenses and a Xbox Live membership that’s about to expire but I haven’t been able to use.

67. Tell it like it TI is! - October 17, 2007

Yoiu have got to be kidding me. I am wondering if we shoiuld waste our time sending it back! Microsoft! Are you listening! Why have you forsaken your loyal gamers!!!! We need answers now.

Just Telling it Like it Is….

68. Lee - October 18, 2007

Got it exchanged 17/10/07, got the new one with the hdmi port on the back, hope it sorts the problem but have a feeling it won’t as it’s the gpu thats screwing up.

69. Korey Haines - October 20, 2007

my xbox 360 keep’s freezing i’ve had it about a year and a half and it just froze when i have playing halo 3 and now it wont work it just keep’s on freezing every time even when im not playing a game

douglas - November 22, 2009

funny mine froze when playing halo 3 to maby not x box maby halo 3

70. Tell it like it TI is! - October 20, 2007

Call the number above. I have literally just put the shipping label on mine, and I am on the way to the UPS drop-off location right now. Maybe if MS has to support this program for a long period of time, they will realize that it is worth their time to address and resolve this very known defect. I just can’t believe how quiet the media has been about this.

Just telling it like it is…..

71. Tell it like it TI is! - October 21, 2007

Just dropped the Xbox 360 off at UPS. Fingers are now crossed!

72. rocketman - October 28, 2007

I’ve had my xbox 360 for 9 months and just recently experienced my first RRoD. So begins my journey into waste and frustration. I’ll keep you posted.

73. Tell it like it TI is! - October 29, 2007

Fingers still crossed. The tracking number given indicates that the XBOX was delivered to the repair center successfully. I will keep all posted.

74. Keith - October 31, 2007

Piece of crap I have had it I am now about to go on my 4th Xbox360 after today trying to play halo and saint’s row my thing just freezes after playing for 20 min. BBB for me screw MS.

75. Tell it like it TI is! - October 31, 2007

Well….confidence that the returned unit will be any different. If you do decide to go the BBB route. You know where to go to get supporters!!! Share your process with other PTIers!!

Tell it Like it IS!!!!

76. Debbie - November 9, 2007

I was going to buy one a xbox 360 elite for my son but i have seconed thoughts about it now.

77. Fast Follower - November 10, 2007

Who makes the Xbox 360 anyway? Hmmm….could it be Microsoft? Isn’t that the same company that gave us the crappy, buggy, “non-driver-containing” Windows Vista?

78. Taxes2Hi - November 17, 2007

Same problems…annoying intermittent freezes, more common with some games than others. 2 Konami games (DDR Revolution and Dead Rising), but now after playing Assassin’s Creed, it froze after 3 hours. I have good ventilation for all related parts. No carpet, no enclosed cabinet. Simply a modern and open (glass with no sides or back), entertainment shelf. Also it is now cold outside and I’m a bit of a miser so it is slightly chilly inside as well (68 degrees).

This is AFTER a warranty replacement. The first time I futilely went through the obvious…and MS checklist – clear cache, remove hard drive, disconnect wireless, etc. Their troubleshooting is absurd. I bought a console because I DO NOT WANT TO TROUBLESHOOT. PLUG IT IN AND PLAY A GAME.

Now I have submitted another repair request 7 days ago with MS online for my coffin, however the live website indicates that I don’t even have a device registered. I called and a recording politely told me that it recognized I have a repair request and I should wait 10-14 days for processing. 10-14 days before I even get a box to ship the broken device back. I’m sure it will take weeks after they get the device repaired and sent back to me…which wouldn’t normally bother me but How Many Times do They Need to Repair my Hardware? Plus this pushes it past the holiday season, when I have friends and family coming…brothers and nephews expecting to school me in death-match. Grrrrr.

Hopefully with the success of Halo 3 they can now justify fixing this problem permanently. I’ve spent too much money on peripherals and games to have the core system lock up repeatedly after using it LIGHTLY for 6 months.

If this issue recurs my next step will be the BBB and then a Google on the PS3 to see if it has similar problems. I want a trouble-free console and if it requires buying another system, so be it. Better that than buy more games that I MAY be able to use.

79. Tell it like it TI is! - November 18, 2007

Sorry to hear about that T2H. We just received ours back from the first warranty replacement experience. So far, so good. My son has been trying to make up for lost time and has been on the thing all weekend. No freezes so far….. fingers are crossed. Keep sharing so I know what to do if it ever does!


80. Dillon Millsap - November 26, 2007

Well my Xbox 360 started freezing today while playing Halo 3. It’s been working fine but after I got back from vacation it started to freeze while playing. It’s kill’n me cause it’s ruining my rank and this is no good if I can’t play when I’m in tournaments etc.

douglas - November 22, 2009

hay me and 3 other peeps x box froze whil playing haol 3 maby not x box maby halo 3

81. FocusWarrior - November 30, 2007

Microsoft. a mass organization. worth probably billions. And tell me im better turning to SONY. I got My XBOX 360 in July 05. About this time last year my console got “The Red Ring Of Death” (3 red lights). I wanted to exchang my console at the place i purchesed it, but as this was a knowen Problem with Microsoft they insisted that it must get returned for repair by Microsoft. Great. I sent it off and it came back in about 25 days. Not to bad. Now, Just after 2 Years my 360 has started to freeze, just when a selection of great games is being released. (Im a big gaming fan, got 3 children have a full time job, but every night after 9 i would be on a game.) if u work out the cost of all the games, well it works out to about £2000 (UK Pounds) then if you add the cost of console with extra hardwear also XBOX LIVE. Another £700. I contact Microsoft and they say “send us £65 and we will fix your console” WHAT £65!!! Why do i have to pay for faulty products. Because 3 year warrinty is only valied fo 3 red rings, (as pointed out before) after a long discution with the anoying man on the phone I demanded to speek to a suppervisor. and pointed out all the things above, he told me his hands are tied, you have to pay. I then said “I’m better off selling all my microsoft things and getting a SONY Playstation.” he agreed, told me he has a plastation 2, never had a problem with it. No wonder Microsoft is so rich cos we have no choice but to pay.

If any1 has managed to find any way to get it fixed for free please let me know.

82. Tell it like it TI is! - November 30, 2007

Not sure what can be done at this point. Doesn’t the extended warranty period apply?? Looks like you bought it in 2005. If I were you I would tell the guy on the phone that you have the 3 ring problem send it, let em fix it.

Just telling you what I would do, and telling it like it is!

83. FocusWarrior - December 1, 2007

I could try that. (Saying it has the 3 red lghts) but when thay try it there end and it does not happen, Im worried that thay will hold my console till I pay. What I really want is to find as meny people as i can with this problem, and if a big enough list is presented than I would hope Microsoft would exstend the warrinty for this problem as well. So not only would my 360 be sorted but it will help everyone else. From what I have found so far this is a massive problem. This may not be a console failer. I have tried to play a game with out my hard drive in. Played till i was bord. but it did not freeze, Yet. have to try this a few more times to confirm. But this does not help me, as the hard drive only has 1 year warrinty. I cant understand why Microsoft does not want to help!

84. Smiley122 - December 3, 2007

I’ve had my 360 since february and everything was perfect until halo 3. The game would freeze constantly at random times and it’s not an overheating issue. It would piss me off beyond anything because my xbox live ranking gets points deducted because the system sees it as me quitting a match. I called xbox many times complaining about the problem and they said that my xbox was out of warranty in september which is complete BS to me because it was purchased in Nov ’06 as an xmas gift (but I never received it till Feb). They also I could only get the game replaced if it was the limited edition which I did not have. So I replaced the game twice at Toys R Us where it was purchased from and sure enough replacements 2 and 3 froze as well. It would only happen with halo 3. I tried playing other games to see if they would freeze but nothing would happen. I figured it had to be halo. So finally after complaining for the millionth time to xbox customer support they told me to send it in and I would receive a replacement. It’s been 2 weeks that they had the game and still no replacement. I called xbox a couple of times. The 2nd time they said I would get it in 3-5 business days. On the 5th day I called again and they said whoever told me that didn’t know what they were talking about because these things take a long time. How long does it take to send a game? It’s not like I sent in my 360 to get repaired. Xbox cuxtomer service is a bunch of crap.

Anyway, here’s the new problem. Since I don’t have halo 3, I started playing my other games and now they are freezing! I left my 360 alone for a few days hoping it was a fluke but just now I tried playing Rainbow 6 Vegas and it froze within 5 mins. I turned it off, back on, and it froze within 2mins. Turn off again, back on, and it froze in 5 mins. This is ridiculous especially since my original xbox still works perfectly after all these years. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have the ring of death so I can’t get the extended warranty. Any suggestions?

85. Smiley122 - December 3, 2007

ok just played again right after I posted the previous message. It froze within 5 mins again but when I turned it back on I played for about 25 mins with no problems. I don’t get it.

86. FocusWarrior - December 3, 2007

HI Smiley122 please try playing the game without the hard drive in. My freezing ploblem seems to be linked to my harddrive, when i play a game without a hard drive it works without freezing. If other players confirm this then it may be information on the hard drive which is conflicting with somthing which keeps freezing the games. I dont know this for certin so please try. Microsoft wont help they just tell me to get a new hard drive, I am so ANGRY with them. If it is conflict in programs then this problem could proberly be sorted by a simple down load (A PATCH). Please let me know how it plays with out a hard drive. If any 1 with this problem wants to E-MAIL me please ask for my address if you cant find it..

87. Smiley122 - December 3, 2007

Hey FocusWarrior, I tried that when I had halo 3 and it still froze. Taking out the hard drive was one of the trouble shooting methods the xbox customer service told me to do when I began calling about the freezing problem. I will try it again with another game and see what happens. Thanks!

88. Tell it like it TI is! - December 4, 2007

This post by far is our number one post! It’s a shame that it is about a problem that MS really has still not publically acknowledged! That is what is pissing me off. Fast Follower and I personally know some MS VPs. We will try to see if we can get a response. Fast Follower, you with me????

89. Fast Follower - December 4, 2007

Microsoft has purposely designed in the freezing problem to prevent users from playing continuously too long on the Xbox. They’re trying to prevent future medical problems tied to Xbox overuse. Their top legal team made this a requirement during product development based on research from the medical trauma team. Only a few senior people at the company know about this. Thus the customer service people are clueless too.

April Fool ! ! !

90. FocusWarrior - December 4, 2007

Gutted. That proberly meens my hard drive is just nackerd. Great. Still I would like a better respons from Microsoft. Have got no faith left in their products.

91. Dan - December 4, 2007

I sent mine in November 16, Got it back Last night, played for about 3 hours, it was fine, got on today, then it froze up on me AGAIN =( lol it sucks becuase im a halo 3 tournament player….

92. Fast Follower - December 5, 2007

Let’s face it PTIers. There’s a design problem of which there is no fix – at least no fix that MS is willing to pay for.

93. jamie - December 5, 2007

my dad beats me coause MY xbox freezes i think its gonna blow up cause there is smoke coming from the inside.i have neon blue lights in place of the green ones what can i do?

94. Tell it like it TI is! - December 5, 2007

It appears that MS is hoping that they can ride this product cycle out and keep the negative press at a low. It appears that they are trying to come up with the next version hoping that we will forgive and forget! Is MS this powerful that they can throw this issue under the rug and keep the gaming loyalty??? Only time will tell. This was, by far, my most expensive gaming purchase, and it has been the most disappointing.

Just telling it like it is!!!

95. Smiley122 - December 8, 2007

Ok here’s the update. A customer support supervisor called me Tuesday asking for the tracking # I shipped my halo 3 game with. Why do you need the tracking # when my shipment had my name, address, telephone #, and reference # written many times over all over the place so they would know who this game belongs to. So anyway I give the tracking # and he tells me that the repair center has my halo 3 and he will contact me very soon to let me know that a new game has been sent back. Well I was on the phone with customer support once again today complaining that it’s been 3 weeks what the hell is going on. Now this guy tells me that the supervisor I spoke to never wrote the tracking # in the system or any notes whatsoever of the call on tuesday. GREAT! So in the end he told me that someone will call me soon. Yeah right…

FocusWarrior – I played again today and the game froze within 5 mins. Then i signed onto xbox live and got the new Fall 07 update and I actually played for about 2 hours until it froze. Then I took the hard drive out like you said and its been a couple hours and no freeze. When I tried taking out the hard drive a few weeks ago it froze right away. I’m gonna leave the game on for a little while longer and see if anything happens.

96. troy - December 11, 2007

my xbox also freezes after random minuites sometimes five it looks like almost a miniature matrix screen over whatever game im playing except for the last one it was a blackscreen thats it nothing. damn xbox phoning them damn techies tonite

97. Tell it like it TI is! - December 13, 2007

What were the results from your call??? Same story or did you finally get some action? Let all of the PTIers know.

Thanks for telling it like it is!

98. Jonathan - December 16, 2007

Wow, you guys have been keeping this thread going for quite a while. Just within the last two days, I’ve been having this problem of constantly freezing within a few minutes of playing. They’re getting called tomorrow without question though. I would assume by now that they have a fix.

99. Fast Follower - December 16, 2007

I absolutely believe there is no fix yet for this freezing problem.

100. Fast Follower - December 16, 2007

I read a post somewhere on the web that determined that the Xbox freezing problem is due to the power supply overheating (with 100 comments to this post, I’m not sure this has been discussed). The fix: Elevate the power supply off the floor so air can get to all sides of it. One guy even tied it to a string to suspend his power supply in the air. Or maybe try to have a fan blow on the power supply as an aid for cooling.

101. Jonathan - December 16, 2007

I put mine on a desk and directed a fan right at it. I even bought that little x-box cooler that attaches to the back of the xbox.

Still freezes.

102. Tell it like it TI is! - December 16, 2007

This is clearly a known issue, and I refuse to believe that the MS folks don’t know the issue. They know exactly what the issue is and it must involve a very expensive fix that a few components won’t fix. Let’s face it, the game console business has to have some very slim margins. We all know the money is in the accesories and the actual games… at least that is the way it appears. Whatever the fix is, it must be expensive enough to turn the whole business equations upside down for the consoles. So not acknowledging and fixing the issue is a stall tatic… even with an extended warranty. How many folks are going to take the time to mail their game console back and wait four weeks??? I don’t know, but believe me, MS knows exactly how many will. I don’t think their intent is to actually fix the game. It is all smoke and mirrors…keep the game for a week or two and send it back….Now, how many are going to send the unit back twice???? Believe me PTIers, I have seen it done. The minute you realize that a recall can turn the business equation for your product upside down, you use decoys and deception to delay the issue.

Let’s face it…don’t act like you haven’t seen the movie before… when the next version of the unit is deployed, magically we will all find out what is really causing the freezing problem. We will then all get an apology and a $50 coupon towards the purchase of the new unit.

…. and we all live happily ever after. Cut and paste this comment in your PDAs and see if it comes true.

Just tellin it like it always is!!!!!

103. Smiley122 - December 18, 2007

Just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against xbox…

we’ll see how that goes…

104. Tell it like it TI is! - December 18, 2007


PLEASE keep the PTIers updated on your status to see how things go. If I might ask what state did you file the complaint?

Keep telling it like it is, and how it should be!!!!

105. Smiley122 - December 18, 2007

Washington, thats where they are located

106. Fast Follower - December 18, 2007

PTIer’s, I like your persistance. But this is Microsoft we’re talking about, not Enron. The Better Business Bureau? C’mon. This is an Xbox that works, but doesn’t work consistently. The BBB ain’t gonna have any juice with Microsoft over this issue. The only avenue we have is what’s going on at PTI. You have to “bad PR them” into acknowledging the problem and a fix. Check out how Jeff Jarvis embarassed Dell into standing up to their problems – eventually.

107. MM - December 25, 2007

Well…. Mine over heated the day I got it (today)…. It’s ticking me off, the longest ive played without it overheating is about 45 min! I’m ticked! Any solutions?

108. Rick - January 2, 2008

Hello All. Wow good to know I have company. Mine froze Dec 30th. No “RROD”! Drove me crazy cause sometimes it would freeze at start up or in game.
I managed to get the “RROD” by unplugging the power supply from the outlet AND the xbox.

A friend of mine suggested the TOWEL WRAP trick. Well it got rid of the RROD and I was able to play COD4 for 3 games online then KAPUT AGAIN.

Just got done doing the TOWEL WRAP again. I will try these following “suggestions”:

1. Try plugging into the wall and NOT the power strip.
2. Elevate the power supply block
3. Remove the harddrive.
4. Microwave it( not really gonna try this, but I’m dying to know if this really could work lol)

Anyways, I ordered the “coffin” as my back up plan. I might just buy an elite and be done with it!!

109. tomw12345 < (tag) - January 3, 2008

hi everyone, my xbox had 3 red lights earlier in december and wouldn’t turn on for about 2 weeks when i tried the ‘reset’ code. you push the power button, then hold the controller sync button for about 2 seconds, and then press the eject button 4 times. this solved the 3 red light problem and it now turns on, but when i get onto a game, after just a few minuets of play the sreen goes all pixelated and a strange squeeky kind of noise comes through the speakers.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to what i shud do or why it is happening please?


110. Tell it like it TI is! - January 3, 2008

I gotta tell ya. My son has had his replacementment unit back for about two months now, and we haven’t had a freezing incident yet (knock on wood). I still can’t believe that MS hasn’t acknowledged the issue! Try the replacement process, at least once. It’s worth a try, right???

111. Smiley122 - January 4, 2008

If your warranty is still good try sending it in for repair even though I’ve been waiting 7 weeks for them to send me my halo 3 game replacement (but thats another story). If you don’t wanna send it in I would try the cooling fan. It’s only $20 and so far its been 2 weeks and working PERFECTLY for me. My 360 froze once but it was after playing for over 5 hours straight so of course it needed time to cool off. I’ve tried all those solutions of removing the hard drive and elevating power supply and so forth but they never worked for me. The cooling fan has been a quick fix for my freezing problem….now only if I had my Halo 3 game back I would be completely happy.

112. Stevo - January 4, 2008

I got a new 360 premium today, got it home popped halo3 in and accepted the update, when the machine rebooted it crashed on system boot. joy.

i rebooted managed to get a few games of halo out of it but now (the same night) it freezes constantly within 5 minutes of starting a game (not just on Halo) it also freezes on the xbox dash and in boot up. no red rings though, this is very annoying, gonna take it back to toysrus tomorrow for a replacement

113. Smiley122 - January 12, 2008


I finally received my replacement Halo 3 game after 2 months of waiting and after 1 month of filing the complaint with BBB. When I opened the box the disc fell out because the circular hub that keeps the disc in place was broken. Waited 2 months and I can’t even put the game in its own f*cking box cuz it was sent broken. Fortunately, the disc had no scratches on it and gameplay has been fine so far.

And what did I get out of this whole f*cking ordeal? A free wireless controller. WHOOPDEEDOO!!

Xbox is crap. I’m getting is a PS3 and Wii. It sucks cuz the excitement I had for Halo 3 is all gone.

114. Tell it like it TI is! - January 12, 2008

I really think this is the strategy…. stall long enough on the game and console issues until the excitement is gone, bank on your ability to successfully market the next big development and play on the public’s sense of “amnesia”!

I don’t think there is any real intent to fix this issue.

Hey, just telling it like I see it!!!!

115. Galactic - January 16, 2008

There are multiple problems with the 360 consoles, most of which are related to overheating. The xclamps under the motherboards are cheap steel parts and end up pushing up on and bending the motherboard due to the heat. Poor design due to rushing out a system which was really only in beta stage, to beat Sony was MS biggest mistake. Sony has its own problems with PS3 but thats for another time.

The freezing and 3 red rings are all overheating issues. MS is extending their warranty but if you want try to fix it yourself and your somewhat knowledgeable of the insides of electronic things, these problems have been repaired by owners who got sick of MS and did it themselves.Be aware that pulling apart your 360 voids your warranty. Google (Llamma’s Xbox 360 3RLOD) and good luck

116. Troy - January 16, 2008

Recently I have sent my xbox 360 in for repairs, waited waited waited, got it back, but yet to receive a broken xbox with a letter saying that this is a replacement and it has been tested and there sorry for my problems, bull**** I had phoned them and they said send it back again, im sick of all this crap hopefully the next one will work….

117. Tell it like it TI is! - January 17, 2008

I hope your next one works, as well. So far so good with our replacement. Good luck!!!

118. popopolis - January 17, 2008

i like potatoes

119. monkey - January 25, 2008


120. Jason - February 6, 2008

SO! just like everyone else my 360 has frozen up. i did the whole call customer support and the over the phone repair tips playing with the hard drive and playing without. All customer support had to say was to send it in for repair due to it being a internal hardware problem.

My 360 is about year old and after reading all these post i have my doubts about getting a new one. I mean my old PS2 is still running tough !!! and it is the original big bulky PS2. My friend has already sent his 360 in and his is newer than mine!!!. Im seriously feeling jipped about the whole thing. I tried the 360 to change up from the playstion I guess i will go get a PS3 . Im impressed with sony but no so much with microsoft.


121. Ryan - February 19, 2008

Do you have to pay for the repairs? I complain about my freezing isssue be they wanted me to pay for it…

122. Christine - February 26, 2008

I heard all the horror stories about the over heating problem, so i purposely bought a brand new black elite version in Jan 2008! Not even 2 months, the puppy freezes without any HDD or memory stick. The console screen won’t even start.. And nothing was hot.. can’t be a overheating problem.. I am sending it back the next week.

123. Mike - February 27, 2008

I already sent my Xbox 360 in for 3 times now. The new one always runs for about 1-2 months then it either got a RRoD or some kind of other problem. Well, I’m about to send it in a fourth time now. >.<
I bought Lost Odyssey (Awesome Game!) a few days ago and played it like hell… no problems even after many hours of playing. Yesterday I played Lost Odyssey again like always and after about 2 hours of playing the game suddenly froze with screen glitches and a funny noise. The I tried it again… after 10mins it froze again. I put my Xbox 360 horizontally and tried again… no problems. Today I put my Xbox 360 vertically again… played for about 30mins and it froze with the same funny sound and glitches. I switched it on again and a RRoD showed up. I was pissed and switched the console off and then back on. – No RRoD console works fine. I then put it back in horizontal position and I played for about 20mins and it froze again. Then I switched it off and back on again and now even the 360 logo froze. I switched it off and waited for a few minutes… it works again… now I try to put the cables somewhere where they’re not squeezed…. if it works now it has something to do with my cables. But if I get a RRoD or a Freezing I’ll have to send it in for the fourth time now… I love 360 itself but Microsoft sure screwed up with its hardware… BIG TIME. <.<

124. Fast Follower - February 27, 2008

There have been 123 comments on this original PTI post prior to this comment. One thing is clear to me after reading every comment: There is no fix for this problem that Microsoft is willing to implement with the current Xbox 360. For 360 owners experiencing the problem, it’s a bum deal. But it is what it is. Companies make these kinds of decisions all of the time. For them, the bad publicity is worth less than the cost of fixing the problem. The question for PTIers with the freezing 360s is: What are you gonna do? Do not expect Microsoft to fix this problem by “sending it [Xbox 360] in to them for a fourth time” like Mike. There is no fix.

125. Smith - February 29, 2008

First time poster here, just thought I’d add to the list. I’ve had my Xbox since Xmas 2006 and generally never any trouble. One time I had a red ring but I think that was because the cord wasn’t making a proper connection and with a simple reboot it went away. I’m typically don’t play very often, maybe 2 or 3 times a week at the most, and usually only for a couple of hours at a time (when Halo 3 came out I had a few weekend sessions that would last around 5-6 hours, that’s probably the longest stretch I ever play). I always counted myself as a “lucky one” because over a year went by with no problems. Well, now that I’m less than 2 months past the warranty I’ve started to get screen freezes like many have described here (no red ring). Started one day maybe a couple of weeks ago I had a freeze in the middle of a Halo multiplayer match. Reset and didn’t get another freeze. Same thing happened maybe a week later, also only once. Then a couple of days ago it was constant – I’d been playing for about 2 hours then got a freeze (again in Halo multiplayer). Pretty soon every time I’d get into a game it would freeze within about 30 seconds. Tried all the suggestions in online support first but still got the same problem so I tried phone support. After asking me all the same questions as online support they said I had to send it in and it would cost $99. I was expecting free because I heard about the 3-year warranty extension, but she informed me that’s only if you get a red ring, which I haven’t been getting. I said no way was I paying $99 and left it at that. Started doing some online research (including this site) and heard about the overheating power cord which I hadn’t thought of (the console itself sits high up on an open shelf, no heat or enclosures whatsoever, so I didn’t think it was that, but I hadn’t thought of the power cord). I tried moving the power cord “brick” out from the enclosed space (and also discovered that perhaps the connection into the brick was a little loose, but hard to say for sure). Moving that away from the warm enclosed space seems to have helped, I played Halo mutliplayer for a couple of hours yesterday and it never froze once, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Anyway, if you’re having that problem it’s def. worth a shot to check your power cord (I never even realized that thing has it’s own fan built into it! Crazy!) I’ll keep updating here if anything changes.

126. Fast Follower - February 29, 2008

Thanks for the insight, Smith.

127. ex booster - March 3, 2008

bought an xbox 360 arcade (newest version of the console) january 16th 08 so was expecting a hassle free console, play it 2-3 times a week for at the most 2 hours, switched it on this morning and started to play project gotham 4 and 2 minutes in had some weird black lines flickering all over the screen whilst the game was still playing.. turned it off tried gears of war froze at a certain point in the game, repeated 4 times same thing, tried halo 3 and got the weird black lines again… have tried everything including the power brick but it clearly is not overheating.. am now going to exchange and upgrade to an elite.. really dont want a ps3 but it does have blu-ray so that is a last resort…

128. Jim - March 3, 2008

Finally got my xbox360. The ONLY reason I went with the 360 and not PS3 was for Halo 3. I can’t get more than 2 minutes into the game without it freezing. MS suggested playing without the hard drive. It seemd to work until 3 second after I hung up the phone.

There is a class action suit against MS for this issue. I’m going to find out more info and join the suit. I suggest everyone else does the same. If I ever meet Bill Gates he’s gonna learn what it feels like to take it up the chute with an xbox 360.

129. Smith - March 3, 2008

Just a follow up from my last post (sorry it was so long, didn’t seem that bad when I was typing!)

Saturday night I went to play some Halo (keeping my power brick out in the open this time) and started getting freezes like before (which of course made my heart sink.) This time I noticed there was a curtain near the back of the xbox and I think it was stopping the air flow so I pulled it aside and let it cool for maybe 5 minutes. That seemed to do the trick, I played for about 4-5 hours that night and never had another freeze. Apparently mine’s just become very finicky when it comes to not having enough space around it for airflow.

As an aside, I told my wife what was happening (which I avoided doing before because I figured she’d freak out if I told her I might have to spend $99 to fix a $400+ machine). She just said “well get it fixed if you have to, you can’t live without that thing.” I guess she knows it keeps me out of trouble on a Saturday night! : )

130. Tell it like it TI is! - March 3, 2008

I started this post about a year ago…take a look at the first post! All I have to say is…Jim give me the details to join the class action suit. I will join quicker than I bought a Costco membership advertising a 20 percent discount!!!!!

Just telling it like it is.

131. Goldy - March 4, 2008

Its happening to mine as well! its not something wrong with the disk, since it freezes without a disk in,and sometimes it happens before the dashboard even appears! its also not overheating because i put a fan right next to to my console and it still happens.

132. Smith - March 5, 2008

Update #3 by Smith

Last night I played for about an hour and it froze, which was troubling since I now have the power brick out in the open and the xbox standing up and away from the curtain/wall to allow maximum airflow. I reset about 5-6 times and would get a freeze every time about 5 mins into a game. VERY upsetting and frustrating. In Halo I’m reduced to only playing unranked non-team games, because if I freeze during battle I lose both rank and experience points. What a way to play!

I decided to unplug the power supply and just give it about 10 minutes to cool off, which doesn’t seem like much but that’s FOREVER when you just want to get your Halo fix. I probably only waited about 8 minutes and then I couldn’t help myself. After that I probably went about 2-3 hours before I went to bed and it never froze, thank goodness. So basically I feel like I’m just coasting by now, waiting for that time when even letting it cool for a few minutes no longer does the trick. I suppose then (if M$ hasn’t improved the warranty to cover this problem like they should) I’ll be forced to pay the $99 to have it serviced.

That idea is very troubling to me, since I’ve read that when you have it serviced for screen freezes it’s only under warranty for that repair for a few months, maybe 3. I’ve had the system for over a year and never had a freeze until recently, so I know that I haven’t changed the playing conditions in any way, this just “happened” and I hate that feeling that I’m powerless to prevent it, this time or in the future. In some ways, a red ring would be preferable since it would be under warranty and when they service it the warranty gets a longer extension.

And the sickest part of it is, I find myself going “I hope they just hurry up and announce Xbox 3 soon so I can abandon this one. Surely in the next generation they’ll have these problems figured out.” Ugh, are they depending on desperate gamers like me or what?

133. Tell it like it TI is! - March 5, 2008

As I read your comment, I am reminded of the Joan Jett song… “I HATE MYSELF FOR LOVING YOU”. Not sure what generation you are from or if you have ever heard of the song, but here are some of the lyrics…..

Hey Jack It’s a fact they’re talkin’ in town
I turn my back and you’re messin’ around
I’m not really jealous don’t like lookin’ like a clown

I think of you ev’ry night and day
You took my heart then you took my pride away

I hate myself for loving you
Can’t break free from the the things that you do
I wanna walk but I run back to you that’s why
I hate myself for loving you

….. Sound familiar??

Just telling it like it is!!!!!

134. Smith - March 7, 2008

Too funny! Yes I know that song and you are right that it fits! Also funny that it was sung by one of the contestants on American Idol this week ; )

Yesterday I decided to pick up an intercooler for my xbox, being pretty sure that it’s a heat-related issue. I know there’s a lot of controversy about those things, but I figure it’s worth a shot – and if it still doesn’t cut it, I’ll return the intercooler for $25 and apply it towards the $99 it costs to get my xbox repaired by M$.

I plan on playing some Halo tonight after work (got wifey’s pre-approval) and I’ll let you know next week if the intercooler seemed to help.

135. Fast Follower - March 7, 2008

An intercooler !!! Wow. For xBox? I thought those were used in supercharged automotive engines in the 90s

136. The Most Visited Topic « Pardon the Interaction - March 7, 2008

[…] Xbox Tips. trackback It’s very interesting that the most visited post on this blog ever is the Microsoft Xbox Freezing problem.  This was originally posted about 1 year ago.  Not only is it the most popular topic, but there […]

137. Smith - March 7, 2008

Crazy, I know. There was a lot of controversy about these when they first came out, as the intercooler requires power from the xbox to power itself, which in theory requires more “heat” from the xbox, and some people were saying this resulted in electrical burns on the back of the xbox. From what I understand, NYKO (the company who makes the intercooler) has re-designed the product and reduced/eliminated the side effects. For me, I figure I don’t have much to lose.

I haven’t tried it yet (I’ll be doing that tonight) but I did plug it into the back of the xbox and turn it on to see if it worked. It was a pretty powerful little fan (actually I think it’s 3 fans lined up) but unfortunately kinda noisy, on top of the already surprisingly noisy xbox. It was clearly pumping a lot of air out of the xbox though, so I remain hopeful. I got it for 25 bucks at Target (Best Buy has ’em for the same price) though today I was at my local GameStop and saw they had the same thing for only $20. Here’s a link to the product if you are interested:

When at Target and Best Buy I saw maybe 2 or 3 other companies had created similar products (way to cash in on our misery) but in my opinion the NYKO looked like it was the slickest product – and from what I’ve read online it’s the most popular despite its early reputation.

138. Smith - March 8, 2008

Well it’s now Friday night (after my above post) and there’s good news/bad news. The bad news is the intercooler didn’t seem to solve anything – in fact one could argue it might have made things worse because now my xbox has red-ringed and it not even playable. But therein lies the good news. I was able to call 1-800-4-MY-XBOX and a really nice guy helped me out and said that with the red ring I was under warranty, and he was having a shipping box sent to me within 5 days so I could send it in and they will fix free of charge. This makes me very happy because, in case you haven’t been keeping up with my earlier posts, my xbox is 2 months past the regular 1-year warranty and they wanted me to pay $99 to fix it when it was just the screen freeze with no red ring. So, it took me maybe 2 weeks total to go from intermittent screen freezes to complete red-ring failure. I don’t really think the intercooler played a part (but obviously have no evidence). My suspicion all along has been that it would eventually crap out if I just kept playing it. I’m actually kinda glad it happened sooner rather than later.

So, now I’m going to be playing the Wii for a while as I wait for my xbox to get repaired. I’ll keep updating here on the repair process. Again, I’ll say that the guy on phone support was super cool – he clearly didn’t want to bother me with all the dumb questions that are standard (is it plugged in, etc.) and I actually told him I’d called once before about a screen freeze but halted the repair when told it would cost $99. He said very matter-of-factly that he thinks the policy is bogus and that everyone who’s having freezes should get free repairs, regardless of warranty, but that he was quote “just a low guy on the ladder.”

Amen, brother.

139. orangedude - March 9, 2008

Well my 360 just started freezing this weekend. I tried all the steps in the 360 support forum. So I finally called the support line figuring I would just send it in. This would have been the 3rd time I sent it in. The first two were for the Ring of Death. When they informed me that I would be charged $99, I flipped. Saying “this would be the 3rd time for a clearly defective product..blah..blah” Escalated up to their supervisor more blah, blah…They wouldn’t budge of the $99. So then I searched the net and see this blog. Now my only recourse is to try to get the 3 rings of death to appear to get it repair for free. If this was the first time, I would probably send it in and pay the $99, but this is the 3rd time and it’s been less than a year since I got back from the 2nd servicing. ARGHHH!!!!

140. Fast Follower - March 10, 2008

I’ll repeat what I’ve said here before: There is no fix for this problem!

141. Smith - March 13, 2008

Here’s my latest update (must be therapeutic for me) – I placed the service call for my red-ringed 360 last Friday night (around 10 pm, see post #138). The “coffin” for my 360 arrived at my door yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. I’ve got it boxed up at my desk here at work and plan on dropping it off at the UPS store on my lunch break. I noted that the coffin was shipped from Kentucky, and the service center it’s going to is located in Texas.

I took a few digital photos of the unit and serial number, since who knows what condition it’s going to be in when it gets back to me. And now that I think of it, I should probably take a photo of the address it’s shipping to as well. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress.

142. Fast Follower - March 14, 2008

I like that: “The coffin.”

143. Smith - March 20, 2008

Update #6 by Smith

Here’s how thinks look 1 week after shipping the 360 off for red ring repairs.

As you can see from my above post (#141) I shipped the 360 off via UPS using the free coffin provided by M$ last Thursday. Of course I watched the UPS online tracking status every day (who am I kidding, I probably checked 3-4 times a day while at work) to watch the painfully slow trek from Iowa (where I am) to Texas (where the repair center is).

Tuesday morning the status finally changed to “out for delivery” at 4:15 a.m. I checked throughout the day to see when it would update to “shipped to customer.” Of course I got a sinking feeling in my heart when it never updated. Had they got the thing all the way to TX only to lose it at the last moment? Of course I checked the next morning and saw delivery didn’t occur until 11:45 p.m. Tuesday night, so I guess my 360 got to tour around Mesquite, TX for a whole day before finally getting dropped off. I swear, I worry less about where my kids are at night!

Once I knew the 360 had been delivered to the service center, it was time to change from ups.com to xbox.com/support to track the repair status. That’s one thing I’m thankful for from M$ is they actually let you register your console’s serial # online and you can watch the repair status (in a very basic way of course, but for someone as clearly obsessive as I am it means a lot!) So all day Wednesday I’m refreshing the page only to see “waiting for device at service center.” To make things worse, in the middle of the day I get an email from M$ that says “we have a service order to repair your 360, but we haven’t received the device, are you still planning on sending it?” Ugh. So after more tedious waiting I check back Wednesday night (last night) to see that the status has updated to “received device at service center.” Success! Whew! Well while I’m waiting it’s time to hook up the old PS2 to play God of War 2 which I never finished last year.

Now here’s the ironic part. After all that constant status checking I’m ready for a break, and I presume it’s going to take 2 weeks or so for the repairs to be done so I can just give it a rest. Well I check the status first thing this morning, and it says “device shipped to customer” with a UPS number. I’m not sure how I feel about that! This is the part I expected to take the longest (the web site says repairs can take up to 2 weeks, so of course I presume the worst) but they have it “fixed” in less than 12 hours? I SHOULD be happy that repairs are done and I’ll be getting the 360 back sooner than expected, but my fear is they pushed the power button, it turned on and they said “looks like it works, ship it back!” Hopefully it’s just that this problem is so common they have the repair process down pat and it doesn’t take them very long to do it. Guess we’ll just have to see how it holds up when I get it back.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a package to track…

144. Tell it like it TI is! - March 21, 2008

I agree. Sounds really suspicioius to me. My son didn’t get the same unit back when we sent his. We haven’t had much trouble, but the fact that we had a different machine has caused all sorts of issues with accounts and passwords. MS pretty much told us that there was nothing that they could do about it. My son lost a lot of money.

Maybe the problem is so big that they have given up on the repair option. I wouldn’t be surprised if your new unit was given to the delivery service as soon as they verified that they received yours!

Not sure, but it is fun to speculate!

Just telling it like it is!!!

145. Smith - March 27, 2008

Update #7 by Smith

Yesterday (Wednesday the 26th) I received my refurbished 360 (the serial number matched my old one so they did not replace it). From the time my 360 died of red ring to the time I got it back was 2 weeks, 3 days. Not a terrible turnaround time considering some of the horror stories I’ve heard. Actually the repair center in Texas did a great job, receiving the unit late on one evening and having it back in the mail early the next day.

Overall it took less time than expected, but it kills me to know it could have been even faster if it wasn’t for UPS and their typically stupid routing. For instance, at one point the package was in a city less than 8 miles from the delivery point. It was supposed to be delivered but for reasons unknown they then shipped it to a city about 80 miles away, then to a city about 2 miles away, then didn’t have it to the delivery point at the correct time so nobody was able to sign for it and it went back to the warehouse overnight. (maybe you can guess that I have a bad history with them, and I’m not exactly surprised by the screwup).

Anyway, I finally picked it up yesterday and hooked it up last night. My wife kept referring to last night as “prom night” because I was so happy to have my 360 back. I downloaded some updates (took an excruciating hour to do) then played for about 3 or 4 hours without a hitch.

Also of note, when I shipped my 360 they instructed me to remove everything – hard drive, discs, power cord, and faceplate, all of which I removed. However when I got it back it had a standard white faceplate attached, so I basically got a free one, not that I need it. Also included was a gift card for a free month of Xbox LIVE. Value of that is only about 4 bucks, but since I have an annual subscription to LIVE it does make up for the near month that I paid for and couldn’t use the service, so that’s good.

146. Tell it like it TI is! - April 1, 2008

So far so good….right? Let us know how things go!!!

Just tell it like it is….

147. Smith - April 3, 2008

I’ve had the 360 back from repairs for a week now and so far not a single freeze (knock on wood). I’ve probably played it on 3 or 4 separate nights, generally between 2 and 4 hours at a time. So far so good, I’ll keep you posted.

148. Damian - April 12, 2008

I must congratulate Tell it like it TO is! for at least Qualifying for the longest running post ever, Good work!

149. Tell it like it TI is! - April 13, 2008

I would like to thank a lot of people for this prestigious honor! Thanks so much (wiping tear from my eye)…

But most of all I would like to thank the makers of the XBOX 360…. Microsoft. I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t so diligently denied that there was a problem in the first place, It wouldn’t be possible if you hadn’t set up one of the most cumbersome, time consuming, resolution processes in recent consumer service history! I commend you for extending your warranty coverage so inconspicuously…. pure genius!!!!

Yes, Damian. I dedicate this award to Microsoft who made it all possible.

In the meantime…. I keep telling it like it is!!!!!

150. Pamela - May 11, 2008

Well, I’ve read this entire post from start to finish and I’m pretty sure I’ll wind up having to send our xbox 360 in.

We’ve had our system for just under a year and it’s been working for us without a glitch! My son and I would spend at least 8 hours a day combined playing on it.

Now the trouble has started. It doesn’t matter whether I’m playing COD4 online or he’s playing GTA IV, the freezing has started.

We’ve tried all the suggestions in all of the above posts so we’ll see how it goes.

I want to thank everyone who posted here for all the invaluable information. I’ll keep you all updated to the status of our situation.

151. Pamela - May 11, 2008

Oh and for the record…

PS3 isn’t much better. I bought my son one for christmas. Wouldn’t work that day! Pretty much ruined christmas morning for us. Took it back to Best Buy after the holidays and they replaced it no questions asked. I’m becoming a bit fed up with all the systems these days.

I have my NES and SNES from when I was a teenager and they still work!

152. Smith - May 14, 2008

Smith here – last time I posted was April 3rd (over a month ago) and I’m happy to say that the 360 has been running great since I got it back from service. I’ve been playing pretty regularly every weekend for several hours and have yet to experience a freeze.
Pamela – sounds like your 360 should still be under warranty if you’ve had it less than a year, so I definitely recommend that you send it in. And for what it’s worth, anecdotally the PS3 gets far far fewer complaints when it comes to hardware problems. Still, I’m sorry to hear that it ruined Christmas morning – here’s hoping that first one was a fluke. My PS2 that I bought the day it came out still works like a charm, so Sony must know how to do some things right – though to be fair my day 1 original Xbox has never had a freeze either!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Sony apologist – if I had to pick only 1 system I’d give up my PS3 and Wii in an instant so I could keep my precious 360!

153. Pamela - May 18, 2008

Thank you for your reply Smith. The freezing continued, even after well followed all the trouble shooting steps on the xbox site. Not only was our xbox freezing, there wouldn’t be any lights at all when we turned it on. Sometimes, when it did turn on, it would run for a few minutes then the audio and video would disappear. I

t so happened I had no choice and did end up calling xbox support. I explained to them that I had gone through all the steps on their website which included cleaning out the cache etc. The person I spoke to was actually very helpful and friendly and luckily spoke pretty good english (which was great since I had a horrible experience with xbox live support in the past).

And yes, to my delight my 360 is still under warranty, but the icing on the cake is the one year warranty expires May 26 so I called them just in time!

Nonetheless, the “coffin” is on it’s way and I’m crying over the temporary loss of my 360 already.

However since I’m such a pathetic Call of Duty 4 addict, I went out and bought a used copy for my PS3. It’s not the same but at least I can get my COD FIX!

I will everyone updated! Thanks again for this amazingly helpful thread!

154. Tell it like it TI is! - May 19, 2008

I really like the fact that this post has helped so many, but the original post was written on March 21, 2007 and the issue still remains. Am I the only one that wonders why we all take so much from MS? Isn’t that amazing?? What other product would you put up with such nonsense, excuses, and lies??? It always amazes me how much MS gets away with!!!

Just telling it like it is….

155. Oxalis - May 25, 2008

Hello, I’ve just recently starting having the same problem (freezing with no lights). I tried tooons of fixes. Pinching cord fix, 720p fix, wiping hard drive clean, performing maintenance, it was originally in horizontal (my first one wasn’t at first but I had heard about a disc scratching problem should it get tilted or knocked over on accident so I quicky changed it), tried cleaning out the brick to make sure there wasn’t any dust or anything clogging it’s fan, downloaded the update, plugged it into the wall and not a surge protector (I heard about the built in surge protector and that if you plug it into a strip or another protector you can cause the 360 to not get enough juice!), putting it in an open area, same goes for the power brick, tried it with completely different cords, hard drives, and at a completely different house with different controllers, so it HAS to be the xbox 360 itself. Not sure what’s going on, I bought it used so I’m returning it to the seller for a refund after he “tests” it. This is my second 360, the first one was freezing at the boot and then had the RROD. Apparently the previous owner had tampered with the darn thing so I couldn’t get it repaired my MS, luckily I had bought an eBay warranty and had gotten my money back. It’s strange though. Between the two 360s it would play all of my games great until I popped in Bioshock. Then it would freeze, and every single game I tried to play after that froze too. The 360 tends to freeze anywhere from 5 minutes, to 2 hours into game play. I’d rather not deal with another RROD so I’ve been trying to avoid playing it, as the first RROD I had caused alot of frustration and crappy customer service. I find it a bit annoying that you have to go a month or more without your xbox until they finally fix it! So, after this guy “tests” and confirms that the 360 is busted, he is going to send me another one that I’m hoping will actually work. I’ll keep you guys updated.

156. Oxalis - May 25, 2008

Apparently one of his employees wasnt testing the 360s before they were sent and mine was the 5th out of 7 sent out with a freezing problem, so into a the Cardboard Coffin it goes and and new one is on it’s way ^_^

157. john - May 30, 2008

Well, i didnt take the time to read all of those, but, how is it unacceptable that your son has to turn it off for a little while to cool down? I mean yeah, the 360 isn’t the finest piece of technology on the market, but what is your kid doing in front of a tv for that long? use the time it takes to cool off and do chore or exercise or something. Christ.

158. Tell it like it TI is! - May 31, 2008

I think the point is that you HAVE to turn it off for a while. Why do we continue to give Microsoft a pass on this?? Its as if consumers are saying that it is OK to screw us… if you are Microsoft!!! I find the phenomenon more interesting than the actual product concern. Has MS created a presence in our lives so impactful that we are fearful of fighting back?? What other company could produce a product with a known issue, not fix it, and offer no resolve for the customers other than… live with it??? If this were a car, washing machine, or coffee maker would this be acceptable?

Just telling it like it is…

159. Smith - June 2, 2008

John, in 150+ posts this thread has managed to stay pretty much on topic, so this is no time for a derailment (not that I get the impression you’ve got this site bookmarked and are going to be checking in again anytime soon). The topic isn’t about parenting styles, it’s about the fighting the good fight. We’re just trying to help each other out by sharing our experiences – what works, what doesn’t work, and why is this happening in the first place?

The OP stated that Xbox started freezing after about an hour of playing. Is that really such an alarming number? My Xbox would start freezing after just 5 minutes, sometimes less. Am I supposed to be glad because that gives me more time to get some exercise? What if my bowflex started locking up after half an hour of use – does that mean it’s time to go play videogames?

Alright, enough of the “troller’s logic.” I actually just checked in to say that mine is still running okay, but did have one random freeze the other weekend (this is after sending in for repairs once). Seems to be an isolated incident for now, but certainly doesn’t bode well for the long-term. Obviously if we’ve gone this long with no definitive fix or reimbursement from Microsoft (aside from the extended warranty that technically doesn’t cover the issue we’re having in this thread), we’re never getting one for this generation of hardware. Just have to do what it takes to get the thing fixed and otherwise live with being burned.

160. Pamela - June 7, 2008

Good news, well sort of. I received my “coffin” on May 29, 2008 and received a “replacement” console on June 3, 2008. Basically MS explained that it was more beneficial for me if a replacement was sent. I did inquire if the console I would be receiving would be refurbished or new. The CSR said it would be whatever they had available at the shipping centre but assured me it would be in excellent condition.

It was and we have been playing it without any problems. For the most part I’m very happy with the service I received from MS and the quick turnover.

I can’t say I’m satisfied with the xbox 360. I still have that fear in the back of my mind that history will repeat itself with this console. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

I honestly feel something should be done by MS to permanently fix all the issues surrounding the 360. I’ve heard people with “elite” editions having trouble. Maybe the next generation will be error / problem free.

I’ll post any problems I may experience with our “new” console. Good luck fellow 360 owners!

161. Gabriel - June 8, 2008

Are there any stories of 360 owners who have had their system for months (or years) with zero problems? I believe the problem is that Microsoft has created a product in a competitive hurry that is, in essence, flawed. That’s just my opinion, but it is my money they’re living on; I bought one and it started the “beep–freeze” recently.

162. Smith - June 11, 2008

Just thought I’d share some possible insight about the problems with the 360. I pulled this from TeamXbox.com (posted today, 6-11-08) but several gaming news sites are publishing the article. I post this here for informational purposes, unfortunately it won’t do anything to fix our ailing machines.


EETimes has the scoop on a comment made by an analyst at the Design Automation Conference, where it was claimed that the reason for the three flashing red lights technical problem that affected the Xbox 360 was the consequence of using a GPU designed by Microsoft without using a company that specializes in ASIC design.

EETimes quotes Bryan Lewis, research vice president and chief analyst at Gartner:

The Xbox 360 recall a year ago happened because “Microsoft wanted to avoid an ASIC vendor,” said Lewis. Microsoft designed the graphic chip on its own, cut a traditional ASIC vendor out of the process and went straight to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd., he explained.

An ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) vendor is a company that designs integrated circuits created solely for a particular use. In the case of the Xbox 360 GPU, it is not a standard part that other companies use, but instead is it a chip designed solely for the Xbox 360 system.

Lewis explained that this attempt to save money turned out to be a huge mistake for Microsoft and if the company would have used an ASIC vendor from the beginning, it could have avoided the “Red Ring of Death” (“RROD”)

But in the end, by going cheap–hoping to save tens of millions of dollars in ASIC design costs, Microsoft ended up paying more than $1 billion for its Xbox 360 recall.

To fix the problem, Microsoft went back to an unnamed ASIC vendor based in the United States and redesigned the chip, Lewis added. (Based on a previous report, the ASIC vendor is most likely the former ATI Technologies, now part of AMD.)

Asked the moral of the story, Lewis said: “Had Microsoft left the graphics processor design to an ASIC vendor in the first place, would they have been able to avoid this problem?

“Probably. The ASIC vendor could have been able to design a graphics processor that dissipates much less power.”

Unfortunately, Microsoft has never provided details on the causes of the “Red Ring of Death” (“RROD”), so there’s no way to check the veracity of these claims.

163. Fast Follower - June 12, 2008

Smith, here’s another report on Silicon Alley Insider that backs up your claim about MS cutting corners in the 360 design to save a few pennies.

164. Tell it like it TI is! - June 13, 2008

Save a few pennies??? What a concept. I wish I could have saved 40,000 of mine!!!!

Just telling it like it is…

165. Jesse - June 13, 2008

Myn makes a really loud ound when I play any game

166. forrest - June 16, 2008

it wont play it will loud dut right be for u move it will freeze

167. Alfred Addy - June 20, 2008

okay the xbox 360 is a good system good games and nice internet service but its just not worth it with all its issues i gave up on it after i had the red rings of death 3 times the PS3 internet is alright and is about to get better with the ihome and 2008 and 2009 are Sony’s year they have better games out and the PS3 is only 400 xbox 360 is 350 so 50 bucks for a 350 dollar blu-ray player so ur choice but the PS3 failure rating is less than 1% xbox 360 33% for red rings alone and a freakin 42% failure rate for everything else.

168. Alfred Addy - June 20, 2008

and also to fix your freeze problem try clearing everything on your hard drive take out all attachment plug them back in if u have a memory card don’t use it and don’t play online for a while u might also need to make a new gamercard and avoid updates they mess with your system this solution worked for me for about 3 months untill RROD.-and correction PS3 failure rating 0.2%

169. ave - June 23, 2008

today i was playing the xbox360 three red lights was flashing i looked on the internet for some soulutions to fix it and it said wrap 2 towels over it and take out the hard drive and turn the console on without the game on then leave it on for 25 min. then it worked. so i started to play then it freezed. i was pissed off and saltey so i turned it off and on and started to play again and it freezed so i keeped on repeting the things i was doing over and over again and i just gave up so i i waited for like 30 or 45 min and no freezez came upon the game.and it freezed again so i started over and for all the time i was playing there was no freezez.

170. ave - June 23, 2008

sorry i maid a mistack on one thing i wrote i ment turn the console on without the game in.

171. ave - June 23, 2008

xbox 360’s are a peice of crap theres no complaint of ps3 my ps3 never freezes its perfictly fine but the xbox 360 is not going so well i havent been playing for 2 monthes i was goin crazy.and it started working today a little bit like every every hour and 30 min it freezes. isn’s that some bull s#%t. and i like there graphics there awsome. sike naw i wouldnt really say awsome

172. Joseph - June 23, 2008

I have had my Xbox 360 for 3 months and 3 day ago it started freezing to when i play online i can play through the whole game till the scoreboard come up thats when it freezes on mine i have to turn it of and turn it back on everytime i thought it was a over heating problem so i went and bought a intercooler for it still freezes so i put it in front of the aircondistioner still freezes so im sending my into ms let u no how it turns out

173. john - June 28, 2008

dont listen to the stupid people who say that they havent had problems with xbox customer service, they are con artist pricks
your not getting your system fixed unless you pay more money dont you people learn by now

174. Jerry - June 29, 2008

I don’t play xbox 360 that much, last game played was Rainbow Six #2 and it worked fine. I splurged and bought a two new games, Conflict Denied Ops and GTA IV. Put in either game and the console suddenly freezes. It will play the little game montages, but that’s it. Go to game play and just freezes. Never happened before and the funny thing is, I can go back and put in RB6 2 and it works, WTF! This sucks, don’t know if it’s the games or the console, Pisses me off though, glad I spent money on two f-ing games I can’t even play.

175. BMaxSkywalker - July 1, 2008

I purchased my XBOX 360 in February of 2008 and it worked great until about a week ago. I updated my GTA IV (Not saying it caused the problem I am just letting you know what happened) and it froze in the middle of the game about 3 hours later. I tried all the quick fixes and decided to send it in for repairs. I received my box to ship it to microsoft today and sent it out promptly. I am awaiting its return and I am sure it will work fine. And to the John guy, yes it is free, so that kinda makes you the stupid person but I digress.

For the record my brother and I waited in line for his on the launch day and he and his kids have played it ever since with no problems at all.

176. Tell it like it TI is! - July 2, 2008

My son hasn’t had a freeze in quite a while (though he was on punishment near the end of the school year!). Not sure if the issue has been fixed or not. He mentioned that he hasn’t been on the internet play for a while, though.

Seems like things are working… finally.

Just telling it like it is……..

177. Grr! - July 5, 2008

I have the same problem as somebody else I saw in the comments, The screen freezes and the pixels go funny, thenall the lights are normal, the disk ejects and it still whirrs away like it does when I play it. Thats Microsoft screwing everything up as usual…

178. thomas - July 8, 2008

I got that freezing problem with my 360 it happens when playing GTA IV, Saints Row or Test Drive Unlimited, It’s becoming really annoying. It starts playing up after about 30 mins to 1 hour of play. Never had a prob with any other console.

179. MADMaN - July 10, 2008

Try letting your console breath.

Bring it out from the hot box you have it in and sit it upright.
As soon as you do this you can feel that the box is no were near as hot as it was in the Tv cabinet.

Also bring the power pack up off the floor and out from behind the cabinet. Find a place were you can have it free from walls and carpet.

What you are getting are warning signs, if you continue to overheat your console it will die the read “ring of death” and you dont want that.

Think of the freeze as your car temp gauge.

It sits at operating temp all day every day.

Summer comes along and the windows go up and the air-con goes on.

The temp gauge rises up to hot!!!! you stop wait for it to cool down then you drive off again, only to have the temp gauge rise back up to hot.

Do you keep driving the car with this problem or check you cooling system???




(use to own a SONY…….now I own a 360……GO FIGURE?)

180. MADMaN - July 10, 2008

I forgot to say that there is a cache clear for the hardrive you can do.

Try this site



181. dj - July 10, 2008

ok wat i did was look on youtube then some kid got my attion so i looked at the video all u need to do is give the top ov it 3 good smacks and it works

182. Tell it like it TI is! - July 13, 2008

It is clear that Microsoft simply expects to ride this out. This has to be one of the longest running posts! They are probably going to fix the issue, rebadge the unit and call it the XBOX 660 or something, add a few features, and try to sell us the new unit!!! Coming to you sometime around the Holiday Season!!! Folks will stand in line waiting for them to arrive, and we will soon forget that the previous version never really delivered!!!

Just telling it like it is. Very dissappointed in MS on this one.

183. jasonccccccc66 - July 14, 2008

myxbox 360 frezz but i found out why the 2 main chips that are coverd by the heat sinks. the mother bored is bent so all you have to do is get 8 woshers that will fit in betwen the heatsinks and the clamps and the bored will bend back and you should after doing that and potting the case on you need to un plug the fan and leve it on for 5 min and then leve it to cool down for about 15 min and it should work goodluck if that dose not work go on (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw5hcMQwGUw) it will show you how to do it with in 1 hour

184. Tell it like it TI is! - July 14, 2008

WOW!!! Is this what it has come to??? PTIers, let us know how this fix works.

Just telling it like it is….

185. michael - July 16, 2008

i tried fixing it from the suggestions on this page and now i got the fucking rings of death. ow well it was freezing within 20 seconds of turning it on anyway and now they fix it for free

186. michael - July 16, 2008

im just about to send it away now the number to call for australians is 1800 555 741. and im apparently still under warranty even thou i bought no extra warrenty things and ive had it for over a year.

187. Cindy - July 18, 2008

We bought our XBOX in Feb. 2008. Worked great the first few months. About a month ago we were getting disk read errors quite reguarly. We called the support line and they had us send it in. We sent it off on July 7th, 2008. It only took about a week and a half to get it back, but wasn’t our original unit. We received the replacement unit back on Tuesday, July 15, 2008. But much to our surprise we are already having the screen freezing issue. We once again called the support line and was told to SEND IT IN AGAIN!!!!! It is getting a little dissapointing, not being able to play our favorite game. So GUESS what we are doing tomorrow???? Your RIGHT sending it off for the second time in 1 month. So let’s see what happens from here. Just thought that I would fill you all in on our XBOX story. Will keep you all updated on what happens NEXT.

188. Dave - July 19, 2008

After reading this whole thread, and listening to a very disapointed 10yr old, go through crying fits, while we work together, trying all the suggested tricks, to fix the hanging GPU problem, both of us have come to the end of the road. We smashed the box it is dead really dead and it felt good. We have had problems for over a month now and his box finally gave him the red ring of death this morning. It would not come back to operational using all the tricks. Microsoft has done each of us wrong on this one like so many other MS products we deal with daily.
Microsoft has hurt our children and taught them a hard lesson that in the end will bite Microsoft in the wallet. We can all take that to the bank. This should be a positive learning experience for our children.
These kids will be the IT directors of the future and will be making the purchasing decisions for large corporations and their own families and bussinesses.
That in itself is the best revenge a frustrated father can hope for.
Being an IT director myself and certified in many MS Apps I can say I have been pushing freeware based Linux for many years now.
In my world the blue screen of death only brings to heart what my son is feeling when he see’s the Red ring of death.
I have learned the hard way that MS makes money selling us flawed solutions (licensed) and home entertainment products and we keep coming back hoping the next version will be better than the last.
Its like the chicken who’s eggs get taken and she keeps laying more and more and they keep getting taken. That chicken never learns and ends up dog food for her efforts. MS is taking our money in much the same way.
Microsoft has a bussiness model that is built around the notion that we will keep buying their products if they build in an upgrade path so they can offer us continual solutions. Bill Gates was a very smart man he knew for sustained success he would need to leave a hole somewhere to patch. Bill also knew his customers are the cheapest QA department he could ask for. I have always found it funny when products get sent out in alpha and beta build. They plug the obvious holes and we the consumer are left to QA the shipped revision and they release a service pack in our honor. Funny I missed the service pack for the xbox.
Remember for this to mentality to be changed we need to mentor our children and teach that it does not have to be this way. Customer satisfaction does not end at the loading dock. It start at the point of purchase in the form of honest support and standing behind your products.
Quality is built in not added in the field or over the phone.
If something got out the door that was flawed fix it no excuses you built it you own it.
Not sure what we will do. My sons whole little league team plays “exbox” live on Saturday morning. It has replaced cartoons for his generation. (sorry popeye).
Maybe we will go look at a new elite today. Yeah I said it hair of the dog.

189. Tell it like it TI is! - July 21, 2008

Very insightful. I agree with all of your points. You are correct, the Giant will fall one day and then come crawling back to its customers looking for pity. Take a look at one of the largest companies in the world…based in Detroit…that stopped listening for a decade or two… with a stock price under 10 bucks!!

My son and I found a great short term resolution to the issue, however. Last Friday we went out and bought a Wii system!! So far so good! Gotta go play Smash Brothers… See ya!

Just telling it like it is!!1

190. Bloodthirst - July 26, 2008

u guys should put something helpful on here rather than complain about yer xbox, mine freezes and i came on here to figure out how to keep it running, not to here u guys complain!!!

191. Dave - July 27, 2008

From what I have found out from friends… If you have a 1st generation exbox 360 the fix is get a new exbox.
If you have a 2nd generation exbox 360 just keep sending it in when it breaks.
Supposedly the new 3rd generation exbox 360 has upgraded cooling fans and a better GPU and firmware fixes.
Those are your chocies there is no magic bullet sorry.
Depending on the system you have you need to Jump into the 360 loop that fits your situation.
Best buy has marked all the systems $50 down to $299 for the console system bundle and they are selling third gen systems.
We bought one and it is working fine for now!

192. Ben - July 29, 2008

Wow…. now this is a long thread. First of, i would like to thank Smith, your sucsess story in this sea of dead ends has given me a flicker of hope that my own freezing problems will be fixed.

Now for my own story.

In September, i will be starting a degree in Computer Game Design, and after years of only playing PC gaming, i thought it would be a good idea for me to buy a console to take with me to Uni. I thought over for a while which console to get and decided on a 360, as opposed to the PS3 (which, to be honest, on a students budget, i really just couldn’t justify the costs) or the Wii (my friends brother knocked him out with the controller while playing Wii tennis…. as funny as it was at the time, i think that motion controlled gaming is still in its infancy and that the Wii 2 might be better value for money)

anyways, after a short wait, my 360 arrived and the fist problem was a rather basic one… the controller that came with the console had a rechargeable battery pack instead of the default pack which comes with AA battery’s, for a few seconds i thought “Great! no messing about with battery’s every few days…” but then… realisation dawned and it occoured to me that i didn’t have a power cable to go with the rechargeable pack.

A little irritated but determined to actually play my console today, i trecked into the nearest gaming store (about 30 miles away) to buy a lead and after a 3 hour round trip i finally got home and powered up.

( a little off topic again but i was checking the price of extra controllers and i cant seam to find them for less than £34, i mean, seriously? thats a ludicrous price for something which is in essence a glorified remote control… anyway, i digress..)

Now to my freezing problem, lets start out by sating that i know for sure that it is not a heat problem, after a little tweaking ive hooked up the liquid nitrogen cooling system i have in one of my PC’s up to the console and power supply so im certain that they are cool enough.

the actual freezing itself comes almost exactly 2 hours in, ive timed it each time and ive tried every fix this page has suggested with no avail, I guess all that is left is to send it in for repairs.

I guess the real message i want to send out is to everyone who has posted on this thread, your responses have given me hope, made me laugh and all in all, made me feel a little better about having just spent £200 on a console that doesn’t even work properly. So Thank you.

Lets all hope that X box 3 is a little more reliable!

193. Tell it like it TI is! - July 30, 2008

Fist off a comment for Bloodthirst (comment 190)…
Don’t come down on your fellow PTIers. Like so many consumers we don’t put the blame in the right place. Its not up to PTIers to come up with the fix, we need to continue to blast Microsoft!!! They are the culprits, not us. They are the ones that should be helping us. One purpose that this post has accomplished is that it let’s the individuals in a community know that they are not in an isolated situation… this is the first step to accumulating momentum and getting something done.

Continuing to tell it like it is!!!!

Just telling it like it is.

194. Tell it like it TI is! - July 30, 2008

Brought a tear to my eyes… Keep hope alive!!!

Keep telling it like it is!!!

195. AmandaSamarin - August 9, 2008

I’ve received my xbox as an xmas gift last year (07), it was probably purchased a few months before hand. I can say that i am a fairly hardcore gamer and spend most of my time off of work with a video game on (be it wii, ds, ps2 or xbox). I’ve never had a problem with it, a few freezes playing the original fable and once while playing bioshock. Turn it off, turn it on…all better. But tonight, while playing mass effect, the game freezes on me. Try the off on routine several times, but the situation doesn’t resolve. My original thought was that there was a problem with the game (i bought it used). So i tried several others, same problem. Now i cant even get past the intro screen. At one point i did get the three red lights, so this guy is being sent back asap.

Just a question to those who have had thier systems “fixed”…do you actually get the same one back, with repair done or do they just send a new one? My concern is for my save files…now if i lost those i would be mad.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the process

196. JIm - August 19, 2008

My former xbox, the 1st gen was a peice of shit! it was a jigger box of issues.i won’t even waste my time explaining how problematic that stupid thing was. so now we buy a 340, and 3 mths into it and it freezes up constantly. and now tonight, it just decided to stop working entirely. it doesn’t boot up at all. it just has a pretty flashing red light surrounding the power buttone. it’s a pretty expensive paper weight now. these 360 suck! a friend at work was telling me that he here’s nothing but complaints from folks who own them and that is why he is a die hard playstation fan. I pissed!

197. JIm - August 19, 2008

i meant to say 360, not 340. and I’m pissed, not I pissed. I’m not jamaican. i’m from new jersey 🙂

198. JIm - August 19, 2008

ti forgot to mention that the 1st gen i had i wound up using as a dvd player. and after a while, that stopped working too. the picture would fade in and out in color. it was a real peice of shit. and now my 360 took a dump on me tonight. man i am realy upset with this product. Fuk gaming. Fuk the xbox!

199. Bryan - August 21, 2008

hey. I have had my 360 for about 6 months, and today i decided to play it (after not playin it for a few days) and it went “beep” and froze. i turned it off, waited a few seconds, turned it bak on and got 3 red bars. Now everytime i turn it on to play, i get the “beep” and freeze…. only after playing the game for about 1 minute, litterally. anyt help for this, im in okinawa japan… Marine corp, so it will be a problem sending it in. HELP ME!!!!!

200. Tammy - August 21, 2008

My son`s 360 just tonight started to freeze, I called microsoft and they told me they were sending me free lables through my e-mail to send the machine to them, that I had to get my own box. And that it would take them about 2-3 weeks. I asked I was going to get someone else`s problem 360, the lady said “Ummm no we will send a refurbished one that hasnt been in a store yet”. As long as I get one that works I guess thats all that counts. Also they said when you have the three red lights blinking, it is a console problem not a hard drive problem.

201. Tell it like it TI is! - August 23, 2008

Wow!! Looking at the initial post… we started this one in March of 2007. MS you have really let us down on this. Still not fixing the issue.

BTW, big ups to Tammy. You have the 200th comment!!

Keep telling it like it is.

202. B. Kelley - August 25, 2008

Here recently I have been having the problem of my screen freezing.. and it doesnt unfreeze at all.. This is the third 360 ive had.. returned the first one due to it was a store return, sent in the second one for not reading discs and making funning noises.. and now i may have to do the same for the freezing issue.. this is rediculous. Should have went with the PS3 now that i think about it.. but ya know.. ima fan of the 360.

Theres got to be a way to fix the issue.. cause its me and my room mate that are having the problem.. same console of course but ya know.. we both play for different lengths of time.. and it freezes at the most inconvenient times.. just starting to piss me off..

203. jes8 - September 1, 2008

I’m very disheartened reading this post. I purchased a slightly used xbox 360 off ebay for my son. We’ve had it about two weeks and it has started to freeze. We have had it vertical in our tv cabinet, so I am going to take it out and set it on an open shelf to see if that helps first. But my question is, since I bought it on ebay, and was not the original purchaser, will that affect my being able to send it back to MS for a replacement/repair?

BTW, just to be fair. MS is not the only company that rolls products out with bugs. I had a DirecTV DVR for about a year and it was HORRIBLE. Imagine your frustration when a game locks up. Now imagine the frustration when you’re watching a show THAT DOESN’T COME BACK ON AGAIN and your box loses it’s mind 5 minutes before the end. I did have a wonderful experience with customer service, and the guy said it was a big problem, and sent me a new box (with the bug fixed, apparently, as I’ve had no problems with the current box). I agree with you, Tell It, that this shouldn’t be an issue at all, but hopefully the customer service will pick up the slack the designers have dropped the ball on.

204. Tammy - September 2, 2008

Just call MS and tell them that the product is freezing, you will have to have the red lights flashing most likely to get them to help. They will ask for the serial number of the machine and go from there. They will fix the problem as long as the red lights are flashing. Tammy

205. Mom of 3 gamers - September 2, 2008

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tried the 720p/1080p suggestion and it WORKED!!!!!!!! We had our 360 sitting in a box for 2 years not being used because we didn’t know how to fix the freezing problem. (Which was not an overheating problem because we only got through the main menu before it would freeze.) I can’t believe it. The console was ready for the dump cause we weren’t going to pay another $100 to fix it. When we went into the settings it was set on 480. That seems like an easy way for MS to make an extra $100 off of us. Since they could easily put this info on their website to help their customers from encruing extra expense just to use their product ! Thanks again Dennis. I am so happy I could jump up and down. YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

206. Tell it like it TI is! - September 2, 2008

Can this be true?? Have we found a solution? This topic was posted in March of 2007 and has gotten significant traffic every day! A lot of frustration, but have our PTIers found out the issue? Let us know, Mom, if this truly resolves the issue. Maybe MS should be calling us!!!

Just telling it like it is…

207. ADAM - September 9, 2008

I also shipped in my xbox 360 into microsoft and they told me that they have such a high demand for the 360 that they needed to have 3 different manufacturers handle their dvd rom drive assembly…..the rep told me that it seems to be that one of the companies who mad the dvd drives isnt up to par with the requirement of the system….so theoretically if 3 million copies of the xbox 360 were made…and 1 out of the 3 companies messed up (1/3) 1 million xbox 360’s should be malfunctioning….a HUGE problem….i sent my in before the masses and then there is no telling how long it would take so my suggestion is to send it now dont wait to see “if” they could solve it some other way just spend the week or 2 with out your precious xbox to ensure its working condition because they can only fix it before your 90 day warranty runs out…..

208. Tammy - September 10, 2008

My son just got his 360 back Monday from the freezing problem, they did fix his machine I checked his serial number and it was the same as before. It took the length of time they said, and so far it is working great. They gave him a month online card also. Tammy

209. Tell it like it TI is! - September 10, 2008

Tammy? Could it be? Is MS FINALLY fessing up and admitting they have a problem? Do they FINALLY know how to fix the issue? More importantly, have they learned how to treat their loyal customers? Only time will tell. I am not totally convince yet, but maybe 19 months of enduring this is the time they needed to correct it.

PLEASE check in from time to time and let us know if this truly resolves your issue!!!

Just keep telling it like it is….

210. Kriss - September 11, 2008

Hi everyone my xbox 360 started freezing recently i bought it last yr July i think and guess what im in Jamaica now so I don’t no how to send it to Microsoft. I have 3 red rings now i use to be able to get into the menu even boot up a demo and play but now its just red rings.Also whenever i turn it on i get a weird sound coming from the disk drive so i guess my xbox is suffering from all the symptoms you guys have.
Btw this is the first time it started freezing i was wondering if i should wait until the November update comes then try to download it and see if it would fix it or beat myself in the head for not buying the ps3 lol.
Whatever the case im not returning to the states until next summer so what do i do , ill give microsoft a call now and keep you posted. ciao

211. doug - September 13, 2008

wow the first time i got red rings was about a year ago and at the time we had two 360s. the 1st (mine) got RROD and withen 36 hours my back up (my brothers) got it as well. now i once again have rrod on the new xbox THEY SENT ME. its been out for about a week. and ive been using my friends and this morning freezing issue got worse up to the point where i now have rrod for the 4th time all on differnt consoles. very dissapointing. my other friend also recently got a red ring (one) the dreded E74 error. they wont fix it unles he pays money. hes going to go ot and buy a new xbox instead of sending it in. he knew that im very skilled with technology (i hack things like ipods phones and computers, make them faster and i mod…..im 16) and he said i can open it up and work my magic if i wanted to. i told him id be happy to work on his xbox and that if i do get it to work then he can take his new one back to the store. lol if i remember this post then maybe ill come back and tell you all how it went and weather or not it worked. now i gotta go ork on my sanish 1 HW so later.

212. Chris - September 23, 2008

I have freezing issues also, but it tends to only be on certain games. Some games play very well with no freezes and others, you can’t make it through to the next level – expecially sucks when you dealing with check points. For example, Gears of War, Saints Row, GTA4, Bad Company – all freeze up within the first level, but I can play Bioshock, Frontlines: Fuel of War and Assasins Creed without any freezes at all.

A lot of the above mentioned games that froze, I returned and got multiple copies, but they still froze. I really frustrated!!!!

213. Luis Guimaraes - September 30, 2008

I have the same problem, and just after 3 weeks playing Xbox 360. The manufactur date is: 04/13/08 its a Falcon with the BenQ drive…

I have tried etherthing!

1 – removed the HDD Drive, and tried to played. Is seemed to worked well, no freezes after 3 hours

2 – so I´ve deleted all the game saves, Ive played again, but it frozen up again

3 – So I´ve formatted the HDD drive, but it frozen up again

4 – So Ive played without HDD, it has frozen up again

5 – I´ve cleaned with a vacuum cleaner the console and the power supply, and had suspended, it in a box. And guess what? IT HAS FROZEN UP AGAIN!

Im pretty sure we all have this problem:

And you are saying, send it to the microsoft. But I live in Brazil, and I bought this console in the US. So How can I send it to the support?

I will send it to a technician here in Brazil, solving the problem I will post here!


214. David - September 30, 2008

my xbox keeps freezing and i dont want to have to send it back…i can play for like 5 min. and it freezes so i turn it off and back on and i get the 3 red rings…what can i do HELP!

215. aAustiNn - October 5, 2008

Mine freezes aswell but it used to be an over heating thing but now every time i put a game in or turn it on 5 seconds later it freezes.

Im thinking of going to gamestop and get maintanents

216. aAustiNn - October 5, 2008

oops just figured out it could be a network problem i have a wirless connector and i unpluged that and ots working fine

217. matt - October 7, 2008

Smash it up and buy a ps3 or nintendo,
every xbox 360 console made has to be sent back to microsoft,
they didnt make them tidy. dont waste your time buying a new xbox aswell it will have problems in a few days of playing.

218. Gamerz - October 11, 2008

The error indicate a general hardware problem. There is a website that provide a step by step procedure on how to repair it but you have to pay, damn! Mine start showing the three death ring. sometimes its manage to get to dashboard, sometimes its freeze even before getting to dash board and sometimes the damn red ring appear. They said it is because of the GPU is overheating or loose… I want my money back!!!!

219. ronald guardino - October 16, 2008

My games keep freezing when i start to play them. I tried to fix it by trying everything i can possibly do. If there is any advice please tell me.

220. Tell it like it TI is! - October 16, 2008

This is, by far, one of our oldest and longest posts! So far no solution has been discovered that is permenant. There are several things that seem to give longer playing time, but there doesn’t seem to be an acknowledgement of an issue from MS, let alone a solution from them.

Just telling it like it is…

221. Adam - October 20, 2008

Has It been like a year sence This post.. My xbox Broke Forgot how xD But… I just took it back to walmart no questions gave me a new one and new guitar hero =) About a year ago. Just today It froze and froze and froze… I check every hour or so. I blew it out…. a week ago last while just started problems.. But i play xbox live name:Halftraxx Just to say. Im Mlg halo player and mad that This happen anyways… Im gonna wait a day or so then try Walmart or Microsoft i will Tell you results soon. Nice post Tell it like Ti is.

222. Adam - October 20, 2008

Also… These are most perferrd.

1. Blow Out Your xbox console and Other accecories.
2. Check THe disk.
3.Call Microsoft just to ask at least.
4.Turn it off for a while for at least few hours.
Many More But i would Perferr these
@(^.^)@ =O Good Luck even For me Post soon Everyone.

223. bronwyn - October 22, 2008

my 360 freezes up after 5 min. and its been in a closet for about eight months. who do I call and where do I send it?

224. Adam - October 25, 2008

Bronwyn Call 1-800-4myxbox
Also Everyone i sent my xbox in and i will tell u results in 2-2 1/2 weeks. I will check up on the post every day or so if i can.

225. Gastric-juice - October 26, 2008

Yea im on my 6th xbox the third time i sent mine in microsoft gave me a lifetime warranty and a cooling unit that plugs into the xbox lot of good it does as iv sent it in 6 times now and agin it died and no its not in a corner or cabnet with clothes on it its on clear table with the power unit siting on a home made woodblock with no center (resembling an open box) so no reason it should overheat and no i dont go on marathons or 24 hr periods of playing a few hours a week at most so yea xbox = Pos

226. Adam - October 30, 2008

Hey juice that must su(k But at least ur getting free stuff Im getting my xbox back in less then 2weeks but still awhile cya.

227. Sammy Mitchell - October 31, 2008

hi my bf lend me his xbox 360 since he went away fro awhile. I turned the xbox on and shut it off with the xbox button thats on the systems its self (not the controller). so when he took it home tonight he told me that it turns on freezes and then shuts off. what should i do to hel! @ my house the xbox didnt act that way!?!?!?! HELP ME PLZ THX!! ^_^

228. Shawn - November 8, 2008

My crappy xbox keeps on freezing and its always the games i get from somewhere. One was gears of war 2 from block buster and one was from gamefly. It freezes in the game and while in dashboard and before dashboard!!! Xbox is so cheap on making it break like that there wasnt a complaint about ps3. Some $350 right there.

229. Shawn - November 8, 2008

The first time my xbox broke it took them 1 month to say they cant fix it and another 2 weeks to sent it right in!!! the second time they gave me a free video game and took 2 weeks. I better not make it a third time to sent it back after all the games i have and will get.

230. Jared - November 10, 2008

OMG… i have read just about every freakin blog entry… and all mine is doing is just freezing randomly. I do not want to send this thing in again. Somebody please.. please im asking all geeks to unite and find a solution for this freezeing bullcrap. I am going threw withdrawls here haha! I am seriously thinking about takeing this thing to a shooting range and blasting it, and just waiting for a better and more secure xbox to come out. Which i highly doubt that MS will get off there lazy A#$%$ and make a better model… does anyone fell the way i do?


231. Dan - November 12, 2008

I got the same exact thing last week. It was freezing after about 10 minutes of gameplay. This happened on Friday and I didn’t play it ’til today and i played for about an hour with no problems.

232. Dan - November 13, 2008

Nevermind it’s freezing again.

233. E.G. - November 17, 2008

Mine just started doing the same thing – 2nd one going back to Microsoft. Truly….speechless….

234. E.G. - November 17, 2008
235. Rigamortas420 - November 17, 2008

september i send my first xbox 360 in for three red lights, got it back month later thought it was fixed until i tried to get online and the ethernet port was screwed on it sent that one in 3 weeks later i got this one and now this one has been freezing up only with a week worth of play on it since gears of war has come out now i gotta send it back not really happy…

236. Columbus Ga Resident - November 18, 2008

I got on here because my xbox 360 has been freezing. For those of you who say you get a hour or two before it freezes count your blessings. My xbox 360 will not play at all past the loading screen of any game nor will it play any dvd after the main menu screen. I have tried every trouble shooting techinque available that involves not taking the x box apart so that i dont void the warranty. I called microsoft and I have to say they worked well with me. I do have to admit I have not played the thing in months. If i was actively gaming I would be a little more mad but since this occured around april than I am not that mad about the time it will take to get it back. Now time will only tell what happens to my view of mircosoft but so far so good. The only thing i am mad about is basically I have lost my money for the x box live(i signed for a yr) but oh well. I am moving back in with my mom for the next five months(still in college and she lives close) and I am really excited about playing on her new 47 inch flat panel tv by sony. I do have a question for anybody that can answer it. To play in HD, what cords do I need to get and about how much will they run? I have heard HDMI cables but is there a diff between tv ones and 360 ones??

237. crystal - November 18, 2008

Our XBOX got that stupid red ring of death, we called MS and found out since we weren’t the original owners we had to find out who was the original owner and the address they had at the time of purchase b/c that’s the only way they can look up the warranty on it. (riiiiight) So, we backtracked and finally got the info so we could send it back. Got it about 2 1/2 wks later, the new one we got works ok I guess but certain games will still freeze. It’s SO annoying. I should’ve expected this from Microsoft!! They’ve been making computers for decades and they freeze all the time, right?? So why not a video game console???? I wish I had thought of that before. I have no problems with PS2 or PS3, Wii or any other Nintendo systems. Even the orig Nintendo works better for me. I never had the orig XBOX, only the 360 so I can’t speak on that.

I guess a positive is we got NFS Underground today and it’s been working fine all day. Let’s hope this continues…best of wishes to all you fellow gamers!

238. crystal - November 18, 2008

Sorry I needed to make a correction…I forgot, we DID have an original XBOX before the 360. We didn’t have it that long, but my hubby and I both agreed that we recalled no problems with it. Hmm…maybe we should’ve kept that instead! 🙂

239. Peedy - November 22, 2008

Columbus Ga Resident – I have a similar problem as you but I get to play at least 5-10 minutes into a game and then it freezes. Sad thing is, I bought this new xbox 360 about 2 weeks ago and it’s doing this on 2 brand new games. Think of how angry that makes me considering I bought this new 360 because my old one broke because of a video failure, although I did have a squaretrade warranty on it, but I thought getting a new one would wipe away all those problems and I could sell the old one to my cousin once I get it back. I guess when I get the other one back I will be using that one until I get my new one back. So much for getting a new one to play all the new releases I’ve been waiting for while the other xbox is getting repaired…

240. david - November 23, 2008

wow we have the same prob my son has sent his xb360 off after owning for 10 months with no prob then he got the ring of gates, just got it back after 3 weeks and played less than 2 weeks now it freezes after couple of mins (out in the open good air flow)
this was a big purchase for me(single parent) and i cant believe the lack of effort and care from such a big multi national corp
HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME MICROSOFT if you do develop x box 3 or what ever you call it XBOX 360 owners SHOULD GET IT FREE

241. crystal - November 24, 2008

David I feel for you 😦 I agree with your post! Microsoft owes its consumers compensation for the time we spend trying to fix their POS and all the frustration of waiting for a new console, or the system freezing when you’re at a critical part of a game, or not knowing if you’re going to be able to play! It’s so annoying!

Sadly, the bigger a company is, the more they treat you like dirt…

242. FREAKXBOX - December 5, 2008

Close this retarded post already and stop with the telling it like it is nonsense it pisses people off. F**k Xbox360 get your self a PS3 and call it a day, stop wasting ur time with microcrap stuff. I can’t believe how long you people are willing to put up with this crap. The moment my xbox360 started to freeze it was a wrap, i boxed it up and took it back to bestbuy and exchanged it for a ps3 which cost a bit more but no freezing and i am very happy playing games nonstop with out any problems. Oh yea, I also watch blueray movie now. SONY RULES THE WORLD!!!

243. ILY - December 6, 2008



244. Shane Da Man " Freezing Cure" It Works its free and simple - December 9, 2008

I found a cure for the Freezing ! Yes my Xbox 360 would just freeze no red rings no e74,just freeze and you could only turn it on and off. So Try This Create a new Gamer Profile and Erase all the Other ones. I know this sucks but its better than spending 100$ For M.S to fix it.Mine is out of Warrenty , But Ms Said There was nothing I could do just send it in. I Said F-Dat! So I just Formated my whole Harddrive and I just Played Gears of War 2 For Like an Hour and it didn’t freeze. Oh an mine would Freeze after about 10mins. So I hope this works for you. I don’t know how long it will last. But I dont think The console is tore up just because of some freezing . When My I pod Frooze on me I just reformated it and it works to this day I hope This will work on your Xbox360s. Good Luck

245. Sean - December 14, 2008

This freezing Is RROD but without e74 error or red rings i think some of you should reserch a little more instead of just randomly arguing with eachother.

246. Lucas - December 15, 2008

I don’t know what to do my xbox just started to freeze today and so now I think i not in very good shape bcause i bought it off of ebay

247. Sean - December 15, 2008

dont worry lucas just look on the net for some guides on how to fix the red ring of death I assure you that the freezing will never happen again and if it does just put some thermal glue back on the GPU and CPU.

248. lisa - December 17, 2008

On December 15th my xbox 360 started light up in the red rings and it began to freeze everytime i would attempt to play it. it stays on for about three minutue without any problems and then freezes. i have tried everything. I’m now thinking about sending the piece of crap in to microsoft and hopefully it willl work..this doesn”t make any since at all i have only had the console for 8months. Now im wondering since it has only been 8 months do i still have a warranty. will microsoft charge me for the problems im experiencing?

249. shaun - December 18, 2008

i have had mine xbox 360 less then 2 months and it is freezing manufacture date of june 08 i am sending it back to be fixed

250. F_Micro_Soft - December 19, 2008

I just got mine back after returning for RROD and the HDMI port not working. After I got it back the HDMI still doesn’t work and it freezes up after about 5 minutes only no red ring this time.

251. PO'd - December 24, 2008

WOW! Im glad Im not the only one with this problem! Quite the conterary… and thank you all for the great advice!
With my xbox, it only freezes on EA Sports games. Call of Duty and Ghost Recon work great, but NCAA Basketball and Madden football freezes. In fact, the basketball game freezes on startup, and the madden game freezes when i try to simulate a week… I believe this may be just the beginning of my problem though. I get no ring of death or any of that.
I agree with you all, M$ should address this issue!

252. ern1911 - December 25, 2008

My son’s XBOX 360 is 1 year old as of today,he got it last Christmas 2007. Last night the Xbox began freezing where whether at the start of a game or in the console mode, it gets to a point where it slightly pixelates, makes a screeching sound, and then freezes. We were receving 3 red light error on the box at times. All morning I have been researching the Internet for the best course of action to resolve.

I tried everything suggested in regards to ensuring the box was well ventilated, changing resolution settings, cleaning up the Hard Drive and unseating it and reseating it. Thinking the power chord was bad to the transformer I even swapped it out. None of these worked to stop the freezing.

Part of me believed it was some type of overheating issue, but my son has played his Xbox the same way always from a TV stand. Thinking maybe the ventilation could be better, we set up all morning having the box on a the wooden floor as well as the power adapter so there was good air flow around the box, especially since the wood floor is cold. This seemed to not help.

So I come upon this thread and the more I read the more i was getting disheartened thinking we would have to send it in for repair till I read one of the posts above this one in regards try playing the Xbox with a different profile. The whole time we had always been testing from his profile. We switched to my profile which is hardly ever used. My son has been playing Madden 09 the last 2 hours with no freezes. Before when the freezing was happening, the freeze was getting worse and more consistent.

From my understanding the 3 red light error is basically a dummy light, it can mean anything from the smallest issue holding up the X box to a major hardware issue. With the Xbox bascially being a rudimentary computer, luckily I think the issue with our Xbox was that the hard drive may have had a bad sector read for my son’s profile that it could not get around. Once we switched profiles, the hard drive was able to get away from that file on the hard drive and continue on. It may have been a momentary or a corrupt portion of my son’s profile.

At this time the Xbox has not frozen as my son enters playing it for the 2nd hour straight without a hitch so far. And guess what…? This is after him going back to his own profile. So I believe switching away to a different profile helped solve our issue for now.

We will post with a further update later today with our 2 cents worth.

253. christian - December 26, 2008

i’ll have to try that, i have had the same problem as your son and it just happened today. I think its the after christmas glitch. This is my second xbox, its only 2 years old. It always breaks on christmas.

254. christian - December 26, 2008

It didn’t work, it froze while i was going to make a new profile. i don’t think mine is hard drive failier. more like hardware. i don’t wanna send it in for 100 bucks. but i have the same gilichy freezing problem as ern….

wish i new how to fix it. console is out of warranty, i cleaned it out and removed that sticker thingy. so i’m SOL if someone can’t find a true solution…..

255. Slipknotman08 - December 26, 2008

My xbox 360 rarely froze until I had to install the new software from xbox live. I’m sure that it is a programming error that Microsoft must make a patch for.

256. Paul - December 29, 2008

Yup mine froze also, I bought mine on Christmas eve and the Xbox froze about 6 times. I’m playing GTA IV at the minute and not sure if GTA or Xbox is the issue. I*m really gutted as i was talking into buy an Xbox I wanted a PS2. Microsoft! they will never get things right…

Very Unhappy!!!
Gamertag Gixxer550

257. Hannah - December 31, 2008

I didn’t realise that this problem is so common. Ive searched the web for answers and nothing. Only the make sure nothing is blocking the power block. Which is not helping at all. I bought the xbox elite for 250. Plugged it in and after playing on NFS for about 10 mintues it crash so i took it out wiped it down. (I shouldn’t have to do because the game was brand new.) And it did it agan and again. On different games. So i took it back to the shop in the same night of buying it. And they replaced it with. I plugged it all in and guess what the same fucking problem.

258. Mcmacladdie - January 1, 2009

Ugh… mine has been freezing on me after only 3 days out of the box. It gave me the RRoD, and then booted up normally afterwards. Now it randomly freezes during gameplay. It’s done this with 3 of the 4 games that I have for the system, so I think it’s safe to assume that it isn’t the games that are the cause. Hopefully the store I got it from will have more in stock soon so I can do an exchange soon.

259. SomeRandomyPerson - January 2, 2009

Mine freezes like the initial post says. However mine did not start to freeze untill after i got the xbox live update. Before that i had played it for several weeks. but immediately after getting the xbox live update my console started freezing. Perhapes it has something to do with their updates to the system.

260. griffin - January 4, 2009

I know exactly what it is. The area where your sun has been playng xbox must have been and enclosed area, or the xbox just https://pardontheinteraction.wordpress.com/2007/03/21/xbox-360-freezing-problem-how-do-we-fix-this/overheats. The problem is is that when the motherboard in the xbox gets too hot it starts to bend and this is causing the sodering holding the GDU and the CPU to come lose. Which when its completely snaps off you will get the red ring of death. There is no household solution for this problem, yet microsoft put an extended 3 year warranty on every xbox that has this problem. I suggest you send it in RIGHT away. Good Luck :], griffin

261. crystal - January 4, 2009

Does anyone know why the xbox only wants to freeze on certain games?? It ALWAYS freezes on Test Drive Unlimited, but NEVER on NFS games or anything else we have. We’ve tried 2 TDU games so I don’t think it’s the game. Help!

262. bryan - January 6, 2009

The same thing is happening to me, my Xbox360 freezes after minutes of gameplay but it doesn’t happen to all of my games, only Fable 2 and GTA4. I’ve been reading the comments above, is there any way to fix this yet besides calling Microsoft?

263. Ani - January 7, 2009

I bought my Xbox yesterday and it froze up one then and twice today…I think it might be the TV settings since when I had it on 400-something it played for 2-5 hours, but when I had it on 1080p/i it froze after 10 min.
The larger the loading, the more frazzled my poor Xbox gets.

I’m thinking of trying TV instead of HDTV just to see if it makes a difference. :-/ Maybe my TV sucks?

264. Margitanana34 - January 7, 2009

i seem to only be having this problem with Halo 3. There a #$%^loads of complaints about the game not being compatible with the 360 and causing thousands of 360’s to crash. I seriously cant believe this is happening, i got the 360 on christmas and cant even play my favorite game. Every other game works fine but Halo 3. Lots of people tell me tojust play another game, but thats bull^&##, i paid for this hunk of microsoft bull and i should be able to play whatever they sell me to play with.

265. burgh6467 - January 8, 2009

I had the problem where my xbox360 was freezing up. Its one of the 1st generation boxes so its like 3 years old or more.

Well, its an over-heating problem. I know computers and they all act the same when they overheat – and the xbox is just a PC in a nice plastic case…The special adhesive that connects the CPU and the GPU to their heatsinks goes bad after awhile and/or its defective from the MS factory… (defcetive, happens alot) The problem is, little bubbles in the adhesive will cause a bad bond and overtime – sometimes less than 30 days the bond breaks down and your xbox brains overheat and it shut itself down so it doesnt catch fire and/or permanently damage itself. Well, long story short. My warranty expired and I am tech – savy. I opened up my xbox – allen wrench set, phillips screwdriver and a small plastic pry device did the trick. I disconnected the heatsinks from the CPU and GPU, and found crusty adhesive – really bad…

I used WD40 to clean the old adhesive off. (rubbing alcohol works well) reapplied semiconductor adhesive to the chips and reconnected the heatsinks. (bought adhesive at radioshack for less than 5$) and viola’ my xbox has yet to freeze up…

Couple things to consider…

If you open your xbox it voids any warranty you may have, so check it first at microsoft support using the console serial ID.

There a few good sies that give you a step by step how-to, google and check it out.

You must have an absolutely clean surface in which to apply the semi-conductor adhesive, or you” be finding youself redoing it am month later, so clean the CPU and GPU well, but dont damage them – Q-tip, WD40, paper towel, repeat until shiny.

266. Angry Mom - January 10, 2009

Glad I found this post, as we just got a new Xbox for Christmas and it keeps freezing.

It seem to freeze on Fable II like bryan on pst 262 mentioned.
ALso as Po’d mentioned in post 251, an Left4Dead, and EA game freezes.

We returned the game twice and both freeze. Tried it on another xbox and it works fine.
SO it is an issue with the box. Now, we have to send it back to MS.

This is just nuts for me, and disappointing for my sons.
I am PO as we spent a lot of money for this system. Having to call and run around getting replacement games and xbox is BS.

This is totally unacceptable as others had said.
Can’t believe this has been going on for years and still not fixed.

HEY MS…. Let’s Get your Game on and fix the problems!!!!!!!

267. Crappy Cat - January 11, 2009

Mine freezes when i play Rainbow Six online

268. Rik - January 11, 2009

hi my name is rick my problem is similar to your problems but i solved the problem by taking the 360s faceplate off to do this you have to start at the end where the power button is and you gently pull it off, then you do it to the other end. then open the disk drive and leave it there for ten minuets. then play on!!!

269. Rob - January 14, 2009

Hi, had mine 2 days and the minute I join live it freezes! Thought it may be my internet connection or something – but after reading this I now know!
I’m afraid it’s going back so I can be refunded – very disappointed – loved it for the day it worked. It would freeze about every 5 minutes.

I’m taking my hard earnt to Sony!!!

270. Angry Mom - January 15, 2009

We took back 2 games thinking it was that, but they still freeze.

I called Xbox/MS and asked them about this, they said to send the Xbox in for repair. Could take 4 weeks to repair.. Some of my sons friends said it took them 6 months..

Since we got it for Xmas via a store online, we had the option of a refund or replacement system. Took the replacement system and switched out the hard drive. Now all is working fine!!!

I will keep sending back the systems and games if I continue to get defective products.. If we all keep returning the defect products to the stores, maybe Xbox will get the hint!!!

271. Rob - January 16, 2009

Angry Mom,

Took mine back to the store – thought I would give it one last chance..

The new one I got is fine so far – played for hours on live yesterday – no problems as yet.

Even purchased a new game!!!

Fingers crossed it wont let me down 🙂

272. paulo - January 16, 2009

fuck the xbox 360 buy a playstation 3 i send my xbox 3 times back and freezed again . im done with xboxs .

273. David - January 19, 2009

I hate microsoft. I’ve had to send my xbox in twice already for the SAME red ligth issue with the overheating. Then, about a week ago it started freezing in the middle of the game, or it just wouldnt load all the way. I thought it was the disk, because i was playing madden and it would freeze up when starting the game, but then i tried need for speed and the same thing happened. So, i switched to Fable 2 and it STILL FROZE. I really dont want to send it in to Microsoft again they never get it right they just fix mine and send it back i checked the serial #. IT SUCKS. I even checked to see if it was hot and it wasnt, it just happens an hour in almost on the dot.

274. apple - January 19, 2009

Hi guys

I’ve been having trouble with my xbox 360.
please help me out

First it says open tray close tray reading. and sometimes i get stuck on that because it does that like 800 times. then it starts freezing everytime i play this game

275. bangedrabbit - January 22, 2009

hi guys,

just found post,i 2 got xbox at xmas and mine freezes.seems to only freeze on need for speed carbon and need for speed underground strange that all my other games work fine.


276. bangedrabbit - January 22, 2009

sorry its nfs undercover not underground.lol

277. falconeer - January 22, 2009

Bangedrabbit, don’t worry, just give it time and it will freeze with all your games. Does any one know if there is any class action activity like there is with the Xbox optical drive?

278. MatthewT - January 22, 2009

Mine freezes up when pushing Y or A repeatedly, in this cause to advance more quickly thru Madden 09. Sort of sounds like an inadequate processor for the job. Thoughts?

279. MatthewT - January 22, 2009

in this , sorry

280. MatthewT - January 22, 2009

in this ‘case’, sorry again

281. Christoph09 - January 23, 2009

okay. This thread has been going on forever and there has been no legitimate solutions to this problem without voiding the warranty.
My xbox elite (bought christmas 2007 with the new falcon processor) has been fine until the NXE came out. Occasionally, when i tried to join a game in COD4, a loud static sound would come, followed by the screen being pixelated. I ignored this this as it was very infrequent. Just recently, when playing fifa 09, in the midst of a game, the same error occured. I then shut it off and turned it on again only to find that it froze on the dashboard. After a couple days of not playing i tried watch a movie from my hard drive. It froze on the dashboard again. I repeatedly turned it off and on again and it kept giving me the same problem. I unplugged everything including the HDD for about 10 minutes and then plugged it back in. It was fine for about 30 seconds whilst checking my messages (wasn’t running a game) and then froze again. I then turned it on again and it gave me the RROD. This scared me and puzzled me as firstly, its the elite system and shouldn’t overheat and possibly damage the GPU and CPU as other commenters mentioned earlier, secondly, i live in a foreign country (thailand) and cannot send it to microsoft without paying a lot of money so i will have to wait till june when i’m there. My question to all of you readers is if there is a solution that doesn’t void the warranty (opening it up) and is quick so i don’t have to wait so long.

282. St. Jerome - January 27, 2009

I got my 360 about 2+ years ago. It got the the RROD, it was sent in (by the way, customer service at that time sucked…I got some foreign accent person that was so broken her English, the second one his, that I couldn’t follow along with the instructions). It took about 5 1/2 weeks, I go it back, and it worked fine for about three months.

Now it freezes at varying times, refused to shutdown after I tell it to for almost a minute to a 1 1/2 minutes, occasionally decides the internet doesn’t exist…generally pissing me off!

After they fixed it, in my opinion, they personally became responsible for INSURING MY SATISFACTION WITH A QUALITY PRODUCT! Just to be sure, I will be checking the cord’s placement and other things I found on this site. Thank you to all those out there who participate on this site! But I will still pursue this with Microsoft! They have a responsibility that goes beyond acceptable percentages! I don’t expect perfection, but I agree with a previous posting that said the original was a tank. It was indeed! It very easily could have been repeated.

Microsoft tried to do too many things with this system…and now it barely does what it was designed for. I own stock with this company (not alot mind you, I do work for a living); it appalls me at the lack of professional ethics in business that were applied to “get a dollar’s profit.” The chairman of the board will be hearing from me…no matter how much it hurts the price of the stock! I advise you all do the same! The layers of a corporation work as insulation; if you don’t get past it to the people who actually make the decisions (which then in turn makes the media go into frenzy if enough people pursue this), then something will get done. Hurt their wallet to help yours!

Thanks for the time to vent and for the suggestions…I’ll let you know if anything improves!

283. Austen - January 27, 2009


How old are your children?

If there 12+ you should trust them and let them play a little, for sure in the winter… in the summer they should be out doing something weather it be sports or just anything.

Just let them have a little down time to them selves its always nice!

284. Dan - January 28, 2009

To those parents who think its nice to buy their children a xbox 360, then tell them they can’t play it and hide the controllers: You fucking moronic pieces of donkey shit, why buy the fucking kid an xbox in the first place? To torture them? You fucking don’t deserve to have children you fucking retards.

285. You Angel - January 28, 2009

Hey Dan,

Maybe your was taken away because of you attitude and mouth.
Maybe you just have mean parents.
Maybe Anger management classes will help you both..

This topic is about The Xbox Freezing, not your personal issues.
Stay focused and God Bless..

286. Rudoji - January 31, 2009

Try to let the system breath by keeping it in a well-ventilated space (not TOO cramped on a shelf)… and maybe try standing it up on a hollow-ish stand, especially if you’re keeping it on its side.

Keeps its GPU and CPU nice and cool.

287. mike - January 31, 2009

my xbox 360 has been freezing before you even get to the dashboard. this problem needs to be fixed if it isnn’t xbox will be loosing one of it’s biggest fans. i just set up my live yesterday and my 360 is having problems.

288. Matt - February 5, 2009

Stumbled into this tonight, decided, hey. Better keep this thing alive.

I’ve sent two in, I live in canada. Both turnaround times have been a little over a week. Hope that helps anyone who lives in Canada with the waiting time.

Stop with the telling it how it is crap.. It’s really annoying to look at.

289. Steve - February 11, 2009

I got my 360 for Christmas this past year. It worked fine for a few weeks. I was playing Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones. I then got some sports games and it started freezing up in the middle of playing. It freezes during Tiger 08, NHL 08 and NCAA football 08. I don’t get the RROD. It’s getting frustrating though and I’m afraid I’m headed towards the RROD.

290. KEVIN - February 12, 2009


291. another 360 sucka - February 12, 2009

just had 360 with the new drives less than a month freeze on me, the unit it self sits on self all by itself with enough room to breathe bricks is in the open and the this $#!^ is drive’n me nuts. freak’n xbox knew the units are still fault but still keeps make’n em. i’ll say this for sony tho, got my 60G at launch and haven’t had one major problem with it ( besides lack of games) heck i even witness my friend pull out not 1, not 2, but 3 disc out his ps3 after his daugther put em in and it still plays til this day! if MS doesnt get it $#!^ right ppl how give em their hard earn’d should go after em.

292. argonaut - February 12, 2009

forget the warranty on freezing 360, the extended only covers rrod.
I cant play games on 360 now, and they wont fix it.
kids are devastated.
its a game with them, all about what they are being made to do and not whats right.
I am going to cancel live, bury the 360 and im never ever going to buy another ms product again.
also going to rip off all of the products and use pirate now.
ms have made an enemy unless they fix it is all i got to say.

293. PO'd - February 12, 2009

I think I may have you all beat…I bought my 360 in October 2008. I had my first screen freeze shortly after but did not think much of it because I could restart and play for hours. In mid-January 2009, my screen freeze would happen after 10 minutes of play and rendered my 360 useless. I contacted ms and they promised they would fix my problem. I sent them my box and a week later I got the same box back. I plugged it in and turned it on and…….screen freeze after 10 minutes of play. I contacted ms that night and they appologized and promised to fix the problem. They even assigned me a guy to follow the issue to make sure it was fixed. They had my box for two weeks and sent me a different box and a new power supply. I plugged it in and within 2 hours of play…..screen freeze. I turned off the box and got a screen freeze ever 10 minutes. I just emailed ms to advise “the guy” that my problem is not fixed. I’ll keep everyone posted. My advise to all that are thinking of buying a 360….guy buy a pin hammer and hit yourself in the head….you’ll have less headaches that way.

294. garrett - February 22, 2009

you wanna hear one better i sent my xbox in september 22 2008 its now febuary 23 2009 and still have yet to get it back i call them weekly after november and they siad the problem is not resolved and they should have a new one out to me by the end of the week

295. smartman - February 23, 2009

Turn off your console. Remove all the accessories that are attached to it, including the Xbox Hard Drive. Then, turn on the console to see whether the problem still occurs.
If the problem does not occur when the Xbox Hard Drive is disconnected, try clearing the Xbox 360 Hard Drive cache. To clear the Xbox 360 Hard Drive cache, follow these steps:
Reattach the Xbox Hard Drive.
Locate the System section of the Xbox 360 Dashboard.
Select Memory, and then press the Y button to view the device options screen.
On the Xbox 360 Controller, press the following items in this sequence:
X button
X button
Left bumper
Right bumper
X button
X button

296. Blugg - February 25, 2009

Had my XBOX 360 4 weeks

Finished Halo, all ok. Finished Fable II, all ok.

Half way through Dead Space FREEZE 😦

No way i’m waiting 3 weeks to 6 months for a repair..

Going to sell it on ebay and buy the PS3

Seeing as there dropping the price by $100 in a few days. Let down by XBOX 😦 Left me no choice but to sell

297. Angry Mom - February 27, 2009

Since it is only 4 weeks old, take it back to where you bought it and get a new one. Keeping doing it until you find one that works. I took many games and a few Xbox’s back and now we have one that works!!
The store didn’t like me, but not my problem!!!

Why sell it to someone else knowing it has problems!!!
That would not be fair to the buyer..
Please don’t punish the buyer on ebay.
Some little kid will be very disappointed after spending his hard earned money for a defective Xbox..

If XBOX keeps getting returns from customers, maybe they will fix their piece of crap!!

298. one pissed off dude - March 2, 2009

fuck microsoft they just continue making the xboxes without fixing the fucking problem so ppl have to continue giving them more and more money buying new xboxes or paying to have them fixed and thats exactly what their greedy fatasses want they can kiss my fuckin ass touche

299. Tell it like it TI is! - March 2, 2009

When Fast Follower and I first started this thread two years ago. I never thought that we would still be receiving comments 2 years later. MS is really dropping the ball here and treating us like a “red-headed stepchild adopted on Wednesday”!!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Why do we continue to let them do this to us?? Not sure.. but still…Tellin it like it is!!!!

300. Ray - March 3, 2009

I have sent my unit in and received 4 replacement units. They all have either the freezing issue or the red ring of death issue. There are a couple of temporary solutions, but at least every time I get it back I get 30 day subscription to xbox live. Which would be handy if I didn’t have a 1-year subscription ticking away. I had the overheating/freezing issue on the first 360 I purchased at launch day, bought an intercooler for it ($12) and it lasted about 3 years. I got the red ring of death and have gotten, as I said previously, 4 other units back that lasted no more than the first start up. Two of the units were dead out of the box. This most recent one just died after freezing on two seperate games and giving me several “Disc is dirty” error messages on the games I just resurfaced (I work in a Video store, we have an industrial resurfacer). I am taking my tax returns and the trade-in money from my 360 and buying a PS3 soon. MS basically gave up on me. I still speak to the same person at tech support when I call. Well I did until she quit the company because of being fed up with their crap. Apparently their employees aren’t treated much better than their customers.

Anyways, best of luck to you guys, but you should know that there really isn’t much light at the end of the tunnel.

301. Dennis Moore - March 8, 2009

I just my family an xbox 360 from Dell in January. It worked fine at first. I’ve played Fable 2 for a good 8 hours at a time with no problems. but the last few weeks it keeps freezing and only turning it off and back on clears it up. No red rings or error messages, just freezes (like every other MS item I’ve ever owned). Now, while playing Fable 2 or Orange Box (Half Life 2, etc) it could freeze a few minutes into the game, or even as the game is initially starting up… before it even gets all loaded and running. I don’t want to send it off either, I’d rather have a refund, but I’m sure after 30 days I’m outta luck. I was debating between the xbox 360 and the playstation 3 at the time i bought this “paperweight” and evidently made the wrong decision. I wish I could ship it back to Dell, get a refund, and have them ship me out a PS3 instead! I even installed Linux (ubunto.com) on my Gateway desktop so I can try to stop using as many MS products as possible, and it is running great! I had already switched over to openoffice.org for my word processing, spreadsheet, etc type stuff. MS, in my opinion, will never get things right… and as soon as enough people pull their heads out of their butts and realize how much better a linux system is and start switching over, maybe the big greedy giant can go out of business one day!

302. Blackwater - March 10, 2009

Well, on my 3rd 360. This last one has lasted almost a year. During that year it did freeze a couple of times. Last month or so it’s been getting really bad, can’t make it through a game. I contacted Xbox…….again……they now want me to pay for the fix. I got my last 360 around Feb. of 08. Now they are trying to tell me the warranty expired in April of 08. I refuse to pay any more for this on going problem and told them this. They set up call back for tomorrow, I told them the only way to keep me was to send a voucher for a new 360, we’ll see.
If not I own a 50 cal. Berret and will be taping the execution of the 360 with a short commentary from my self. I plain to post this to youtub, myspace, facebook, and anywhere else I can get it. Maybe even to Sony so PS3 can get some use out of it. I think their are a lot of people that will love to see 50 call vs. Xbox 360!!!!!! They will pay one way or the other. I have also kept the names of all the supervisors I have spoken to, their names will be used in this video. Hope the best for everyone. let you know were we’re headed after tomorrow.

303. Blackwater - March 10, 2009

OH, feel free to tell me how you feel about this and I’m open for some cool suggestions. let me know.

304. john101 - March 12, 2009

xbox 360 sucks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, really really sucks. dont buy this piece of crap. unless you absolutely love 1976 Ford tempos then dont buy this piece of junk. if you love 1976 Ford Tempo then maybee you should buy one because then you’ll have a place to throw your broken down xbox 360’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. i’m on my fifth xbox 360 and it just broke. sony playstation 3 all the way man. at least they play blue ray disc right out of the box . and they last longer than a year. or two weeks or ……………………..?

305. Furious - March 17, 2009

It’s a bit heartbreaking to see that there are no solutions to this problem.
I’ve had my 360 for FOUR days, spent 3 hours or so one day gaming, a couple more the next. I gradually noticed skipping and sometimes freezing during gameplay on Devil May Cry 4, Soul Calibur 4 and Halo 3. (Oh and my SC4 disk has been rendered utterly useless due to a vertical box mishap and massive ring scratch thanks to absolutely SHITE tray design) In the middle of a live co-op the game went into a frenzy of skips and freezes and completely froze. Ever since then I’ve been trying to start up my xbox and play ANY game, but not only will it freeze when i select the game to play, but it’ll freeze on the dashboard when i select any sort of task, and more often than not, on startup. I rarely get past the ‘Xbox 360’ screen.
I’ve tried everything from moving the 360 away from screens, enclosed areas, etc, elevating the brick, removing the harddrive (getting 3 RRODs on putting it back but i think that was a one-off as on readjustment of the hdd and reboot they were gone), on or offline, disk or no disk, etc. Nothing has any effect, HOWEVER I managed to actually REACH the point where i could begin to play a game (DMC4) when I’d had the hard drive removed, but it skipped so badly it just didn’t work.
I’m going to give customer service hell tomorrow when the line opens again.

306. Furious - March 18, 2009

I’ve just called xbox support up and am now waiting for a courier to take my boxed up console.
As soon as I mentioned that I couldn’t get the sequence finished to clear the HDD cache because it kept freezing he said I should sent it in for repair. They said it could take 2-3 weeks but the guy on the phone added that it often takes between 1-2 weeks. And they’ve promised me a free live gold card. Hmm.
Fingers crossed.

307. Angry Mom IS BACK!!! - March 20, 2009

I have been on hold with XBOX for an hour now waiting for a speicalist due to the fact that the microsoft 1600 pt cards were not credeited to my sons account.. It took his card number and said accepted, but never added to his account.

Microsoft is having Live issues and are aware of it. said this happened to many people and there is an hour wait to talk to a specialist…

WTF.. They should call us back or take the information and credit out accounts.. Gosh… For smart people, they have no common sense..

So While I hold I am writing to all the boards, chat rooms and any one who will listen about this!!!

308. Dan - March 22, 2009

The problem is with a heat sink on the video processor. Heat is not being pulled off the processor by the fans in the back and by the heat sink extension. Even the accessory fans that clip on the back are not enough. A solution if you don’t mind the Xbox all opened up is to open the Xbox to access the DVD ROM (do this only on systems that no longer carry a warranty). The DVD Rom is covering the heat sink. Remove the DVD ROM from its normal location and set aside still connected. Either using CP cooling fans or even a small electric fan point it at the heat sink. The system will no longer freeze.

309. Zaradan - March 24, 2009

Here’s my story. I’ve owned a 360 since launch, but just before Christmas I got the dreaded RROD. It was outside of warranty so I picked up a new one. And that’s when my problems really started.

Straight out of the box I was getting random freezes. First of all with Prince of Persia, then with Fable 2 and Tiger Woods 09. So I got the thing replaced. And guess what? Straight out of the box again the same problem. Problem is this time, I have to ship the damn thing off to MS to get it sorted. Only judging from what I’ve read, it’s debatable whether it even will get sorted.

I’m really reluctant to do this, is my daugher and I have some great fun on the thing. Installing to the HDD seems to resolve the problem, but I’ve only got a 20GB HDD. With all the saves and arcade stuff on there, there’s only enough room for 1 game. I’ve considered upgrading to a 60GB HDD but they cost a fortune, and I really dont see why I should have to foot the bill for a crappy product.

So there we have it. I’m so torn as to what to do. I want to be sure it’s a problem with the Xbox itself, but it strikes me as a little strange that 2 machines should produce exactly the same fault fresh out of the box. I’ve tried the whole cash clearing and changing profile thing but with no luck. In fact I’ve gone through pretty much every available trouble shooting tip. Zip. Games like Dead Space, The Simpsons, and Viva Pinata dont freeze at all though. It’s all so very confusing.

Any idea what’s going on with it? And what would you guys do?

310. Joe - March 28, 2009

whenever i hear about the ring of death i can’t help thinking of “the ring” with Naomi Watts

311. Korey Alford - March 28, 2009

this is rediculous…its microsoft that is the problem not the box…i read online somewhere that a kid sued microsoft for i believe selling a faulty product…and won the case earning a cool 2.5mil i believe…but the sad part is that the kid did the research and mircosoft knows they can fix all these problems for about 2 dollars more each box…sad that the corprate world decides to be a buch of d-bags to us consumers…i sent my box in only after the first year i had it and because the laser got jacked around in flight to san diego…i listened to a jerk from customer service named Henry WHO WAS VERY CLEARLY AND AUDIBLY FROM INDIA for about 3 hours before giving up on him and having them send me the shipping information…Luckily i got it only 3 months after i asked for it…i sent it in with a post it telling them what was wrong with it and all they did was speed the motor up so it could catch easier…this causes you box to overheat and melt and destroys the box…now three months after having it back it freezes on every new game i play…fable 2 seen\ms to be the most difficult…what im trying to say is that only after 3 months its broken again? this is rediculous and i will refuse to do business with Microsoft EVER AGAIN…i hope you all do the same

312. Korey Alford - March 28, 2009

but i forgot to add…if you realize how much you spend on a box then buying a new one…yea…thats why they wont fix this problem…i think i too will take microsoft to court for this faulty product and ill use some of your guy’s stuff here with my lawyer just to show im not the only one having this problem and how long its been going on if thats ok with yous guys…

Devin - June 18, 2009

Korey alford this SHIT callEDicrosoft dont give a SHIT bout ppl and this has been going on since 2004 and Ms dont give a SHIT i mean im going to contact everyonre i know or have met and tell them dont trust MS im oing to look through out every phone book call every number i dont care if it takes me night and day im going to call all of them tell em never use MS dont trust MS do nto buy from MS and till they actually worry bout our XBOXs not their fukking money MS IS GAY BICHEY MOTHER FUKKERS WHO SUKK COCK AND LICK PUSSIES

313. married to my box - March 29, 2009

i have hat my xbox 350 for 1 year and a half, i got it with gears of war 1 and from day one it started with the problems. when i switcth it on from from cold after 10-20 mins a pop up message comes up saying sisk cannot be read try cleaning the disk with a soft cloth bla bla bla. and the game is totaly fine. p.s this happens on every game i buy but never took any action about it. anout 3 weeks ago i come from the pub switch it on and blam 3 red lights. switched it off waited 5 mins and switched it on again and it worked fine this happened for 5 days and then the 3 red lights came to stay. darn it i contacted ms and they told me to ship it..
7 weeks i waited for it to come back almost 2 months but it was worth it apart from the disk reading problem i said about earlier. a month has passed now and yesterday i was playing sf4 when the message to clean my disk came up and from there on my xbox went completly beserk. i switch it on and not longer then 4 minutes it freezes. either the screen goes to clack and white lines or the screen remains the same and turns to blocks . somthimes when i switch it on i get the 3 rrod and when it switches on succesfully it gets frozen after 4 minutes.im pissed now do i send it back and wait 2 more months??
i can get it repaired in a nearby shop. but these where his words ” it costs 99$ and you have 1 week waranty that if u get trouble again the technition will fix it free of charge. only 1 week reason being is that when the 360 gets a red light its pretty much fucked even if you repair it ” <—–his words exactly. sending it to ms is for free because they exteded it to 3 yrs but wait another 2 months????. i seriously dont know what to do.
the xbox is awsome but i dont understand why everyone fu**s around with you and not tell you the whole story. all theyt say is hardware problem. when i say which part of the hardware they say the tecnition only knows when i ask for the technition they say he is very busy and his number is out of the question because of data protection act.
i am pissed off about the matter because it is a great unit but a shitty service is provided behing the preety face of all the advertisments….

314. married to my box - March 29, 2009

i apologise for the spelling mistakes i am italian and still learning english.
in line 1 i meant xbox 360 not 350

315. Steve - March 31, 2009

Well Well Well. I have had my 360 just under a year now and no issues. Except this freezing issue which is happening. But the weird thing it only seems to do this on EA games Knock Out was the worst for it but i cant even play undercover Need for speed because of it. Does my head in. I refuse to send it away as i dont want to be away from my console as sad as that sounds i use it for everything watching films etc. DAMMIT!!!!

316. ArcadeGuy - April 1, 2009

I have read this entire thread and only see 5 possable solutions:

1. Wipe Cache
2. Reset Code
3. Change Resolution from 1080 to 720
4. Reformat H.D.
5. Switch Profile.

Now since I own 4 xboxs and plan on opening a gaming center I have decided to learn how to fix these myself. The one I am currently working on freezes at the welcome screen after 2-3 min. I have tried different controllers and the power block is clean and in free space, I have done the x-clamp fix, I have swapped the Radio Frequency Card, I do not have a Hard Drive plugged in and am not on a network so I doubt 1,4 or 5 will work for me. it is probably an issue with the motherboard. I plan on getting some consoles off of e-bay to use as parts or to repair. I only charge $50 + parts. I have fixed 2 red ring of death successfully and I only started 3 days ago (needed correct parts). If choices 2 or 3 work I will send a post. There is another common error I am seeing. The disk drive fails to open and I wonder if they can be linked? Thanks for the help.

317. Pissed off teenager - April 2, 2009

i got that same problem but mine is only about 1 good 5 round game of gears and it just freezes don’t you hate when u invest something u like and it breaks it’s a bitch

318. Joe - April 12, 2009

I am also now having the same problem! I say we all contact the better business bureau. I am going to lodge a complaint with them about the xbox 360. My friend has a PS3 and my nephew has a Wii and they both said they have had no problem at all.

319. Hemanth - April 19, 2009

I too had the same problem. The xbox 360 was freezing every few minutes, without any RROD. It was all green, but just used to freeze. I just connected to xbox live and it asked me to download the update and viola…it is not freezing since then. May be, I got lucky without having any other problems as mentioned above. But just in case you havent tried it, please do.

320. Microsoft rot in hell - April 22, 2009

My machine has been repaired twice by Microshite for the RROD, last time in june 2008. It had never frozen on me. Up to that point. When I last received it back from repair, it froze within about 45 minutes of coming out of the box. I immediately set up a new repair request through their website, and in the meantime tried the console again. The freeze didn’t return, so, in the end I cancelled the repair. What a mistake. The problem hadn’t actually gone away, and two days ago became so severe that I can’t now play any game for more than a couple of minutes without a freeze (I’ve tried EVERYTHING to resolve it inc. updates, magic spells etc). So, I contacted MS again, only to be told that my extended (RROD) warranty was now expired, and I would have to pay about £85 to have the unit “fixed” (which is a crock of bullsh*t anyway – didn’t work last two times did it???). And this is in order to repair a fault on my machine that DIDN’T EXIST before they last tampered with it.

I live in the UK, and, with a little digging have found out where to send correspondence to MS:

Formal Complaints (or “Legal Notice” for any legal action)
Microsoft Ltd
Microsoft Campus

Personally, I feel like smashing up my 360 into small pieces, urinating all over it, and sending it to them with a covering letter explaining why Bill Gates can suck Satan’s d**k in hell for all eternity. Not only have they ripped the whole world off with the laughably poor Windows OS but they’ve sold millions of consoles which, basically, don’t actually work.

I am fortunate enough to have a job and to be able to afford to switch to a PS3, but there’s millions of people out there (kids especially) who have no choice over this. And once the warranty is up, won’t be able to afford the repair cost – having saved every penny in the first instance to buy the machine. I really feel we are being ripped off here and I AM going to lodge a formal complaint with MS, as well as contacting Trading Standards. It’s not so much the money as the principle of the thing. Deception and robbery, basically.

I’m just glad I work exclusively with Apple computers, because if I had to go and sit in front of a Windows machine right now I think I’d kill myself……….

321. Adam - April 25, 2009

Well, looks like I’m having the same exact problem as everybody else here, obviously. I’m not going to even bother trying to do all this bullshit to fix it – might as well purposely get the RROD and send it in to Microshit.

322. Microsoft rot in hell - April 26, 2009

Adam, I wish you luck with that – a great idea, except that if you send your machine back to MS you are unlikely to get a working machine back from them (well, it may work for a brief period but then….). Their definition of “repair” is very different to mine, as experience has shown. I would suggest seeing if your original retailer offers an extended warranty option. That way, when the machine fails and they cannot repair it you may be in a position to get a brand new unit rather than the half-arsed re-conditioned slab of dogshit MS would give you. It’s just a thought…..

323. Danny - April 29, 2009

I am on my second 360, and although the first one was replaced in a timely manner, and free of charge (red ring of death issues) this one is completely different. My son brought his hardrive over so we could go online with it. We did the initial update that’s needed for the new dashboard, and it worked fine until he left, and took the hard drive with him. I am back to using my regular memory card, and although not positive, I think this has something to do with the issue I am having. Sometimes my system will freeze at the dashboard, and other times it will let me get into a game (nascar 09) for a minute or 2 before it freezes up on me. The screen freezes, but the game seems to continue for another 30 seconds or so (after I crash from not being able to see the screen move). Does anyone know if this is a repairable issue if I just get a hard drive of my own, or is this a MS issue that they need to get me another one…AGAIN!?!?!?

324. cool bean - May 2, 2009

I fixed my 360 once after red ring of death…now warranty is up and suddenly getting the freeze issue. You guys should be aware that ring of death is mostly caused because the models without extra fans overheat badly, and the solder melts, therefore causing catastrophic failure. I know they didn’t use different solder…so I’m screwed. Ah well. Bill Gates has screwed me more than once. Sad, because I loved this system.

325. Rivers - May 3, 2009

I am on my second xbox because the first one was super loud when loading a game. So now, my second one is doing the freezing thing. Just rented Fable 2 and it does the “disk is dirty” thing during a loading screen. Rented halo 3 and it did the same thing twice while the game is loading. I mean, seriously? I’m taking it back to best buy today to see if they can do anything. now it’s doing it on my halo 2. sort of pissed at this point.

326. Joe - May 8, 2009

I have the similar problem it freezes and a checkered screen pops up. I was searching on Google and a kid had a smiler problem and a another person answered the question he said “open the box and get a can with pressured air and clean out the video chip”(i haven’t tried it yet but I’m going to soon like today or tomorrow)

327. I hate 360 - May 22, 2009

I have fixed my 360 two month ago from the freezing problem by adding the x clamps, but yesterday it freezes on me again so I have to resend it to my local repairman to see what is the problem.I can not believe it I have spent about $400 to get my 360 from the black market because we do not have official stores on here and off course there will be no guarantee.

328. Angry teenager - June 17, 2009

Freezing began occuring on my 360 about a week ago and it finally rrod a couple days ago… Now I have to send it in but the xbox support website is down for maintenance. On top of that, I know I’m just going to recieve another faulty xbox…

Oh and it is definetely not an overheating problem. My xbox is in the basement which is always under 60 degrees and both the system and power supply are out in the open on hardwood tables elevated by legoes -_-

Should’ve just bought a PS3…

329. isai - June 17, 2009

my xbox 360 freezes and makes a wierd sound at the same time it freezes

330. sean - June 18, 2009

i bought my xbox 360 for $375 after tax in late 2007 at gamestop. they told me that they could not sell me an extended warranty, because microsoft was covering everything for 3 years. i guess this was not the case, which i found out recently. my system has been freezing up during start up at the X screen, or during play a few minutes in.
i have kept it well ventilated, and haven’t played it for more than a couple hours at a time. i called into 1-800-4my- xbox (1-800-469-9269), and they did not want to help me. they said that since my 1 year warranty is a couple of months out, they will charge me $119.99 to repair the xbox. how is this fair? i haven’t abused the console…i asked her “how many calls a day do you hear with the same problem that i am having? why cant you help me”? after a long pause, her reply was “sir, i told you that we are working with an automated system, and there is nothing i can do to help.”

i know there is probably not much i can do, but holy cow, this is really upsetting. i have been defending the xbox 360 on forums and against my friends with ps3’s, and it seems that i may have been wrong. i love the live feature, as well as the game selection, but WHY CAN’T I GET HELP? i called in a few times only to be greeted by people that couldn’t understand me properly. i had to repet myself a few times, and the only answers i got back seemed to come from the script that they were reading.

i know that this freezing will eventually lead to the RROD, because it has happened to 2 other systems that i have owned. the problem is that the freezing is not covered until it hits the red rings. the system is not even playable, so what am i supposed to do? sorry that i dont have an extra $120 laying around like a lot of people do.


331. Angry teenager - June 18, 2009

Sadly, no. If your xbox is freezing up continue letting it do that. This will eventually allow the red rings of death to occur. The rings are covered under a three year warranty and they will replace your xbox with another (refurbished, doomed to fail) one free of charge. And don’t bother with the number… Just request a repair online. Unfortunately the support site for xbox is down currently(surprise) so you might have to wait a day or two. I am currently waiting for the site to come back up so I can start my own repair.

332. Devin - June 18, 2009

guys yall seem like you guys need the 360 to live.this has been going on since 2003 and microsoft doesnt do SHIT FUCK U MICROSOFT


man this si like a diesease but only for a 360 lagging

334. Wth - June 21, 2009

I dont get exactly why my xbox keeps freezing it all started when the new xbox live came where you can have the people you can cusomize and stuff after i got the update my gears of war 2 started to freeze only that game though then it started to get worse and worse then it started to give me a ring on my new games now it wont let me play any games but 1 halo wars and even at that it freezes after 10 15 minutes. Thats if i can get it started cause it either freezes 2 minutes into play or i get the red ring of death which happens every other time i turn the stupid thing on. So i think its the new xbox live if anyone knows why the microsoft is being so fucking lazy or if someone know a way to stop the xbox from getting the death ring or freezing please email me my email is head_bomb@hotmail.com

335. Devious Dave - June 24, 2009

Hi, just read topic and have a fix that might work…
1. buy a external cooling unit.
2. Install the problematic game onto the hard drive (only works with latest dashboard, press Y on play game then select install.)
hope this helps!

(if having trouble type 360 game hard drive install into google and follow instructions)

336. Sigh - July 1, 2009

There really is no long term fix to the freezing issue. Nearly every xbox made before 2008 is doomed to fail. No one I know personally is still on their first xbox. :/

337. ChrisC - July 1, 2009

Ive had the same problems said here but i think i know one cause of it.i’ve sent in my box for various reasons,but have realized somthing.we all know there are two xbox “types”,the normal Xbox,and the Xbox elite,however,there is a THIRD for those who didnt know,called the Xbox Arcade,which comes with Pacman and the only visual difference is the disk tray is white instead of silver.the arcade version,since day one,has been known to have problems just like this with the freezing.basicly,you send in your xbox,they cant fix it,they send you back an even CHEAPER model…..does anyone else see the injustice here?thankfully im buying an Elite tomarrow so hopefully i wont encounter any more problems!

338. Devious Dave - July 4, 2009

Can confirm the install trick I posted earlier does work. I bought a game called Prototype which would freeze after 10 – 15 minutes. When installed on hard drive it lasted 3 hours before freezing.

339. Justin - July 4, 2009

Microsoft is trying to blame the towel fix for all of this so there are tons of videos right now telling you to fix it with a towel, however microsoft states in its warranty as long as you do not open the xbox it self you should be fine, so completely avoid the idea unless you are 100% confident in your abilities to applying thermal paste to the heat sinks and cpu gpu areas.I bet you the people who are not all of em but the big pusher of the towel fix probably work for the microsoft legal department it seems like some thing smells really bad, microsoft needs to come out and say they made a serious fault in the ability to keep the systems from over heating because this is one of the issues and the rrod is another issue which disables the hardware to be able to play based upon certain faulty information.I wont be their god damn monkey Ill figure it out if i have to, I’ve built computers in the past and have had to use alot of different cooling devices it seems microsoft really botches the xbox when it comes to efficient cooling technology.

Shane - July 7, 2009

The problem that most of you are having with the freezing and the RROD that will follow can be fixed pretty easy. I have been fixing them in my area for some time now and I havent had one returned or a problem with any of them. It is a simple fix of replacing the xclamps that hold the heat syncs on the CPU and GPU. You can fix it with about 8 dollars in parts which you can get from your local Lowes or Home Depot. And I read earlier where someone was commenting on the Elite and the Pro. There is absolutly no difference between the two as far as the hardware other than the bigger HD that comes with it. So dont trade in your pro for a elite, you will be pretty much throwing your money away. I hope this helps some people.

340. Shane - July 7, 2009

Also if you replace the stock fan with a whisper fan, that you can get for about 19 dollars, it will help even more.

341. Sigh - July 8, 2009

Well I sent my xbox in for repair and according to the timestamps on the emails they sent me, it took 45 minutes between ” xbox recieved” and ” xbox repair completed”. Either ms is really fast or I’m getting screwed over again. Most likely the latter

342. Leachyaus - July 9, 2009

im still on my first 360, bought it late 2007 and only started repeatedley freezing when i play gta 4. Just wondering if its the game or if my xbox has just been screwed over and if it can be fixed??

oh btw!!! screw microsoft

343. KLOVE - July 9, 2009

Yea unfortunately when your game freezes its going to stay frozen till you get a new xbox! It is not the hard drive that is messed up, it is the Cd Drive or just the xbox. It has gotten me mad, what i planned to do is buy the cheapest one the arcade xbox i believe and then put my hard drive into that one so i dont have to restard my achievements and ranks and all that!.
SO ya im on my second xbox and if you send it to microsoft they are just going to send you a basically “Repair One” which work for about 5-6 months or less and then the same freaking problem occurs. And it is just stupid because when I put the discs in , it says cannot read or w.e i check to see if it is damaged.. and i see it is in perfect condition!!!! And this has only happened to at least 3 of my games, all the other games that i use this problem hasnt happened … can anyone tell me why? PLEASE!!!! Can anyone send me an email telling me whats wrong.. ? Or why does it do that?

344. KoRnyguy666 - July 14, 2009

DAMN…Ive had my 360 since may of 08,it worked wonderfully! Ive had such a good time playing fable 2, call of duy 4 and 5 i played gta4,crackdown,resident evil 5guitar hero metallica and world tour,ive downloaded all kinds of vids,demos,backrounds it always worked fine. But when i tried to play the orange box,specifialy half life 2, i get to the end almost and it freezes in the same spot every time. I tried restarting, i tried walking slowly,running,going in guns blazing it wouldnt matter it would freeze every time! now the weird thing is i played the original half life 2 when it came out for 360 and this was on a different xbox…the game froze!!not in the same spot but it froze nonetheless. I came to the conlusion i am just not meant to finish half life…every other game workes fine….until…about a week after having my xbox for a year…RED RING!!while playing call of duty world at war nazi zombies,it froze.I turned it off and turned it back on and got red rings and a error message in japanese or some shit.I was HEATED!!!so my girlfriend microsoft they said my warranty was up and would have to pay to have it fixxed.They kinda dicked her around and asked stupid questions like is it plugged into a tv? is the system on? Are the cables plugged in? Im listening to this thinking WTF were not stupid dude!!!! so i said to hell with it and put my box away…its been 2 months now without video games and i must say the itch to shoot something is there…my trigger finger is trembling, ivebeen online playing stupid flash games for free and it just doesnt cut it!!So the other day I contacted microsoft and told them exactly what had happened, for some reason this time they say im covered by extended warranty and that they will fix it, so now im waiting on my shipping box to send it in…But now im wondering if its even gonna be worth my time and energy to do so….THIS SUX ! and even weirder, this all happened AFTER I downloaded the second map for nazi zombies,in fact that is what it froze on. Now when i took my harddrive and game to my friends house, and tried to play it. The game started with a “Downloaded content is damaged” screen and I no longer had the new nazi zombie level that i bought ! WTF!!!!!????When i called microsoft they asked me too if i was playing a game when this happened,and what game…this just leads me to believe that either certain games or downloadable content is causing everyones systems to crash.I mean come on for the most part everyone out there is palying the same shit, gears 2 call of duty, guitar hero, gta, maybe some of these games cause problems that are unfixxable…or maybe the xbox 360 is just a big expensive piece of shit…but I have stood by my 360, ive loved the games that have come out, I love LIVE and have always thought it was a better system than ps3 based soley on the fact that ps3 really doesnt have shit to play on it…atleast it doesnt have such an extensive library as xbox….but i guess if u cant even play the games what does it matter????!!! THIS REALLY SUX AND MICROSOFT NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING!!!

345. conner haitsma - July 16, 2009

Its wierd….idk i have the same freezing problem…i play the game for like 30 minutes and bam nothing…..but when i pop a movie in there it plays perfectly…idk anyone else get the same thing?

346. Devious Dave - July 20, 2009

Be warned the overheating causes a new type of RROD with a message reading E74

347. ljm - July 27, 2009

i had my kain and lynch dead men scratches removed 2x and it still sticks i tried the toothpaste and freezer trick but it still jams i really need help it is becoming an issue i thought the cooler for it would help with my games and it takes a while to get the games working

348. OMG WTF BBQ - August 10, 2009

Um… Hi
The name is Calvin. I had this “freezing problem” recently, and then soon after that, I had the RROD (Red Ring of Death). Well, what I did was take out all the cords from the Xbox, then let it rest for about 30 minutes. Then soon after that, I put all the cords again, then it worked like normal for about a week. Then the freezing happened so I suggest trying the towel trick, which is a temporary fix too.

349. OMG WTF BBQ - August 10, 2009

Oh and Ijm, the cooler is what is causing the Xbox to freeze up. It doesn’t cool.

350. master83674684 - August 20, 2009

its the gpu heatsink thats overheating,my xbox360 had the saame problem,until i drilled some holes and added a cpu fan right above the heatsink,now so far im having no more problems,the heatsink needs to stay cool,and so far it is working perfectly :):)

351. master83674684 - August 20, 2009

my xbox 360 had the random freezing problem too,with every game i got,i got halfway through then,it froze,then i ended up taking it in to get it repaired for R800,when i got it back(3months later!!) i tried playing it and thats when my random freezing started,so now i gave up and decided to take my xbox into my own hands,then afterwards i found out that the heatsink overheating was causing all my freezing problems(not the one under the dvd drive),so i decided to do that stuff like i said in my other msg,and the games used to lag a bit,lol now for some wierd reason,it isnt even lagging anymore..wierd..,if anyone knows why its not lagging,please let me know. ill keep check of this site thanks

352. Craig - August 25, 2009

Well I have a new one for you all!!!
The last update (about second week of August) I downloaded, and as soon as I get a notification that I have signed in, or that someone is online – my xbox 360 freezes, and the notification digitizes in neon green…..
Well I have phoned microsoft 4 different times, and nothing. They gave me all the tricks to clear it and nothing. Thing is, I could play like a champ the night before the new update.
AND – I can play offline like the consol is brand new.
I have high speed, I took the harddrive to a friends and played there for 3 hours after doing all the updates there.
Their only solution is to send it back and pay $150 to get a replacement!
They have no answers and every one of them has stated “This is something I have never heard of before” – yet they just keep giving me a ref# and passing the buck.
Anyone have any solutions?
Cleared cache – check
connected straight to high speed connection – check
hard drive tested on another consol – check
checked for infected files – check
redownloaded update = check
is there any hope here – I have done absolutely EVERTHING that xbox support suggested.

353. Rachel - September 7, 2009

My xbox had RROD a coupple times and then it was fine. a little bit later now my xbox freezes like a couple of minutes of being online after i press the middle button. anyone have any advice? i want to fix ittt.

354. Aaron Williams - September 15, 2009

Hey everybody i just want to start by saying i feel your pain with the xbox and am disappointed with the amount of problems it is having. I had an original xbox for years with no problems other than needing to blow the dust out every now and then with canned air so when i sold it and my 40 + games i had and bought a new one i was pretty excited. I bought my one and only one ive owned in Jan of 08 when i returned from my last deployment to Iraq. I purchased the xbox 360 elite Halo 3 edition and have been using it since that time with no problems ever. Not one single problem or unreadable disc error and still have yet to get a red light of any kind. I have also had it hooked up to xbox live the entire time andhave recieved all the updates. I deployed again in Jan of this year and decided to take my xbox to iraq with me even though i know the conditions here are not exactly ideal for use of the xbox. I have put alot of hours in on it when i am not on mission me and the other guys always play long hours of madden and never encountered any problems and other than blowing the dust out once a week at least i had not done anything to it. Then about a month ago the fun started, it started just not reading discs not even giving the unreadable disc error just not recgonizing that there was a game in it. So i got online and went to a website called Llamma and ordered a new dvd drive,whisper fans, dual heatsink fans, and a new xbox casing (just for fun not because i thought it would help anything). I installed the fans and swapped the chip board over from the old dvd drive to the new one so that it would have the xbox specific key and started playing again with no problems. Now when playing madden 09 it started the freezing during gameplay and controller freeze so i sat here and read every post on here and tried the hard drive cache clear, setting the dvd drive out of the xbox while playing, unhooking the extra fans, keeping the power brick cool and out in the open, and sitting the xbox on its side and standing it up it still kept freezing 5 minutes into the same game on the same franchise. Then i saw the post saying try a new profile and tada it has been playing madden for 5 hours straight now with no problems and no freezing. So long story short (a little late now i know lol) to anyone else seeing this and having a similar problem with freezing but no red lights i would suggest you try this simple fix before a few of the other fixes it could save you some time and money. I know it sucks to lose your achievements but at least it works. Just delete your old profiles off the hard drive and make a new one. This happens sometimes on computers as well on hard drives if the same information is saved and loaded over and over again (like starting and saving your favorite games everday) and it causes a bad cell in your hard drive. This problem could be fixed also possibly by taking your xbox drive out of its casing and hooking it to a computer to run a defrag on it i dont know for sure yet but im going to give a try on another xbox out here and i will post the results when i get them for everyone to see. Hope this helps some of you out there with the same problems i know me and the guys here in iraq are glad it worked as it gives us something to kill time and take our minds of not being home.

355. Aaron Williams - September 15, 2009

Im sorry i just wanted to add that when i said madden 09 i meant madden 10.

356. Mohamed - September 17, 2009

Well my Xbox 360 problem journey has begun. And only after exactly one year after purchasing it. I bought a Xbox 360 Elite one year ago but I had only played it for about 2 months the summer I bought in. I travelled to Egypt whilst my brother played every now and then but nothing hardcore. Now my brother never experienced any problems with it during the time I was gone. But when I got back to the US i started to see lagging and often freezing. See spending 499.99 $ on this console was the main thing bugging me because before going into Microsoft I had been a Nintendo kid. I deeply regret not buying the Wii instead. But I’m stuck. Now I just bought Madden 2010 and it freezes everytime I enter a new franchise in that mode. Also Fifa 2008 I bought from that summer freezes as well as GTA IV and Halo 3. But not only are they freezing the color changes into a brighter greenish color all over the screen while the game is running perfectly fine. Also I never updated my Xbox with the new dashboard. But before and after updating I had these problems. So what I did was I formated it and cleaned it up. And wiped the dust off of it (even though there was no dust to begin with). So I’m a bit confused should I take it in to get repaired or should I just try and figure it out myself through the internet?

357. ZZZZAC - September 22, 2009

mine broke about three days ago whenever I was playing halo, it froze up on me,..awhile back it froze up on me but I resarted it and it was fine but I guess this last freeze just broke it then it got the RROD…it really made me mad cuz ODST comes out today.

358. scrpnstinga - September 24, 2009

I am right there with you guys. I bought mine last christmas and it worked fine til today. It froze up once last week playing madden and I just turned it back on, cleared it right up. I went to gamestop this morning and bought halo odst and nfs shift. I got home and played nfs for about ten minutes and it froze up. thought it was the disk so I put in odst, it froze when I hit single player mode. NOT COOL. I have decided to make my friend give me his, since he owes me about 1200 dollars, I don’t think he will say no. Microsoft has known about this for over two years, and yet they expect me to pay them to fix it. after my friends dies, I am trading all my games and extras in for a PS3!!!!!!!!!

359. gadis - October 29, 2009

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360. lynn scott - November 5, 2009

my sons have had there xbox 360 for over a year but hav hardly played it, as it keeps freezing, i have heard alot of problems from people with the same thing, does anyone have any suggestions how to go about rectifying this, plz….

361. ComputerWerks - November 13, 2009

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362. Jared Leiferman - November 14, 2009

the problem with the xbox’s freezing has to do with the design of the 360 itself. when MS was about 90% done with the 360 they encountered a problem, the disk drive wouldn’t fit. so they had to make something smaller in order for the disk drive to fit, that something was the heatsink(device responsible for cooling the GPU) for the GPU. they also used not the highest quality wires to soder everything together. resulting in the already small heat sink to come loose due to the vibrations of the console and the constant heating up from regular use. if you have ever heard about the “towel trick” to get the 360 working again don’t try it. all it does is make the console hotter, even though it may work it is only temorary and may result in permanent damage. all 360 owners have a three year warrenty on the THREE Red Rings of Death. if you are out of warranty however you have nothing to lose and could look for some one local who will fix it for less, preferably one who guarantees it.
Hope this helps.

363. douglas - November 22, 2009

i have the fix their is a disk down load and when you play it on x box 360 it works a good a new but my dad knew how to get it but he died 2 years ago ps im 12 now he died when i 10 so look on line it fixed mine and it kept it fixed for 5 years at a time so plz reply and let me know how it gos thands

douglas out!!!!

364. anthony - November 23, 2009

hey guys, i was wondering…when i play MW2 or any call of duy game, im able to play online and then when the game is over, on the statistics screen that gives everyones score, my xbox freezes and i have to start up the xbox again. can someone help? please?

365. Aditya - December 30, 2009

I have been experiencing freezes with my MW2 game, when in the multiplayer menu or while playing online…..but the campaign does not freeze at all……..when it freezes the background sound stops……the only thing i can do is press the main power button…..because the controller also stops responding…..can anyone provide me with a reason to this problem, if they know how to overcome the problem please write that as well…..

366. Iain - January 3, 2010

My kids Xbox doesn’t freeze though it continually pauses and they have to resume game. It happens with Lego Indiana Jones and Classic Sonic

Not sure whether this is a fault with the player similair top freezing problem

367. killraven - January 14, 2010

darksiders was freezing up on me after about an hour of play. i had a couple other games that froze as well. it was game specific. some games would never freeze but specific ones did consistently. no scratches on the disk and my xbox is not overheating.

just the screen would “lag” for one sec…long enough for you to scream “oh no” before it would hang with the green light still on the box and on the controller.

What i did fixed mine. i copied the save game from my HD but left the HD attached to the memory card. loaded my save game off the memory card and saved to the memory card not the HD. I also at the same time changed 1080p to 720p. i played Darksiders 2 hours last night with no glitches. one of these two things appears to have fixed my problem with this one particular game. i have not tested extensively or tested other games that freeze. GTA4 Prototype Brutal Legend etc.

If i freeze again i will report back and continue on my troubleshooting.

368. killraven - January 14, 2010

didnt work. i guess i was lucky the first time. cause even with HD disconnected and profile and save game on the memory stick it still freezes. So it was false hope. im going to take my box apart and try the washer trick.

369. Mr Robotics - January 19, 2010

I have two of them and they died over the holiday season just when Santa came with games. One after the other almost a month a part. These I bought in August of 2009.

370. PrincessBlair - January 27, 2010

I Got a X-box 360 black newest etc. started to freeze after 1 month of use brand new made in july 09 (as it says on the back of the x-box360) it froze after one month , it got it even though i already owned a RROD white one with a long since dead warranty you’d figure it would cost less to get a new one rather than fix the white ones. though the new one freezes after one month also DIAGNOSTICS: yes i did all the crap on the web site i have 2 hard drives and power supplies and it freezes even in the menu where your avatar laughs and dances. and even eraseing the (CH)-cake. just made it so i could not play forza 3 without an update -_- but im willing to take the thing back to the store and not play it anymore till i can afford to buy a pile of machines (just for the next Final fantasy right?)

371. Alex Fallowfield - February 6, 2010

Hey Guys.

If anyone has the red light of death on their PS3, the articles below might help 🙂

PS3 Yellow Light Fix

PS3 Red Light Fix

PS3 Blinking Red Light

PS3 Red Light Flashing Fix

PS3 Red Light OF Death

danz!11a - April 1, 2010

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372. danz!11a - April 1, 2010

xbox 360 god dAmN ownage i dont nohow you can say it sucks u dust need to make shure you dont drop it like a div.
plus if it breaks and you havent dropped it dust ring microsoft or if you havent got microsoft’s number gues what…FIND IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok thats realy all.

373. jordo - April 3, 2010

my xbox keeps freezing when i start it up it takes about 4 to 5min. just for i can sighn into xbox live. i dont knew wat to do

374. Luke Zeidler - April 5, 2010

Just recently my xbox 360 has been freezing. This was BEFORE the MW2 stimulus pack so I know that isn’t the problem. In fact the first indicator of a problem was a created wrestler on SmackdownvsRaw2009 where the game suddenly loaded the character bald when he’d been created with hair. I figured it was a game error but since i’ve had the console crash on MW2 live, Left4Dead2 online, in parties, not in parties, on Game Library downloaded games like ‘Game Room’.

I phoned microsoft and i’ve tried all their alternate things such as clearing the cache and removing the hard drive and putting it back on but now when they suggested it needed repairing, because it hasn’t 3 red ringed then it would cost me £97 to get it repaired!

I don’t have £97 right now to repair something which should not be broke in the first place so i’m trying the suggestion of moving the power brick and making sure the cables are nice and loose with nothing pressing against them and hoping for the best but aside from lying about 3RROD to get it fixed for free or selling it and buying a new one what other hope is there?

375. Luke Zeidler - April 5, 2010

Having played it for an hour or so just now i’ve had the MW2 multiplayer crash the xbox a good three to four times. Usually 2-3 minutes into a multiplayer game but i’ve been playing numerous online games of Left 4 Dead 2 with no problems at all.

One of my mates thinks it might be to do with the extensive graphics of CoD and a problem with the xbox processor but surely one game can’t cause this much of a problem and surely there is something wrong because other people can play MW2 without crashing at all. I won’t be happy if this has been caused by the bunch of hacking, glitching idiots.

376. Hier Artikelverzeichnis - April 22, 2010

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377. bnmf - April 22, 2010

Hi I also have a freezing issue and several other issues the list is endless with my xbox though this is not the biggest of my complaints.
Its microsofts customer service team who just make loud pitched nioses when you call them with complaints the sound that came through the phone when I called them was almost deafening.
Microsoft this is truly disgracefull & ms and cannott be trusted Id say 😉 only jokin we all mistakes live & let live ;).

378. Terry Powell - May 14, 2010

Microsoft is making millions. Just think MS office is 349. a pop. Millions upon millions of people purchase it. 100,000×349=
349000.00 they probably sell that in 1 month. Now you people are talking the X box that everyone waits in line all night to purchase if they can get one? MS needs a class action suit brought against them. Not only are other soft ware companies bringing suit against them. Look up the suits software companies have won against them.
The customer is who keeps them going, brings the bread to their table and they are ignoring us. MS Word 2007 has a freeze in a word processing program they know about and have known about and don’t fix it. Yet they want you to get on their site and make you pay for them to give you the lightning run around. How much are you paying for the XBox?

379. Terry Powell - May 14, 2010

I say join and start a class action suit against them.

380. Gedichte - May 20, 2010

Hello from Germany! May i quote a post a translated part of your blog with a link to you? I’ve tried to contact you for the topic XBox 360 Freezing Problem… How do we fix this??? « Pardon the Interaction, but i got no answer, please reply when you have a moment, thanks, Gedichte

381. Xbox 360 Crashes Fix - June 2, 2010

Always recall that the main cause of freezing and crashing is overheating. By taking away the factors that contributes to overheating then you will be able to forestall your Xbox 360 from crashing or freezing and even prevent the dreaded red ring of death

382. alfredo mondragon - July 14, 2010

I had the same problem, about 8 months it started to freeze, the only fancy thing is that everytime it does it changes the horrible sound it makes and the moment it does freeze…
Im so pissed off with microsoft, bill gates could use bills as toilet paper… why is it taking so long to appear a REAL SOLUTION, he only wants us to buy and keep buying so he can have enough bills to clean off his fat ass when he has diarrea… ¬¬

anyway…we the consumers MUST do something about it!!!

383. FashionCoree - July 31, 2010


I’ve experienced this problem now, (bought a rroded xbox 360, fixed the rrod and now has the freeze thing), but I’m sure it can be fixed by doing the xclamp fix and putting on new paste to the heatsinks(maybe clean it from dirt and so on), have anyone tried that?

best regards//

384. Angry Mom Back Again... - August 2, 2010

Update –
We bought an Xbox Christmas 2008, had freezing problems and returned to Amazon Jan/Feb 2009 for a replacement after spending hours trying to figure out the freezing problem.
Well in early 2010 the darn Xbox was freezing again. Thank God it was 2 weeks before the warranty expired so Xbox had to send a replacement.
So far it is working fine. Seems these Xbox’s last less than a year and die. I can’t wait for my kids to outgrow them!!
Good Luck everyone, just keep returning the pieces of junk back to the stores or Xbox if you are under warranty. I would not even try to fix the problem yourself, make them fix it.

385. Ryan Chuck - August 28, 2010

I’ve got a problem too few days ago i just bought a new game the Mafia 2 when i installed it it just freezes up and some weird graphical on the TV and some weird sounds.Then i shut it off and unplug the cable after few hours i tried to turn it on and there a ring of death lights 3 of red lights turn up i dont know how to fix it so i’m just looking for a help in this website

386. bern - August 31, 2010

same thing here…my xbox just froze on the green welcome screen….Microsoft: why cannot you put out products that work????!

Ethan - September 11, 2010

I bought my new Xbox (the most recently released one)about three hours ago. I went through the whole hassle of setting it up and buying Live Gold, only for it to freeze about ten minutes into my game of Fable II.
Microsoft, don’t give us another Vista.
Fix the problems BEFORE you put the product on the shelf for god’s sake!

Ethan - September 11, 2010

Just to clear it up, I played Halo 3, Fable II,Gears of War, and the Crackdown 2 demo, and every single one froze.
I tried clearing the cache, I tried setting it to 720p, I tried taking the hard drive out, It’s always been in a ventilated space…
This is madness.

387. Ryan - September 21, 2010

Game freezes still. Exchanged the game last week and every match freezes up. Its been over a month and EA still hasn’t come up with a fix for the Madden freeze. I have tried everything and now am selling the game on EBAY. Had a friend just interview with EA there in San Jose and he told me the place was in total chaos and can see why they are putting out crappy products the past few years. A bunch of underpaid engineers afraid of layoffs.

Looking forward to NBA2K11, goodbye EA till you can get your **** together!

Ryan - September 21, 2010

Madden 11 is the game

388. i hate all yous - October 29, 2010

ur all complaining bitches

389. miechelrichie - October 30, 2010

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390. Kaylee - February 9, 2011

Hi, I am having the same issue. My Xbox 360 is one of the first that came out so I have had it a long time. I like to play Elder Scrolls IV, and its a fairly new discs barely any marks or anything on it, but after playing the game on my 360 for about and hour or so, the screen will go blank, suddenly. I turn it off, then back on and about 15mins into the game the game ends up freezing. Its shown the red lights once, but that was when I went to take the game out. I have never had any trouble before. It is set flat down on my tv unit, should I stand it up instead? I am from UK, and dunno if I would be allowed to send it to microsoft to fix, with it being a few years old.

391. Ryan - February 16, 2011

try standing it up. also the red ring is telling you something hardware wise is failing.
my buddies im working on went from freezing to RROD. so im working on a solution. keep you updated.

392. ROOKIE26201 - March 1, 2011
393. ttcole1254 - March 6, 2011

My friend just had the freezing problem on a 360 from 2007. Freezes after 8 minutes of playtime. Gutted the entire thing, cleaned out dust, removed X-clamps, cleaned heatsinks and CPU with rubbing alcohol, replaces with new thermal grease, put back together and been playing for hours with no problems! Seems to be that the thermal paste is drying up which is causing overheating which causes the game to freeze. Who knew!

ttcole1254 - March 6, 2011

Be careful as the X clamps are VERY hard to put back on once they’re off.

394. shekhaboy - May 23, 2011

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395. Mark Robin - May 25, 2011

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396. mrgeebaby - May 30, 2011

hello people,
if you have problems with screen distortion during game play try and clear the cache: go to system settings on dash board, choose memory options, then press “y” button- and choose clear cache. (this normally works if there are issues but bo red lights)

if you have red ring then try this link, it guides you to fixing the problem yourself, id only advise it if you no longer have warranty, as following the procedures will void any warranty. In that case send it to Microsoft. The link will take you step by step to repair your xbox suffering red ring of death, and the materials required to do this should only cost you £5 at the most. GOOD LUCK!

Here is the link:

397. rayne chrivia - June 16, 2011

my xbox was working fine untill it was heating up 2 fast so i put it in my coolest room then every thing was.Then it started to freez up again,now i can’t play red dead redemption.what should i do?are peaple chring to fix itand how hard?

398. steve carter - June 30, 2011

I have had smackdown vs raw since christmas of 2010 and I used to always play it with no problems at all until a few weeks later.I was still in school then so I didn’t really play it that much.I didn’t know what was wrong with it.Now I’m trying to play it and it won’t work.Some games I have has a lot of scratches,but work perfect.This one has like five and freezes.It’s not even hot,it just won’t work for some strange reason>:( wat up with dat.thats cold.Microsoft and Bill Gates just don’t care.Thats a shame.SMH.

399. Pete - August 29, 2011

there are a min of a dozen problems with the 360 i am on my 4th 3 replaced by microsoft a 2 to 3 week wait per 360 2 were rrod and one was open tray error now the last repaced console has past the 3 year limit and i have found someone in town that fixes them and his fixes are gr8 but typical 360 problems occour as usual about once every 8 months to a year now i have the freezing issue at first it was once in awhile them once a week then once a day then every hour then i try to play game and get about 20 min now can’t get past the start screen time to call my 360 guy again what else is new maybe microsoft should have done some product testing before releasing the console my origional xbox still works like the day i bought it now that was a system

400. Samstercool - September 10, 2011

I’m just asking my parents to buy me the newest Xbox coming out, the 320 GB MW3 Limited Edition Xbox Slim….

401. switching back to ps3 - September 27, 2011

I am switching back to ps3 my ps3 never had problems fuck xbox

402. the helper - November 21, 2011

guys guys there is sometin to fix that problem its a limmeted editoin xbox and it has a cooling divise that keeps it from freezing he could leve it on for day with out it freezing

the helper - November 21, 2011

and we tested it it lasted for a week that wen the power went out

403. Ed Meadowcroft - December 13, 2011

Fantastic publish, I do agree with most in saying Aol. isn’t going to belong around the greatest l ist.

404. Zack Stricklin - December 27, 2011

My Xbox keeps freezing up… Like I complete an objective on a game in after the video it will freeze please!!! Tell me something I can do 😥

405. jose - December 29, 2011

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The Xbox 360 freezing up is a common problem for console owners when playing games. I’ve had this problem myself in the past, and thought I’d try and help by offering these free tips/guides from my own experiences, as well as providing some information I have found through research.

Below is a list of things to check/try in order to help fix your Xbox 360 freezing problems.

1. Xbox 360 freezing on specific games
This is probably the most obvious tip to check, but when worrying about the fate of your console it can be easy to bypass such things. The first thing to check when your Xbox 360 is freezing up is which game you are playing. Eject the disc and have a look at the back to see if there are any scratches, markings, dirt, or anything else that might be preventing your console from reading it properly.

Once cleaned, re-insert the disc and see how it goes. If the game freezes in the same place/area/timing as previously it could be due to an error on the disc, a glitch, or a corruption in your Xbox 360 cache or game save. There will be more on this later in the article.

If the game freezes in a different area/timing to before, it is time to try another game. I’d try playing about two or three more games to see what happens (to get an average result). If your other games cause your Xbox 360 to freeze then it could be a problem with your console hard drive or overheating. If it is only the first game that caused problems then it could either be a problem with your copy, or an issue with the game that requires for it to be patched. Check online forums (such as the one on xbox.com) to see if other people are experiencing the same issues, otherwise send your game back (stating the issue and how you’ve tried to resolve it) and get a replacement.

2. Is it only freezing online?
This, admittedly, is also another simple yet common thing to check. However, I have added it to this “guide” as I want it to be as helpful as possible to everyone.

If your Xbox 360 is freezing only whilst playing online, then it is most likely down to your Internet connection rather than the console itself. Check that everything is setup correctly and that you are using filters for your broadband connection to prevent it getting affected by the phone line/phone calls. You may also need to check your firewalls and port forwarding settings.

3. Clearing your Xbox 360 Hard Drive cache
I’ve had this problem myself whilst playing Oblivion, although it was not only freezing in some places but also being very unresponsive and really slowing down when trying to talk to NPCs. Anyway, clearing the cache on your Xbox 360 is very safe and does not affect any of your game saves, profiles, demos, videos, etc (although it does delete some downloaded game auto-updates, which will be easy to download again afterwards). It is mainly temporary data that is stored in order to make certain areas of games load faster. These can sometimes corrupt, making your Xbox struggle when trying to read them and eventually just freezing up.

To clear your Xbox 360 cache you need to do the following:

“a. Locate the System section of the Xbox 360 Dashboard. b. Select Memory, select Hard Drive, and then press Y to view the device options screen.c. On the Xbox 360 Controller, press the X button, press the X button again, press the left bumper, press the right bumper, press the X button, and then press the X button again.d. You will be prompted to confirm system maintenance, select Yes by pressing A.”

Source: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/907586/en-us

4. Xbox 360 overheating?
Overheating is unfortunately an extremely common problem. The console’s fans whurr so loudly that you’d think it would be fine, but whilst drowning out a lot of the sound from your games you need to ensure that it is in a well ventilated area. Try to make sure that there is nothing surrounding it and that it is not too close to a heat source.

5. Check your Xbox 360 Hard Drive
Not only can the cache corrupt from time to time, but also the Hard Drive itself. When most Xbox 360s start freezing most people cry out “Red Ring of Death is coming!”. But that’s not always true. This is what the problem was with my console, and I have not yet had the dreaded Red Ring of Death.

I was told by Microsoft technical support to try removing my Xbox 360 hard drive whilst the console was switched off and playing for about a week to see if I was still receiving freezes (as my Xbox was freezing randomly. Sometimes every two minutes, and others only once every 2 hours or so). I managed to purchase a memory card (or memory unit as they like to call it) quite cheaply so I could still play games and earn achievements.

A week passed and my Xbox 360 didn’t freeze once! I was over the moon. After calling Microsoft technical support again they suggested that I transfer all my data to my memory unit and formatted the Hard Drive (you can do this by connecting the hard drive whilst the console is switched off and then turning it on and going to the system menu). After the formatting I had to re-download all my Xbox DLC which was a little frustrating, but I didn’t need to pay for any of it again as it keeps track of your downloads/purchases on your account.

Other Tips
1. I’ve read that using a circuit breaker can cause problems with the Xbox 360 console. Apparently that big ugly grey box attached to the console’s plug has one already built in, and adding it to a circuit breaker can limit the amount of power being sent to your Xbox.

2. I think that all Xbox 360s come with a 3 year warranty. If none of my tips have helped you at all, try giving Microsoft technical support a call and arrange for them to take a look at your console.

3. Don’t open up your Xbox 360 and try to rectify the problem yourself. This can/will void your warranty. Whilst it hurts to be without your console for a week, it’s better to let Microsoft take care of it so that you are covered for the future as well.

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